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We Serve Clients Nationwide!

Please note that all of these locations are by appointment only, we do not accept walk-ins.

Bold Patents has employee and contractor patent attorneys in many major cities across the country. We don’t have however have traditional brick and mortar buildings at each of these locations.

Since patent law is a federal law and technology (video conferencing) enables us to connect with inventors across the country, we focus our efforts on hiring the best patent attorneys without taking geography into our hiring process!

In-addition for those looking for in-person counsel we have a growing network of business attorneys we are associated with as Of Counsel to represent you for your business-related needs.

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South Carolina

Please Note: All office locations are in partnership with our host firms who provide business consulting, legal work and more! We act as their go to patent attorneys.  We may or may not have an active practicing patent attorney working in that particular office.

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