You’ve worked hard to create, innovate, and bring your idea to market. So, let’s protect it! The number one priority for a patent attorney is to protect your innovation against copycats. It’s critical to hire an attorney that recognizes the nature of your invention and can translate its uniqueness and commercial viability into precisely-formulated patent claims. At Bold Patents, we pride ourselves on being able to define the scope and protection of inventions across all industries. Our experienced team provides the versatility you need to ensure your patent application is approved and that you are reaping the benefits you deserve. Below are just a few of the industries we serve: 

Medical Devices & Healthcare

The technological advances in the medical and healthcare industries continue to grow and the multi-billion dollar industry is flourishing because of innovators like you. These inventions lead to better diagnostics, better treatment and better overall patient care. A patent attorney who is well-versed in the medical devices and healthcare realms can help prevent emulators from using unauthorized copies of your work which could be harmful to patients and to your bottom line.

Hardware Design

Hardware patents are considered a subset of utility patents, they really cover any physical component, such as water bottles, an article of clothing, or other electronics. Companies are investing more and more into design teams that create unique and eye-catching products. A patent attorney can help you determine if you qualify for a hardware design patent or if a standard copyright will suffice. 


The gaming industry is booming, so it’s essential that your innovative idea is prepared to go to market and obtain a patent. You can make sure your idea isn’t copied or benefiting someone else by obtaining a patent for your gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, and extended reality fields with a patent. A patent attorney can help you make sure your creation is protected. 

Electronic Devices

Technology continues to advance and the electronics industry is more competitive than ever. Creating a new product can be expensive, so it’s important to obtain a patent to protect your investment and give you a competitive advantage. Getting the right patent for your device or system can seem overwhelming. But, an experienced patent attorney can help you through the process.


Fitness industry patents are critical to protecting your concept from being copied in a very competitive, billion dollar field. There are a variety of products and systems that can and should be patented and different patent categories to consider. A patent attorney can guide you or complete the patent process for you. 

Software and IOT

Patents for technology and digitally-based inventions can be complex. A good patent attorney can help you understand what you can and cannot patent when it comes to technology. Technologies that can be patented include tangible objects that are covered under a utility or design patent. This could include new CPU chips, electronic sensors, or other technologically-advanced products. Whatever your technological invention, make sure it’s protected.

Protect Your Investment

No matter your industry, your idea matters. Our experienced team provides the versatility you need to ensure your patent application is approved and that you are reaping the benefits you deserve. Contact the experienced team at Bold Patents today.

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