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Bold Patents is an agile law firm whose mission is to serve the bold & brave!

About Us

Who is Bold Patents?

It’s in our Name
The firm is named Bold, because that’s who we serve – the bold and brave. Our clients are inventors, entrepreneurs, and scientists that are pushing the limits, doing what hasn’t been done before, and taking big risks in the spirit of progress and positive change.

Expertise in Patent Law
Our main focus at Bold is to help inventors and business owners secure top-quality patents on their inventions. The process of getting a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is called ‘patent prosecution’, and that is our primary focus. We specialize in aerospace, healthcare, and software innovations – and stand ready to help in most any other area of patent law including utility, design, or plant patent applications. For many inventors and emerging businesses, protecting inventions (as well as other areas of intellectual property) is a big deal and often causes a lot of stress and anxiety. Our goal at Bold Patents is to take the stress and worry off your shoulders and put it squarely on ours.

Blazing our Own Trail
We serve our clients in a world-class, high-quality, high-efficiency manner. While the rest of the legal profession hangs on to what’s left of the traditional firm notion of layers of paralegals, staff, and ivory towers, we are proving again and again to our clients how much more agile, tech-savvy, and responsive Attorneys can and should be in today’s world.  When you work with Bold on your invention, you’ll work directly with a USPTO registered Patent Attorney – no associates, paralegals, or unanswered questions just direct access to your attorney to get resolution quickly.

Virtual Firm
No savvy client wants to spend their time driving an hour in traffic, finding/paying for parking, and then waiting in a stuffy lobby for 30 mins more. Instead, our Bold Attorneys will set up a video conference so that we can see prototypes, drawings, sketches of your invention as if we were standing right in your own shop, office, or place of business. We want to make the process as simple and easy for you as possible, and minimize the disruptions to your day so you can get back to creating the innovations of tomorrow.

Nationwide Presence
We have direct employee Patent Attorneys that have been hand-picked from different parts of this beautiful country. In addition, Bold has proactively sought out relationships with top-notch business law firms in key technology and innovation hubs around the United States. By having these relationships, we can assure you that we have a solid connection for you should you need help with basic business law needs such as entity formation, employment law issues, or more complex investment deals, licensing, or M&A.

Federal Practice
Bold Patents, as the name suggests, specializes in patent law. Patent law is largely governed by the federal statute, Section 35 of the United States Code.  Because the law is federal, and not state specific, we can serve clients and represent inventor clients nationwide. Our firm hires Patent Attorneys to represent inventors because they are highly qualified. Patent attorneys have earned a science or engineering degree, attended law school and earned a Juris Doctorate degree, passed at least one State Bar exam and then passed a separate Patent Bar examination. It is important to understand and consider how a patent may be litigated (argued in court) before or at least while the patent application is being drafted. Thus, having the credentials they do, and practicing law under only federal statutes, our Bold Patent Attorneys may serve you as long as you reside in the United States. Let us help you Go Bold!

How is Bold Patents different from Big Law?

Big LawBold Patents
Patent agents or paralegals are drafting applications and working directly with clients only from high-level/strategy1-1 Relationship with Bold Patent attorneys
Caters to larger companies and is out of reach for individual inventorsWe Got Your Back: Agility to fully serve small inventors and entrpreneurs
The firm name is named after its proud founder/owners: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLPThe Name: Our firm name is not named after an owner/founder, it's a company, not about pride
Is beholden to a few large corporations that prevent them from serving major market segments because of their singular loyalty to a select few large clientsNo discrimination - We serve everyone, and every technology due to having very few subject matter/client conflicts
Outsources/farms out lots of projects/work to non-employees and non-USIn-house: We do all of our legal work within our firm so that our Attorneys are knowledgeable about each step of the way
Traditional law firm – not virtual, brick and mortar, smoke and mirrorsLow Overhead = More Value for You: We constantly work hard to eliminate extra costs like driving, parking, buildings, meeting rooms and utilize latest video chat technology and conferencing to allow our consulting to be as easy as possible
Focused on just the legal work, and with narrow mindset put all of the buren on the shoulders of the inventor to monetize their inventionBusiness-Focused: Our attorneys each have industry experience and an appreciation for our business-integration to our legal work. We strive to enable our clients to grow and succeed with their patentable technology, not just end up with a ribbon copy paper.

Why hire a patent attorney?

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