Bold Patents provides industry-leading online design patent services to protect your idea. The U.S. design patent process is a unique one that requires an equal amount of legal expertise and artistic talent. By working with a skilled Bold Patents design patent attorney, you gain access to both so you can increase your chance of approval.

What To Include in Your Design Patent Application

The thing to note about design patents is that they’re not limited to obvious industries like apparel or furniture. Today, you can see them everywhere, from food and beverage companies to the technology sector. One of the newest focuses we’ve seen is design patents for protecting graphical user interfaces, like the layout of an app.

Above all, a design patent protects how something looks. Its counterpart, the utility patent, protects the way something functions. Because the design patent is all about aesthetics, the most crucial part of the process is your drawing. At Bold Patents, we make sure to get it right.

The Design Patent Drawing

Illustrations are the most vital part of a design patent application. The drawing itself is considered the design’s best possible description by the US Patent and Trademark Office. After all, by its very nature, the design patent protects a specific aesthetic. A patent drawing is the only true way to make that clear.

The key to a successful design patent illustration is detail. Even the most painstakingly written description is bound to leave a few empty spaces. A good patent illustration, whether it’s a hand-drawn sketch, a computer-drafted illustration, or a black-and-white photograph, will complement and complete the written description.

The requirements for drawings in a design patent application are extensive. If you get them wrong, you may not be able to protect future versions of your product—in fact, you may face outright denial. The patent examiner will check the angles your illustration captures, the font you use to describe it, the margins of the paper it’s printed on, and even the type of paper it’s printed on. On top of that, you may want international recognition through The Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs. Your success will hinge on that initial application and the drawings you use to clarify your concept.

You should work with an attorney who understands the risks of the design patent process and who has the resources to guide you through the application. You’ll want the collaborative legal and artistic experience that only Bold Patents can provide.

Using Bold Patents Design Patent Services

At Bold Patents, our policy is to always include drawings in our patent applications. We work with an expert illustrator early in the process to ensure drawings are completed well before it’s time to submit. Our goal is to make sure that your application reflects your vision accurately and completely. Over the years, we’ve developed close working relationships with illustrators who are experts at capturing inventions across many industries.

Before we contact an artist, though, we make sure we understand your invention. We’ll work with you to create informal sketches or drawings that will guide the future of a more formal process. With us, you don’t need to be an artist to protect your design concept. We’ll work together to make your idea come to life.

It is important to choose an experienced, knowledgeable design patent attorney to help you with your design patent application. Choosing a bargain design patent lawyer or trying to obtain patent protection on your own could mean you end up with less protection than intended — or no protection at all. Similarly, working with a patent agent who is not a design patent lawyer could be a risky proposition, as the agent may not be up to speed on relevant case law. The patent lawyers at Bold Patents understand how the law, including recent decisions, impacts the way examiners evaluate claims. We also understand how legal nuances can impact complex applications for design patents. In addition to having specific experience directly related to design patents and the application process, Bold Patents attorneys come from entrepreneurial, scientific, and technical backgrounds. This helps us get up to speed quickly to best meet your needs.

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