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Our Firm's Sole Focus is Patents! 

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"Bold IP has given me hope and confidence that my invention will come to pass.  Their expertise and commitment to achieving my patent pending status was unquestionable. Thanks again Bold! "

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Bold Patents sole focus is intellectual property.

Unlike other firms who focus on a variety of areas of law, we specialize in only one area to ensure our clients get the best service possible.

This includes patent search, utility, design, and plant patents, patent prosecution, litigation, trade secrets, and more!

In addition, we only hire the best patent attorneys nationwide. If the best patent attorney for your particular needs does not live near you, we provide virtual services.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business or fortune 500 company, let's help leverage your company's intellectual property assets and turn them into bottom-line profits.

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Step 1

Find out if your specific idea is eligible for a patent. Use the Bold Patents smart search system to search through the full worldwide catalog of patents to see what’s already out there and ensure that your idea truly is original and able to obtain a patent.

Step 2

Work with experienced patent lawyers near you to strengthen your patent application before you submit. We guide you through the entire process from start to finish so you have the best opportunity to patent your idea, and do so as smoothly as possible.

Step 3

Respond to USPTO
Office Action

Our team of lawyers near you will guide you along in the process of working with the USPTO office to obtain your patent. If they require additional information or documents, we will coordinate between parties to ensure everything they need I on file and you can get your patent.

Step 4

If infringement occurs, Bold Patents can represent you in the legal process of defending or enforcing your patent. When someone tries to claim ownership of your property or idea, our expert legal team knows how to properly file complaints and court documents to ensure your rights are upheld.

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Patent Attorneys with a Strong Focus on ROI!

Bold Patents sole focus is intellectual property.

Our patent firm's team of business-minded patent attorneys and lawyers double as United States' best patent consultants and work one on one with inventors to help them fully understand the patent process, determine their goals, and think strategically about how technology can be leveraged to turn their idea into reality.

It is so easy to get lost in the technical details of invention and improvement and forget to take a step back and evaluate the market readiness for certain products or services.

It's the powerful combination of patentability and marketability that makes for a truly successful invention.

United States' Best Patent Attorneys!

Kind Words from the Bold Patent Clients

J.D. is an EXCELLENT patent attorney. I am speaking from the lens of having seen the dedication and work that he puts into making sure that his practice functions as a well-oiled machine designed to produce results for his clients. You are in great hands here. I would gladly recommend a friend or family member to these guys!“


Pete Maughan of Seattle, WA

We have recently received Notice of Allowance from the USPTO for our soon-to-be-issued patent. The Bold Patents team guided our patent through the intricate and challenging process of earning patent approval. J.D., John Ahn and Maegan worked seamlessly to provide a high level of service for which I’m very grateful.


Katherine Burks of Seattle, WA

Wow, you guys work late! I was just about to send Maegan an email, so you must be reading my mind! I wanted to tell you and her thank you so much for scheduling the consultation with John and for sending me all the awesome and informative material. I was pleasantly surprised to receive your book in the mail and via email along with the helpful charts, and I felt well-informed about patents and the application process after reviewing all the materials. John was also very helpful in our 30-minute consultation today and I appreciated his kindness and expertise.


Christina Moldovan of Loma Linda, CA

The associates at Bold are professionals to the core. Their knowledge and experience are expansive as well as trustworthy. Their services in helping me file a trademark for my business have been outstanding and I will definitely refer their firm to family, friends and associates.


Anthony Rael of Edmonds, WA

J.D. helped my startup file a provisional patent over 4 months. We ended up with something large and robust. His coaching, responsiveness, and knowledge of patent nuance encouraged me to push through the dark times of writing a patent. In the end, having a patent will be worth it, and J.D. helped make the process worth it.


Benjamin Zuercher of Seattle, WA

Bold Patents Bold Ideas Book

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