Why You Need A Trademark Attorney

At first glance, trademark filing seems easy. The USPTO maintains an online site called the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) to submit everything. However, just because you can file online does not mean you’ll succeed. DIY-ers often struggle to gain approval and may file multiple times for acceptance. That’s why you need trademark filing services to support your efforts.

At Bold Patents, we’re experts in all things trademark. To prove it, we have an 86% clearance rate for first-time applications. If you’re ready to protect your IP, then work with a firm that has a history of success. Reach out to us at Bold Patents.

What to Ask Before You File a Trademark

The TEAS is the portal through which you’ll complete your application for a trademark. However, you have many other things to consider before you click submit—that’s just one reason we recommend working with an experienced trademark attorney. As you begin your trademark application, you’ll have to answer a lot of questions, like:

Am I eligible for federal trademark protection?

To be trademark eligible, a word or design has to be unique to your brand, not descriptive of the product or service, and used “in commerce.” You can also file an intent-to-use application, which will give you some time to start using the trademark while reserving your space in the USPTO’s database.

Am I registering a wordmark or design mark?

A wordmark is anything letter-based or number-based, like a business name or slogan.  A design mark, on the other hand, covers the look of something, like a logo, proprietary typeface, or color scheme. There are good reasons to file one or both types of trademarks.  Your Bold IP trademark attorney can advise you specifically.

Have I completed a trademark search?

You should ensure your term or image is unique before you use it in business. That means making certain no one in your industry uses the same or a similar name. Many trademark search options are available, from a simple DIY service on the USPTO’s site to an in-depth search completed by an expert law firm. Typically, it’s best to err on the side of caution and choose the deepest dive you can so you avoid conflicts.

Have I made sure that my trademark is marketable?

We see a lot of new companies make a common mistake. They want to guarantee protection, so they choose as unique a name as possible. However, the companies you see with unique names often have massive marketing budgets that they can use for consumer awareness. Your trademark should be distinctive but give consumers an idea of your service or product. Otherwise, you’ll have an uphill battle to gain name recognition.

Once you’ve ironed out all the above, you may feel ready to move onto trademark protection filing. You’ll need to decide between TEAS Plus and TEAS Standard services. The Plus system offers lower upfront fees and an ala carte menu of goods and services. The Standard system is more expensive but offers the ability to draft custom language to describe the novel product or service.  Again, a trademark attorney can recommend which is appropriate for you.

Why Choose Bold Patents?

With the right trademark services, you won’t have to navigate all the complexities that could lead to denials. At Bold Patents, we guide you through the entire process to increase the likelihood of protection. You’ll save a lot of time, money, and frustration in the long run.

A good trademark filing service, like Bold Patents, will provide expert advice for your business. Whether you’re protecting your name, slogan, logo, or something else, we know the steps you need to get that approval and preserve the integrity of your brand.

Bold Patents provides online trademark filing services to increase your chance of success. To talk to a trademark attorney, call 800-849-1913 or contact us to schedule a free Discovery Call.