Patent Success Matrix


The Patent Success Matrix

It is a common misconception that inventors and business people have, that as soon as an
invention is granted a Patent from the USPTO, that interested tech companies will come
knocking at the door looking to license your invention or buy the technology. Or, that magically
there will be a massive demand for it and customers will be out looking for the invented
For as long as Bold Patents has been around, and the Patent Attorneys behind it, we have
enlightened inventors to understand the bigger picture and challenged them, right from the
onset, that they should fully understand that it takes both a new technology and a solid
business plan to make any product or service have a lasting impact on the economy.
The Patent Success Matrix was created to help these inventors, entrepreneurs, and business
owners see that marketability (the economic viability) is just as important as the patentability
(the ability to get a patent) when it comes to having a successful invention.

patent success matrix


Utilizing our expertise in the Patents and understanding federal patent case law – our Patent
Attorneys have been giving Patentability Opinions for years across most every technology area.
The three major parts of Patentability are: Eligibility, Novelty, and Non-Obviousness. Your
Patent Attorney will qualitatively give you a measure as to how patentable your invention is
based on the prior art.


Here at Bold, we have expert business consultants that evaluate a product or service purely
from an economic standpoint and will provide key values for the prospects of the
market/industry, the degree of competition, and whether there are barriers to entering the
market or maintaining business. Your Bold Business Consultant will give you a qualitative
assessment as to how marketable your invention will be.

Charting Success

The goal of the matrix is to encourage you to take a wholistic point of view of both factors of
patentability and marketability to assess the likelihood of economic success for the
product/service. Therefore, it is important to attempt to find where on the matrix your
invention would fall. Generally, if your invention falls in the yellow-green areas, your hopes are
promising, and we recommend you move forward, but if you are solidly in the red, it may not
make sense for you to continue with this particular venture.

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