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1747 E. Morten Avenue Suite 108
Phoenix, AZ 85020

Innovation is HOT in the Valley! Our Bold Patent Attorneys and Business Attorney Network stands ready to serve you and your team here in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Phoenix, while already a thriving metropolis, is one of the country’s top 25 most innovative cities according to the Innovation Cities ™ Index. We agree, and we’re seeing a growth in entrepreneurship; year after year, we’re seeing increases in patentability search requests, non-provisional patent applications, and issued patents in Phoenix. No doubt, innovation is a major reason why tech companies are beginning to relocate here. We think that it is likely a due to Phoenix’s blend of a rich academic focus and a diverse culture.

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Innabi Law Firm

Contact: Mae M. Innabi
Phone: (602) 845-0152
1747 E. Morten Avenue Suite 108 Phoenix, Arizona 85020

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