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Our Chicago Patent Firms Sole Focus is Patents.

We enable innovators to improve our world with top-quality patents. Together let’s dominate the competition in the market!

Services Include:

  • Patent Search
  • Design, Utility, & Plant Patents
  • Patent Litigation
  • And Much More

Chicago’s patent law firm also serves the surrounding area’s IP needs. This includes Oak Park, Evanston, Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Hammond and more.

This company is absolutely professional, careful , respectful and inventive! I love everything they have done to help me get my ideas where they belong, and will continue to do buisness with them. Thank you Bold Patents!

Bob d.
Chicago Community! Identify, Protect, and Enforce Your Patent Rights! 

Here in Chicago, we serve investors, entrepreneurs, and scientist that are pushing the limits, doing what hasn’t been done before, and taking risks in the spirit of progress and positive change.

Chicago has stood for years as a creative hub in America’s northeast. From the artistry of Cloud Gate to the industrial creations, fresh ideas have always been a part of the Chicago culture. We have multiple offices in the downtown Chigaco area, ready to serve your needs. Our job is to make sure that your idea is protected, secured, and enforced by our staff and expert patent attorneys.

We understand the difficulties of growing your ideas and business. That is why we exist; to help our clients through the legal processes of intellectual property.

At Bold Patents, we are there to help you every step of the way, from patentability opinions to protecting your patent down the road.

World Class Patent Agents & Patent Attorneys in Chicago, IL

Home of the Art Institute, McCormick Place, and (approximately) twelve nobel prize winners, Chicago, IL is no doubt a city of innovation!

Everyday, thousands of people come to the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the world to make their business dreams come true. It’s no wonder why that may be the case.

Whether you’re a small startup or a big business, here at Chicago Bold Patents patent firm, we take the time to learn more about our clients and their businesses as we help them understand how patents work. This way, not only would they have a better chance of competing in today’s global market, they would also be better able to improve their business as a whole.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get started with a Chicago patent attorney?

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Thank you Bold IP for giving me the hope and confidence that my invention will come-to-pass. Their expertise and commitment to achieving my patent pending status was unquestionable. Thanks again!

– Clifford Noble

Who is Bold Patents Law Firm?

JD Houvener Founder of Bold Patents Attorney

Hello, my name is J.D. Houvener and I am the founder & CEO of Bold IP.  I started Bold IP with one mission. To serve the bold and the brave.

Our clients are investors, entrepreneurs, and scientists that are pushing the limits, doing what hasn’t been done before, and taking risks in the spirit of progress and positive change. 

We now have over 40+ offices and patent attorneys nationwide ready to enable visionaries with top-quality patents, to dominate the competition in the market!

Bold Patents Law Firm

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Bold Patents Bold Ideas Book

Protect Your Bold Idea! 

Let ‘s help you turn your idea to reality! Book your free consultation & receive our CEO & Founder’s Inventor’s Guide to Patents book for FREE! 

Please Note: All office locations are in partnership with our host firms who provide business consulting, legal work and more! We act as their go to patent attorneys.  We may or may not have an active practicing patent attorney working in that particular office.

Patent law is federal and modern technology allows us to pair you virtually with a patent attorney who specializes with your invention category.