Design Patent Application


What Are Design Patent Applications?

For a client that wishes to protect only the way something looks or appears. This special type of patent application requires a very detailed approach to defining the shapes, orientation and ornamental features of the invention. It is important to note that the protection given by a design patent (once granted) is limited to the ornamental appearance of the invention, not what it does, (see Utility Patents) but what it looks like only.

How Bold Patents Does Design Applications?

Our attorneys evaluate the client’s invention to understand the outward appearance of the product or device and draw out the tiniest of details. These initial sketches allow our team to make sure that all angles of the invention are depicted in the drawings that are to be submitted to the USPTO. Because we do not specialize in drawing ourselves, often times we seek professional CAD drafters who can depict an inventor’s device or apparatus better than we ever could – this is to give our inventors the most professional application as possible.

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