Landscape Report & Analysis

When Doing Your Own Preliminary Patent Search, Use This as a Guide

What it is

The objective of a Landscape study in a particular technology domain/market area is to provide analysis of existing knowledge on that specific technology and to indicate empty spaces (where there is either an unmet need or a unsolved problem) where R&D and patenting efforts may be directed to procure IP rights.

Patent landscape reports (PLRs) provide a snapshot of the patent situation of a specific technology, either within a given country or region, or globally. They can inform policy discussions, strategic research planning or technology transfer. They may also be used to analyze the validity of patents based on data about their legal status.

A PLR begins with a state-of-the-art search for the relevant technology in selected patent databases. The search results are then analyzed to answer specific questions about, for example, patterns of patenting activity or of innovation. The results are presented visually to assist understanding and conclusions or recommendations based on the empirical evidence are provided.

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