How to Apply for Patents for Software-Related Inventions

The application process for software-related patents doesn’t differ enormously from other patent applications. However, the criteria your invention must meet to be eligible for a patent are much different. Over the years, court decisions have only [...]

Understanding the “Internet Patent”: Patents for Business Methods

In 1799, a fledgling US government granted its first business method patent to Jacob Perkins, a man who had invented a way to detect counterfeit currency. Today, the USPTO is nearly unrecognizable, but the office still [...]

Patents vs. Copyrights vs. Trademarks vs. Trade Secrets: What Do You Really Need?

As you explore ways to protect your idea, you may have come up against the whole patents vs. copyrights vs. trademarks vs. trade secrets issue. These are four different types of intellectual property, all with [...]

US Patent Requirement #1: Subject Matter Eligibility

Patent subject matter eligibility isn't the only criteria you will have to overcome for approval, but it’s one of the most important. Unfortunately, far too many people have wasted a lot of time pursuing IP [...]

How to Write & Submit a Patent Application: Ultimate 2021 Guide

No secrets here. This guide will truly show you how to write a patent application and submit it to the USPTO to attain that all-important Patent Pending status everyone is so familiar with.    At [...]

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