How to Write & Submit a Patent Application: Ultimate 2021 Guide

No secrets here. This guide will truly show you how to write a patent application and submit it to the USPTO to attain that all-important Patent Pending status everyone is so familiar with.    At [...]

Continuation & Divisional Patent Applications – Build a Patent Family!

Well, you see two single young patents meet up with one another, sparks fly...and before long, they get married, and have a bunch of patent children crawling around!  ... I hope you’re laughing, or at [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Patent Maintenance Fees

Alright! Maintenance! Right? That not-so-glamorous but oh-so-important part of patenting. This topic is kinda meant for patent owners, mainly because in order to want to click on this blog article, you would have some degree [...]

How to do a Design Patent Search: Everything You Should Know

Design Patents are the second most common type of patent sought after in the US.  The most common is a Utility Patent, which protects the functionality of an invention. ...Just to throw some numbers out, [...]

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