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“J.D. is an EXCELLENT patent attorney. I am speaking from the lens of having seen the dedication and work that he puts into making sure that his practice functions as a well-oiled machine designed to produce results for his clients. You are in great hands here. I would gladly recommend a friend or family member to these guys!“

Pete Maughan

Seattle, WA


"We have recently received Notice of Allowance from the USPTO for our soon-to-be-issued patent. The Bold Patents team guided our patent through the intricate and challenging process of earning patent approval. J.D., John Ahn and Maegan worked seamlessly to provide a high level of service for which I’m very grateful."

Katherine Burks

Seattle, WA


“The associates at Bold are professionals to the core. Their knowledge and experience are expansive as well as trustworthy. Their services in helping me file a trademark for my business have been outstanding and I will definitely refer their firm to family, friends and associates.“

Anthony Rael

Edmonds, WA

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Inventor Advocate

J.D. Houvener, Esq., MBA, PE

Legal Business Leader: Aerospace Engineer, MBA Graduate, Patent Attorney and Founder of Bold Patents Law

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