There are three categories of patents that new or enhanced inventions can fall under. Design patents protect a unique product design; plant patents protect new or hybrid plants; and utility patents cover machines, chemicals, processes, and other related concepts.

But what patents for technological inventions make the most sense? A skilled technology and software patent attorney can help you decide what kind of patent you should apply for and guide you through the application process.

Technology and Software Patents

Patents for technology and digitally-based inventions can be complex. Can you patent docketing software, for instance? Knowing what you can and cannot patent when it comes to technology can be confusing, so it’s best to make sure which technological inventions, in fact, need IoT patents.

Some of the most obvious patented technology includes tangible objects covered under a utility or design patent. This could consist of new CPU chips, electronic sensors, “internet of things” technology like smart speakers and appliances, and other technologically advanced products.

However, technological advancements in the digital realm that are intangible—but can still be patented—include:

  • Software programs
  • Operating systems
  • Coding that is a part of a software or operating systems invention
  • Algorithms used for a specific purpose or function like SEO 
  • User interfaces
  • Management systems
  • Computer security or encryption programs
  • Databases or storage systems
  • Networking systems or devices
  • Other digital advancements like blockchain technology or internet-based processes

Determining if an Invention is Patentable

There are some instances where a patent for technological inventions is not legally required but seems to already exist under the patentable categories. An experienced software patent attorney can help you navigate these nuances and ensure that your innovation is protected to the full extent of the law.

Understanding patents for technological inventions—whether you need or will be protected by one—is not for the faint of heart. You have worked hard on your invention, so let the experienced team at Bold Patents work to get you the patent you need. If it is not necessary, under law, or if your invention is not patentable, our world-class patent attorneys can help you navigate what you need to ensure your idea is validated and beneficial to you. 

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Technological Inventions, Software & IOT Patents

Bold Patents has worked with many inventors to successfully obtain software patents for technological inventions. Here are just a few of them:

Device and System for Controlling Secure Key Access
Using an Internet-Connected Key Box Device

Patent No.: US20170256111A1

Process and System for
Strengthening Password Security

Patent No.: US 9171147B2

Tone Effects System with
Reversible Effects Cartridges

Patent No.: US 20180144731A1