With advancing technology and fierce competition in the electronics industry, it’s critical to protect your intellectual property with an electronics patent. Creating a new product can be expensive, so it’s important to obtain electrical patents to protect your investment and give you a competitive advantage. From your electric shaver design to your solar-powered battery charging system—and everything in between—obtaining the right patent for your device or system can seem overwhelming. But, with professional help from an electronic and software patents law and practice, you can rest assured that your patent is being handled with care.

The Benefits of Obtaining an Electronic Device Patent

As long as your electronic device is new and inventive, it should be patentable. Let’s take a look at the benefits of obtaining electronic device or electrical engineering patents.

  • Exclusivity: A patent prevents others from selling a competitive product or one similar in nature.
  • Copycatting: A patent prevents others from copying your invention and using it for their personal gain.
  • Branding: An electronic device patent builds your brand and provides more clout to your business.
  • Prices and profits: Since you have an exclusive product and no others able to sell your product, you can charge more and collect those dollars.
  • Fair competition: A patent can stop large companies from competing against you. But it may also encourage them to use your invention, with royalties of course.

How To Obtain an Electronic Device Patent

It’s important to note that you can’t patent an idea, only an invention. And, before you can benefit from your patent, you have to successfully complete the application process. First, make sure you have the following:

  1. Detailed drawings or mock-ups of your electronic product
  2. A comprehensive list of the components and other materials you need (these may also need to be individually patented)
  3. A step by step guide on how things will be assembled and where
  4. What systems are needed, if any, for your electronic invention to function properly 

Knowing what is needed to obtain an electronic device patent is critical to ensure yours is approved. To understand whether your invention is eligible for a patent or not, you may want to seek help from a licensed and experienced patent attorney. An attorney can help you with the following:

  • Keeping and managing a written record of your invention
  • Researching whether your invention qualifies for patent protection
  • Assessing the commercial potential on your invention
  • Conducting a thorough patent search
  • Preparing and submitting a patent application with the USPTO

Many used modern Electronic gadgets for daily use on White floor, Reuse and Recycle concept, Top view.

You’ve worked hard to create, innovate, and contribute to the advancements in the electronics industry. An electronic device patent will help you protect your investment and reap the rewards of your work. At Bold Patents, our experienced team of patent attorneys can help you navigate the path toward a successful patent. Contact us today! 800-849-1913

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