The fitness industry is a booming one with new ways for consumers to become and stay active. Fitness industry patents are critical to protecting your innovation from being copied in this competitive field. There are a variety of products and systems (from new barbell and kettlebell designs to body fat analyzers and scanners) that can and should be patented and different patent categories to consider. Obtaining a patent for your fitness invention can be very beneficial to you and your brand. 

How To Get Your Fitness Patent Application Approved

First, it’s important to determine if your invention is patentable or not. And it’s important to understand that in the fitness industry, it’s all about intellectual property (IP). IP can include:

Before taking any steps, figure out whether your IP consists of methods and moves or tangible products or new technology. Methods and moves may not be qualified for a fitness industry patent but could be copyrighted. However, a tangible product or new technology may qualify for a patent. To determine if you need a patent or a copyright, it’s best to consult with a fitness lawyer who has patent experience. If it’s a patent you need, be sure to have documents with the following before filing with the USPTO:

  • Specifics: Complete a comprehensive and detailed written description of your invention and how it works. It needs to be written well enough that a person with similar knowledge and background could recreate your invention.
  • Validated Claims: Provide specific legal language for what your invention does. Claims are enforceable, so make sure they are validated.
  • Drawings: Design drawings that detail your invention and how it works. These drawings must reference all elements defined in the claims section.

Once you have all of the above information collected, it’s time to submit your application to the USPTO.

Benefits of a Patent in the Fitness Industry

When you obtain a patent, you are given exclusive legal rights that prevent others from profiting from your hard work. What’s more, only you can decide how your creation will be used. There are many benefits to patenting your idea.

  1. Copycat prevention: You can stop others from copying, manufacturing, selling, or importing your invention.
  2. Price increase: You can charge higher prices if others can’t copy your products. Think supply and demand.
  3. Research and development: When you are able to charge a higher price, you are able to invest in growth and allow manufacturers to invest more into your innovative product.
  4. Marketing advantage: Describing your product or technology as “patented” can help you compete more effectively against larger companies.
  5. Investment attraction: Investors are more likely to contribute if they know that their investment is protected by a patent.
  6. Decrease in manufacturing cost: A patent allows you to license your technology to other companies, and make money without having to manufacture or sell it yourself.

Whether it’s your brand, your ideas, or new fitness technology, the most valuable assets of your fitness businesses are intangible. To grow your business, you need to leverage the exclusive rights to those assets by securing the intellectual property they entail. Therefore, it’s critical to file for a fitness industry patent for your new, unique, and commercially-viable innovation.

How to Choose the Right Fitness and Sporting Goods Patent Attorney

There are many legal professionals who represent people in the fitness and sporting goods industry. However, for many of these attorneys and firms, patent law is not a primary area of focus.

When determining whether you need a patent for your invention or when pursuing patent protection, choosing a skilled patent attorney can help you avoid unnecessary expenses and time spent in the process.

Look for a firm that regularly handles patents and other intellectual property matters — one with legal professionals who have knowledge and experience in the fitness and sports equipment field. Additionally, choosing a law firm that provides services virtually to clients nationwide ensures you are not limited to working with a local attorney who may not have the depth or breadth of experience to provide the advice and representation you need.

At Bold Patents, our experienced team of patent attorneys can help you determine what level of protection your idea or concept needs. We work with you to ensure your application for a fitness industry patent is a success. Contact us today!

Fitness Industry Patents

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