Bold Ideas the Dental Professional's Guide to Patents

You are. By picking this book up, seeking new knowledge, being vulnerable to the idea that you don’t know it all, makes you bold. I have a hunch too, that because you’ve picked this book up, you are also an entrepreneur and if you don’t already, will soon have your own business someday.

Because you share similar passions of all entrepreneurs, you’ve decided to make your own way and impact the world for good, on your terms. That’s bold. That’s who I wrote this book for. I want you to be educated about the US Patent laws, the system, the process, and the inner workings of a for-some-reason-hidden/shrouded area of the law. The field of “dentistry” was chosen on purpose for this book.

I wanted to speak directly to an audience of professionals in oral health that aspire not solely to achieve goals of just getting rich, but to find solutions that truly help others. Your profession cannot be any more noble – you are helping people live better, healthier lives.