When inventors create new mechanical or electromechanical devices, protecting their rights in those creations is critically important. Patents in mechanical engineering can do just that, helping companies use and commercialize their devices confidently. Bold Patents provides a range of patent services for mechanical inventions in a range of industries, including aerospace, medical devices, consumer products, metalworks, construction, textiles, automotive technologies, telecommunications, and more.

Mechanical Patent Basics

Patents are intellectual property rights granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). When you obtain a patent for an invention, you own the exclusive rights to it. That means you can take legal action against another individual or company that tries to manufacture, sell, or distribute your patented invention without first obtaining your permission to do so.

Mechanical patents, or mechanical engineering patents, provide the same intellectual property rights, but they are specific to mechanical inventions. If a mechanical device you created is new, useful, nonobvious, and original, you can work with a patent lawyer to apply for a mechanical patent to protect your rights.

You can apply for a patent for a mechanical invention or design. For example, a mechanical patent may be appropriate if you’ve invented a new type of commercial or consumer appliance, medical device, agricultural or industrial manufacturing machine, transportation component, accessory, device, or any other type of mechanical creation or improvement. This type of patent is widely used across a variety of industries, including the construction, metalworking, textile, aerospace, agricultural, and manufacturing industries, among others.

When you engage a mechanical patent lawyer, you will have an experienced professional in your corner who will help you understand whether your device is likely eligible for patent protection. Knowing what some of the most common hurdles are for obtaining patent approval, an experienced patent lawyer can prepare and file a patent application that is more likely to receive approval. Whether you are seeking domestic or international patent protection, or both, a skilled attorney can be an invaluable member of your team.

Bold Patents works with inventors in a variety of industry sectors, helping them explore potential solutions and obtain patent protection for mechanical devices and inventions. For example, we help clients with their intellectual property needs for machinery, mechatronics, packaging, implants, prostheses, and other medical devices, automotive or aircraft devices or components, construction and building tools and equipment, agriculture, horticulture, printing industry machines, civil engineering, biotechnology, food, electrical engineering, chemistry and pharmacy, manufacturing, and many other types of inventions.

What does a mechanical patent look like: Example

Mechanical patents, and utility patents generally are centered around their structural elements. Each discrete surface or edge requires description and elaboration. You can see that through labeling, a mechanical invention can be properly described in as much detail as needed.

Why Work With a Mechanical Patent Attorney?

Inventors could choose to seek patent protection for their mechanical devices by working directly with the USPTO. However, there are several reasons to consider working with a skilled mechanical patent attorney instead.

As mentioned above, working with a knowledgeable attorney/patent firm that has helped obtain patents for others can greatly decrease the likelihood that your application will be rejected or denied. The process of researching and filing for patent protection can be complex and nuanced.

Your patent lawyer will work closely with you to understand your invention and will be able to advise you on whether your device is eligible for patent protection. An experienced patent attorney will also explain some of the common hurdles you might encounter when you seek a patent and advise you on strategies to overcome those hurdles.

The patent application process itself involves several steps, including:

  • Conducting thorough patent searches and providing patent opinions
  • Prior art disclosures
  • Publication
  • Responding to actions by the USPTO
  • Filing amendments or appeals

Whether you are seeking domestic patent protection for your mechanical invention, need international patents, or both, your mechanical engineer patent attorney will handle these steps for you. As an advocate for your invention, your patent attorney will guide you through the process of helping you obtain a mechanical patent or creating a portfolio of patents and will help you understand what to expect in terms of timeframes and next steps.

In addition, your intellectual property lawyer can provide valuable support if you need to defend or enforce patent protection for your mechanical inventions because someone is infringing on your rights.

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