Inventor Resources in Las Vegas

10 Essential Resources For Entrepreneurs & Inventors in Las Vegas

Being an entrepreneur or inventor in Las Vegas can be tough. The market is, as always, incredibly competitive, and lack of exposure and initial capital can really hurt your chances for discovery. Thankfully, Las Vegas is home to some pretty extensive inventor resources for local inventors and entrepreneurs. If you need help with submitting your idea, marketing your idea, or making sure you actually earn from your idea, check out some of the best inventor resources Las Vegas has to offer.

Las Vegas Inventor Resources University of Nevada Las Vegas

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas first held campus classes in 1957. Since then, this once-small branch college is now a thriving urban research institution that encourages innovation and ingenuity. Their mission is to “promote community well-being and individual achievement through education, research, scholarship, creative activities, and clinical services.”

For Inventors/Entrepreneurs…

UNLV stimulates economic development and diversification. They are able to support their own faculty inventors through the UNLV Research Foundation or Rebel Venture Fund. Since 2013, the university has filed more than 260 patents and generated nearly $1,150,000 in revenue. They have their own dedicated Information for Inventors page that includes important numbers, persons/institutes to contact, and the university’s own Intellectual Property Policy.

Areas of Concern/Questions Covered:

  • Research Process
  • University Patenting Information
  • University Invention Process

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Las Vegas Inventor Resources Inventor Process

Inventor Process

Inventor Process, Inc. is, in summary, a one-stop shop for everything you could ever possibly want to know about the invention process. They are a certified “invention marketing firm” whose primary purpose is to help independent inventors patent and market their innovations. They basically help inventors:

  • develop their idea
  • secure the necessary patents, trademarks, and/or licenses
  • product/mass-produce the innovation
  • introduce it to its intended audience
  • work out how the inventor gets to earn from it

For Inventors/Entrepreneurs…

Aside from the multiple resources, they have on their website, including a comprehensive Patent Search and a regularly-updated blog, Inventor Process, Inc. also has an exclusive Direct Submission Program™. This program helps inventors minimize risk during development, manufacturing, and marketing so they can better maximize their financial potential. It’s a specific course of action that focuses on patenting, marketing, and royalty negotiations. It’s also quite easy to follow.

Areas of Concern/Questions Covered:

  • Inventor Process
  • Idea Development
  • Brainstorming
  • Patenting & Licensing
  • Marketing
  • Royalties/Earning

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Las Vegas Inventor Resources InventHelp


For the past 36 years, InventHelp has been helping professional and amateur inventors submit their inventions or product ideas to the right industry. While they make no promises regarding profits, royalties, or other financial results, they are an excellent starting point for new, unknown innovators. Established as a leading inventor service company with a track record of utter transparency and honesty, InventHelp has been featured on reputable media outlets like Forbes, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, and Inc.

For Inventors/Entrepreneurs…

InventHelp prides itself on being an honest invention company. They’re very clear on what they can and can’t do for inventors, and are equally as upfront when it comes to their track record. They cannot advise you on whether or not your idea is patentable, but they can refer you to independent licensed attorneys or patent agents in that regard.

What InventHelp can do for inventors is prepare them—and their idea—for submission. This includes assembling general information about the invention, creating a write-up for the invention literature, compiling a list of potential companies that would purchase the invention, and obtaining confidentiality agreements for said companies.

They also have some pretty comprehensive Inventor Resources that you can access for free.

Areas of Concern/Questions Covered:

  • Invention Submission Process
  • Idea Development/Marketing

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Las Vegas Inventor Resources Make48


Make48 is the world’s “fastest invention competition.” It expertly places a competitive and entertaining spin on the invention process to create a valuable resource that people can either watch or participate in.

To put it simply, teams have 48 hours to make (hence the name) an invention within the specifications of the challenge. They must create a plan, build a prototype, and pitch said idea and prototype to a panel of professionals. The winning team receives a cash prize and gets their product developed, too. The rest of the Make48 series will then highlight the process of taking the winning idea from concept to marketable execution.

For Inventors/Entrepreneurs…

As a viewer, Make48 is a perfectly entertaining way to familiarize yourself with the invention process. As a participant, Make48 provides all the resources you could possibly need to build a prototype; state-of-the-art equipment, tool technicians, workshop spaces—you name it, Make48 probably has it.

Areas of Concern/Questions Covered:

  • Invention Process
  • Idea Development
  • Brainstorming

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Las Vegas Inventor Resources Bold Patents Las Vegas

Bold Patents, Las Vegas

Bold Patents, Las Vegas is great for inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs looking for legal advice regarding intellectual property claims and securing patents. Founded and staffed by professional Patent Attorneys with years of experience, Bold Patents is an online organization solely driven to helping inventors and innovators protect what is rightfully theirs: their ideas.

Bold Patents has a high respect for investors, innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs who are always out looking to change the game, and thus are happy to offer their knowledge and skills to help them.

For Inventors/Entrepreneurs…

Bold Patents, Las Vegas offers legal advice and support regarding intellectual property protection and legal action to take regarding patents, ideas, inventions, and the like. Working with Bold Patents gives you full access to:

  • a legal team of patent attorneys
  • professional guidance regarding IP, patents, etc.
  • referrals
  • verified resources

Areas of Concern/Questions Covered:

  • Intellectual Property Concerns
  • Patenting & Licensing
  • Trademarks & Trademark Cost
  • Legal Ownership/Inventor Protection

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Las Vegas Inventor Resources USPTO

USPTO Inventor & Entrepreneur Resources

For all patent, legal ownership, and trademark concerns regarding your idea, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the first place you should go. It’s a certified federal agency that tracks and organizes registered US-based inventors—and their intellectual properties. It’s the main database for cross-referencing patents, trademarks, copyrights, and the like.

For Inventors/Entrepreneurs…

The USPTO offers legal advice on IP (intellectual property) policy and enforcement. They also head the Office of Innovation Development—a department that provides usable data regarding idea ownership, IP legalities, inventor rights, and more. Definitely check this out if you want to have any sort of legal claim over your idea.

Make sure to utilize their Trademark Search and Patent Search services.

Areas of Concern/Questions Answered:

  • Patenting & Licensing
  • Intellectual Property Concerns

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Las Vegas Inventor Resources Nevada Women's Business Center

Nevada Women’s Business Center

Nevada Women’s Business Center (NWBC) is an equal opportunity provider and leading “economic development corporation” that invests in the success of individual entrepreneurs. As their name suggests, they are particularly focused on innovators who may face significantly more barriers when trying to access traditional financing options or networking opportunities—i.e., women, people of color, low-income individuals, and the like.

The NWBC’s overarching goal is to improve the economic well-being of local Nevadans by facilitating personalized self-sufficiency strategies for them and helping them advance their entrepreneurial projects. They have a committed team helping their thousands of clients every year build strong, sustainable businesses capable of supporting them, their families, and—ultimately—their local communities.

For Inventors/Entrepreneurs…

The NWBC offers underrepresented groups the training, counseling, coaching, and assistance they need for entrepreneurial success. They “open doors of opportunity” by providing access to critical resources, financial products, and quality, up-to-date education for individuals who:

  • Are interested in starting a business
  • Are interested in strengthening/expanding their business
  • Are looking to modify/improve their current business model
  • Are looking for more opportunities for their business

Areas of Concern/Questions Covered:

  • Small Business Assistance
  • Business Growth
  • Business Financing
  • Entrepreneurial Resources

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Las Vegas Inventor Resources United Inventors Association

UIA of the United States of America

The United Inventors Association (UIA) of the United States of America is a nonprofit organization that specifically caters to inventors. They provide educational resources and legitimate opportunities for independent inventing communities all across the US. Their mission is to empower inventors through “education, access, and advocacy,” all while encouraging 100% honest and ethical business practices.

For Inventors/Entrepreneurs…

The UIA maintains an Inventor Resource Room that has all the education, data, and statistics you could possibly need as an inventor (free of charge). They also work with trade show organizers to host high-traffic inventor exhibits, post updates and industry news worth noting, and manage UIA-affiliated inventor clubs all across the US. While most of this information is publicly available on their website, UIA members and affiliates get access to exclusive content and other benefits.

Areas of Concern/Questions Covered:

  • Tradeshows
  • Inventor Events
  • Inventor News
  • Patenting & Licensing
  • Inventor Career Opportunities

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Las Vegas Inventor Resources Vegas Tech Fund VTF Capital

VTF Capital (Vegas Tech Fund)

Vegas Tech Fund—also known as VTF Capital—is an organization that exists to “help entrepreneurs build great companies.” They do this by investing in promising startups (roughly $200,000 to $1M per pre-seed or seed stage companies) and/or existing businesses and helping them solve platform-level problems. They’re particularly inclined to favor businesses in the commerce technology, pre-consumer logistics, and physical retail technology industries.

VTF Capital is a corporation of self-proclaimed nerds with an interest in companies and initiatives that create real, physical things that redefine how people interact with their world. They believe that there’s more to commerce than just selling; it’s an amalgamation of smart systems and brilliant financial planning.

For Inventors/Entrepreneurs…

VTF Capital aims to be the “most recommended early stage capital source” for promising entrepreneurs and inventors looking to change the future of retail. They invest “capital and sweat” into innovative initiatives that utilize modern, intuitive technology for commerce-focused operations. As operationally-focused investors themselves, they also offer their cumulative experience and considerable network for these companies to further leverage.

Basically, VTC Capital wants to be the organization every potential commerce business owner looks to when said business owner is looking for funding.

Areas of Concern/Questions Covered:

  • Startup Funding
  • Entrepreneurial Startup/Platform-Level Problem Solving

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Las Vegas Inventor Resources Entrepreneurs' Organization Las Vegas

Entrepreneurs’ Organization: Las Vegas

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a worldwide, peer-to-peer network with 196 different chapters in 62 countries. Founded in 1987, their membership base has grown to more than 14,000+ influential entrepreneurs and leading business owners—and counting. Their Las Vegas chapter was started in 1997 and currently has 45 active members representing a myriad of different industries—from agriculture to legal services, from consulting services to marketing and PR.

EO prides itself on its strong network of like-minded individuals all focused on improving their business and enriching their lives. They encourage community engagement and local support. Their mission? To engage leading entrepreneurs “to learn and grow.” Their vision? To lead the world’s largest and most influential community of passionate, successful entrepreneurs.

For Inventors/Entrepreneurs…

EO aims to be “the catalyst” that helps entrepreneurs and innovators nurture their passion and grow their business. They inspire, inform, and transform business owners into industry leaders, movers, and game changers. The resources they have to offer include global events, leadership development programs, and online entrepreneur forums, to name a few.

Members have full access to these exclusive events, including regional and global networking opportunities. They also have the option for you to personalize your EO experience to perfectly suit your business’s needs. Whatever you feel your business is lacking or could improve on, EO Las Vegas will be there to give you the help, information, and resources you need.

Areas of Concern/Questions Covered:

  • Entrepreneurial Startup
  • Business Development
  • Networking

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There you go: the top ten local resources for Las Vegas inventors and entrepreneurs!

  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Inventor Process
  • InventHelp
  • Make48
  • Bold Patents, Las Vegas
  • USPTO Inventor & Entrepreneur Resources
  • Nevada Women’s Business Center
  • UIA of the United States of America
  • VTF Capital (Vegas Tech Fund)
  • Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Las Vegas Chapter

While Las Vegas definitely has more than ten resources for inventors and entrepreneurs, we feel like the ones covered here are the most beneficial and fortuitous for local talent. But do let us know if we missed any potential gems in the comments below!

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