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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

Home offices and corporate spaces are all well and good, but any modern innovator and entrepreneur knows that coworking is where it’s at. With so many business owners vying for local support and actively searching for collaborative opportunities, coworking spaces are now in high demand. This year, we’re looking at the best Scottsdale coworking spaces Arizona has to offer.

Spoiler alert: there are a lot.

Whether you prefer the high-end, ultra-modern corporate centers or you tend to gravitate more towards the simple, straightforward, and casual co-working hubs, there’s definitely a collaborative enterprising community for you. We’ve put together a list of the best co-working spaces one can find in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As a sort of visual summary, we’ve prepared this image: a geographic overview of these co-working spaces, including their summary and location. Keep reading to get a more in-depth analysis of the spaces.

Industrious Old Town

Located right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, Industrious Old Town is a premium co-working space that mimics the clean, classic beauty of the Southwest.

Offering a variety of co-working options—from enclosed private spaces to dedicated individual desks—this warm, welcoming workspace has something for everyone. The building itself boasts of contemporary interior design, and their amenities are marketed as best-in-class for walk-in users and community members.

Industrious Old Town aims to foster an organized, highly-productive environment with their three major products: Shared Workplaces, Canvas by Industrious, and Enterprise. From the Shared Workplaces option, interested parties may choose between:

  • Suites (best for teams of more than 20 people)
  • Offices (best for teams of up to 19)
  • Community Membership (best for individuals)

If you’re going in alone, Community Membership lets you choose between a dedicated desk in a locked, private office and flexible seating in their premium co-working space.

If you need a standalone space to customize your brand, Canvas by Industrious is fully-furnished office suites for teams of 20 to 200 people. It has all the basic amenities and is designed to fully adapt to whatever best suits the tenants.

Choose from Turnkey Canvas (move-in ready suites that have been configured for optimal productivity) or Customized Canvas (bespoke office spaces that you can furnish and design to match your brand).

AZ Cowork

This 24,000 square-foot space was specifically designed by founders Hamid and Lawdan Shojaee to cater towards tech startups. What started as a simple co-working space has since grown into a premiere spot for Arizona’s hottest success stories and tech companies.

From hosting local events to providing mentorship opportunities, AZ Cowork is the perfect environment for fresh startups, small businesses, and rising entrepreneurs. They offer dedicated offices, desks, open desks, maker spaces, and access to a fully-equipped AV studio for video and podcast recording.

Other great features include conference rooms, a fully stocked kitchen with free sodas, coffee, and snacks, and state-of-the-art equipment—including a 3D printer and laser cutter. As a member you get access to all these great amenities plus opportunities to converse, collaborate, and network with some of the brightest, most creative minds in SaaS design, software engineering, and marketing.

The Grid.Works

Located in Uptown Phoenix, Arizona, The Grid.Works seeks to provide a professional atmosphere for determined, enterprising individuals without restricting creativity and letting your patent ideas flourish. Aside from their gorgeous décor and room spaces designed to boost productivity, The Grid.Works also offers top-of-the-line amenities for all their members. Smart TVs, fast wireless connection, white boards—you name it, they have it.

They even have a fully-furnished podcast studio with state-of-the-art mixers, amplifiers, microphones, and more.

The Grid.Works’ workspace options include open hot seats, reserved workstations, reserved “C” class offices, reserved “B” class offices, and reserved “A” class offices. Amenities include storage lockers, standing desks, office supplies and printers, private phone rooms, and a lush coffee bar and break room.

They also have a number of unique conference rooms for you to choose from.

Another thing that sets The Grid.Works apart? Location. It is just within walking distance of some of Uptown Phoenix’s best restaurants and bars.

The Workspace

The Worksace at Acme Prints is an aptly-named co-working facility found in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. A modern, straightforward situation with basic amenities, it’s the perfect place for individuals and small groups that prefer a subdued, no-frills approach to their productivity.

For $25 a day, you can avail of their Hot Desks—a quiet, single setup bathed in natural light. Accessible from 8AM to 10PM, the hot desk comes with all necessary workspace amenities, high-speed connectivity, access to their Coffee & Tea bar, and free parking on the premises.

The Workspace’s Private Office is an enclosed, fully-furnished workspace with all the basic business necessities. A monthly rental fee of $450 gives you 24/7 access to the office, the meeting room, and free parking on the premises.

94 Hundred Corporate Center

Completed in late 2007, this spectacular mixed-use center along the busy Shea Boulevard is a prime co-working area for small- and medium-sized teams. Mainly targeted towards retail businesses and corporate executive suites, 94 Hundred Corporate center boasts an excellent demographic profile—and a prestigious Scottsdale address—that many entrepreneurs and business managers may find highly beneficial.

Their conference rooms—six total—come with flat screen TVs, projectors, and high-speed internet access. For retail businesses, startups, freelance groups, and small corporations, they recommend their private office suites. Members may choose between their Executive Suites or their Flex Suites.

  • Executive Suites—single office suites ranging from 100 square feet to 350 square feet. Suitable for groups of 2 to 5, or individual use. Comes with all the office essentials.
  • Flex Suites—multiple move-in ready office suites ranging from 400 square feet to 2,000 square feet. Suitable for groups of 4 to 25 (or even more). 100% customizable to suit your specific requirements. Comes with office furniture, state-of-the-art equipment, and high-speed connection.

Other notable areas of the 94 Hundred Corporate Center include their common areas/shared space, their cyber café (with gourmet coffee service), and their relaxing break room area.

On The Lot at Arizona Studios

Created by Sun Studios of Arizona, On The Lot is an innovative co-working space catered more towards creative professionals. They seek to foster a creative, collaborative environment that focuses heavily on teamwork and networking. Free-for-all discussions give entrepreneurs and inventors the perfect platform to ask questions and share experiences. They offer multiple meeting areas, hot desks/open seating plans, and free parking on premises.

Amenities include a great coffee bar, state-of-the-art recording equipment (both sound and video), office necessities (printer, photocopier, Mac computers), designated “relax” zones, an outdoor terrace/lounge area, and a fully-stocked kitchen. They even offer free coffee and drinking water.

On The Lot also has an on-going directory that guests and members can flip through to find work or paid collaboration opportunities.

Hera Hub

Marketed as both a co-working space and a business accelerator, Hera Hub is the hotspot for entrepreneurial women in Scottsdale, Arizona. A place of creation and collaboration, this hub prides itself on providing a professional, productive, and spa-like environment for its members. Their different offers are all tailored to create a stable, supportive community for female entrepreneurs, with plenty of opportunities for local visibility, beneficial collaborations, and swapping trade secrets.

Hera Hub has a safe space for everyone. Member’s choices include:

  • Open Space—shared work-space in an open, peaceful environment
  • Conference Rooms—rooms for groups of 13 people
  • Meeting Rooms—private rooms for groups of 6 to 8 people
  • Event Spaces—perfect for workshops, speaker trainings, seminars, and retreats (fits 40 to 100 people)
  • Photo-Shoot Location—open spaces with perfect lighting

Considered a “space for creativity,” Hera Hub is a community-focused and community-driven co-working space. Members have access to state-of-the-art amenities and one-of-a-kind business opportunities.

Cross Campus: Scottsdale

Yet another one-of-a-kind co-working space in Old Town Scottsdale, Cross Campus Scottsdale is a premium professional facility with a charming boutique feel to it. Situated right next to the Scottsdale Fashion Mall, members should have no problems finding free parking, restaurants, and entertainment options.

The Cross Campus building itself has a large outdoor deck with a gorgeous view of Camelback Mountain—perfect for hosting work events. Inside, one can find a unique blend of private offices, open seating areas, conference rooms, and meeting spaces.

Aside from state-of-the-art office equipment and amenities, Cross Campus also offers its members regular networking events, community outings, keynote speakers, and speaker training. Whether you’re a new business owner still learning the ropes or a certified veteran entrepreneur, they have a safe space to suit your needs.

Their workspace options include:

  • Campus—$75/month
  • Hot Desk—$300/month
  • Private Desk/Office—$500/month
  • Enterprise—Pricing Varies

One of the best things of Cross Campus is their flexible membership contracts. Members may change their membership commitments as needed.


Workuity offers a modern, co-working solution for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, and independent innovators. This structured-yet-inviting workspace gives members the freedom to concentrate on their individual enterprise or mingle with other like-minded individuals to create powerful connections. It’s the perfect place for fresh startup owners and inventors to find community help, guidance, and possible networks.

With a near-endless supply of networking opportunities—from happy hours to community lunch—Workuity combines freedom and function to give people the best of both.

The interior itself is reflective of Workuity’s modern, forward-thinking attitude. Full of cutting-edge office equipment and award-winning contemporary designs, it is truly a safe, structured space for the modern entrepreneur.

Their 5-Star Amenities include high-speed fiber internet, free coffee, beer, and wine, mail and package handling, 24/7 building access, and exclusive membership to their on-site gym. Take your pick between the Private Office (great for growing companies), the Dedicated Workspace (great for individual work/project planning), and their Unlimited Coworking (for the enterprising entrepreneur out to collaborate and meet new people).


A cozy co-working space with a quirky name to match, ColabLab offers a simple, stress-free work environment for enterprising individuals and entrepreneurs. Built on flexibility and collaboration, their co-working contract gives walk-in guests complete freedom over their experience. People can choose between a dedicated workstation of a full, private office.

Either option comes with ergonomic seats and locking storage cabinets for peace of mind.

Their tastefully simple interior décor offers minimal distractions and nice, clean lines to stimulate productivity and efficiency.

ColabLab amenities include a conference room, fully-stocked kitchen, and Starbucks Keurig-brewed coffee. There’s also free parking on the premises, free tea and drinking water, and state-of-the-art printers and scanners.


Yet another catchy, quirky name to add to the list, CO+HOOTS is a co-working gem nestled in Midtown Phoenix, Arizona that seeks to provide individuals and small local businesses with resources, connections, networking support, and funding opportunities to cover patent costs. Community-supported and member-sustained, they proudly declare themselves as the “only shared central Phoenix office location that promotes collaboration.”

Targeted mostly towards creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, CO+HOOTS is an advocate for local enterprises. They aim to provide a professional, self-sustaining space that nurtures and inspires. From licensed web developers to new real estate agents, creative writers to business-minded app creators, no one is “too small” or “too big” to join the CO+HOOTS crowd.

Their workspace options include dedicated desks and private offices. They offer day passes, “frequent flyer” coworking programs, and monthly membership options. With dozens of cool amenities and perks—like high-speed internet access, conference rooms, complimentary coffee and snacks, and networking events—CO+HOOTS coworking is designed to help local businesses thrive.

Ignite Sparked by BBB

“Are you ready to co-work for a cause?” Ignite sparked by BBB is an innovative communal facility that focuses heavily on nurturing passions and building dreams. Located in the heart of Phoenix, this co-working space is driven to become the one-stop shop for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Their community—called “igniters”—is composed of diverse professionals that all share the same common goal: building better businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Hence, their eye-catching callout question.

Aside from a bunch of great amenities—like fast WiFi connection, Cultivate Coffee & Tea, light snacks, and a sweet outdoor patio—ignite sparked by BBB offers three great workspace options:

  • Drop-In Daily Pass—$10/day for BBB Accredited Businesses, $15/day for Non-Accredited
  • Drop-In Monthly Pass—$100/month for BBB Accredited Businesses, $150/month for Non-Accredited
  • Dedicated Desk—Varied Pricing

In Conclusion…

There you have it, everyone! The top 17 coworking spaces in Scottsdale:

  1. Industrious Old Town
  2. AZ Cowork
  3. The Grid.Works
  4. The Workspace
  5. 94 Hundred Corporate Center
  6. On The Lot at Arizona Studios
  7. Hera Hub
  8. Cross Campus: Scottsdale
  9. Workuity
  10. ColabLab
  11. CO+HOOTS
  12. Ignite Sparked by BBB

In the meantime, are there any other coworking spaces that you would recommend that we add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!

PS: If you are an innovator ready to protect and bring to market your visionary idea! Please book a free consultation with one of our Scottsdale patent attorneys.

About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at