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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

As the fourth largest city in Indiana, South Bend is full of opportunities and resources for locals who are looking. Even innovators and inventors in South Bend, IN should have no problems finding safe spaces, supportive communities, and dependable environments in which they can work on—and hopefully release—their creative products. If you’re an inventor looking to build a network, patent an idea, or find a mentor, these eight co-working spaces are all excellent places to start.

As a sort of visual summary, we’ve prepared this geographic overview of said spaces, including their summary and location.


According to 101Co³, “[Creativity] and business don’t just happen from 9-5!” Which is why their office spaces, meeting rooms, and professional resources are available for members 24/7. Founded with the belief that inventors, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and all sorts of creative innovators need a safe environment for conversation and education, 101Co³ is a dedicated coworking space that is as accessible as it is affordable.

In-line with their three C’s—collaborate, cowork, connect—101Co³ hopes to establish a community that is unafraid to reach out, create, and learn together—regardless of background, industry, or expertise. They hope to be seen as a preferred alternative to loud public places and crowded commercial lots. With their services and amenities, business owners, teams, leaders, and professionals can meet in a semi-private productive environment without paying for overheads or over-priced coffee.

(Members get coffee for free).

Inspired to bridge people with like-minded individuals “in pursuit of the next big thing,” 101Co³ takes care of its community. Membership is less than $50 per month, but the overall experience? Priceless.


  • Drop-in Work Space
  • Wi-Fi
  • Print/Copy/Scan/Fax Services
  • 24/7 Access
  • Free Fresh Coffee
  • Workshops
  • LBD Coffee 101 Discounts
  • Office Spaces
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Business Address

HeadQuarters at Ignition Park

Proudly marketed as South Bend’s newest and most innovative coworking space, HeadQuarters at Ignition Park offers spaces, resources, and opportunities for businesses of all sizes to prosper. Characterized by its rich community and stirring, productive facilities, HeadQuarters inspires a “contagious buzz” that motivates all members—from solopreneurs to team leaders—to strive for success.

Resources and facilities include private workstations, locker storage, mail service, and 24/7 conference rooms—just to name a few. Their modern open floor plan, cutting-edge equipment, and ergonomic design makes their offices some of the most efficient and encouraging spaces for rent this side of Indiana. And for an extra $50 a month, they’ll even answer your phone calls for you.

Plus! HeadQuarters is a proud partner of Indiana Coworking Passport—a service that allows its members to work at all participating ICP partners for free. If you’re an existing ICP holder, you can enjoy HeadQuarter’s amenities, free of charge.


  • 24/7 Access
  • Conference Rooms
  • Mail Service
  • Group Events
  • Locker Storage
  • Kitchen & Café
  • Private Workstations
  • Tiered Membership Options
  • $25 Week Trial/Drop-in Option
  • Telephone Answering Services

Innovation Park at Notre Dame

This 80,000 square-foot collision space is designed to “catalyze business acceleration, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.” If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or inventor in South Bend, Indiana, check out this center dedicated to innovative drive and passion for success. 

Located in the heart of the University of Notre Dame campus, Innovation Park is home to over 60 startup companies. It was designed to cultivate industry disruptors and forward thinkers, further encouraging their creativity through community and collaboration.

Inventors, students, investors, and subject matter experts from the University (and all over the region) also come here to discuss their ideas and insights via live events, speaker trainings, and networking meet-ups.

Aside from contemporary and collaborative coworking spaces for rent, Innovation Park offers strategies that lay the groundwork for (1) accelerated business growth, (2) technology commercialization, (3) market entry, and (4) competitive advantage. Their space is designed to energize problem solving and inspire productivity in aspiring entrepreneurs by connecting them with the resources and contact they need to eventually commercialize their venture.

From e-commerce marketing to legal counsel, they’ve entertained businesses from all sorts of industries. Some current tenants at Innovation Park include Austin Becker, Amaforge, Horizon Packaging, Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, and IceMiller. Previous companies that have called Innovation Park home include CloverApps, LLC, Indiana Financial Services, Lacuna Footwear, and Nexus RV.


  • Pit Road (5,000 square feet of shared, open co-working activity)
  • Private Offices
  • Conference Rooms
  • ARO ON Center (printing services)
  • Laboratory Space
  • Shared Analytical Laboratory
  • Café
  • Abdo Markethouse Patio

Make South Bend

South Bend’s first full “makerspace,” Make South Bend is a unique co-working initiative that was created with artists, makers, and inventors in mind. Their environment is so designed to encourage creativity and innovation, where makers can grow and get inspired in a safe space.

Founded on the knowledge that inventors and innovators in South Bend, Indiana often get more competition than support, Make South Bend strives to create a community for these artists and makers to grow their network, get their questions answered, and support their fellow local innovators. For those who don’t know how to get started, don’t know what types of patents they should secure, or simply want to expand their current network, you might just find what you’re looking for in the Make South Bend community.

Through shared working space, democratized tools, weekly classes, and a curated gift shop and gallery of local art Make South Bend is more than just a co-working space. It’s a full support system and a thriving ecosystem where local entrepreneurs can turn their passion into a living. They offer low-cost spaces for rent, regular mentoring sessions, community connections, local exposure, and networking opportunities for the makers inspired enough to join their tribe.

Community members of all ages, industries, and backgrounds can learn new skills, hone their ones, and gain an appreciation of handmade goods through weekly classes. The gift shop and gallery is a great way for starting artists to display and sell their pieces.

All in all, Make South Bend is a community for local creatives who want to connect, support, and interact with like-minded individuals who share their passion for arts and innovation.


  • 2,400 square feet of co-working space
  • Digital Art/Creation Tools
  • Printing/Scanning Equipment
  • Light Tables
  • Inks and Pens
  • Typesetting Press
  • Block Carving Tools
  • Pottery Wheels & Bats
  • Clay
  • Kilns
  • Glass Cutting Tools
  • Soldering Irons
  • Doming Block Set
  • Disc Cutting Set
  • Soldering Block
  • Fully Equipped Woodworking Shop
  • Standard Sewing Machines
  • Iron and Board
  • Crochet Needles
  • Leather Chisel Set

LangLab South Bend

LangLab South Bend is a 33,000 square foot warehouse that is, for its members and frequent visitors, an arts and trade space, a center of energy, and a multi-use co-working facility. Their space is continually growing and serves multiple demographic groups passionate about arts, intellectual experience, and creation.

Aside from being able to host large events like concerts, forums, film screenings, art exhibitions, debates, book signings, and workshops, LangLab’s space has co-working areas available for offices and small businesses. Inventors and artists can also find solace in their studio rentals and art galleries.

Their co-working space is described as both versatile and creative. It’s a productive environment perfect for project planning, team building, group strategizing, and even community collaboration. LangLab also offers professional facilitation services and individual project consultation. The studios and business spaces may be limited, but they’re great spaces for launching business or product ideas.

The community around LangLab South Bend is also conducive to creativity and innovation. Located at 1302 High Street, members and visitors of LangLab will find themselves surrounded with top businesses and creative spaces like Zen Café, Eco Owl Press, BlueKrishna Photography, and Violet Sky Chocolate.

At LangLab South Bend, people are encouraged to come with their ideas.


  • Arts/Theater/Film Venue
  • Co-Working Office Spaces
  • Art Gallery
  • Business Studios
  • Weekly Events
  • Meeting Facilitation Services
  • Strategic Business Planning Services

Launch Indiana

As an initiative/online program focused on creating opportunities for startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises “looking to grow their innovation,” Launch Indiana is a great place for inventors to find communities, connections, and local resources. Driven to help foster the growth of innovation in Indiana through co-working and community, it seeks to create a central point for entrepreneurship, pave the path to innovation-driven success, and nurture the startup community with its services and facilities.

Launch Indiana is completely invested in the state’s technological and economical advancements through local businesses, innovators, and startups. They believe that co-working programs are the secret to success for entrepreneurial individuals and teams. To take it to the next level, Launch Indiana seeks to develop a co-working program in all Indiana counties, for a total of 92 co-working spaces all exclusively designed for innovators, startups, and entrepreneurial inventors.

With this, they hope to contribute to the continued growth of local companies.

Why the emphasis on co-working?

Because they believe that co-working spaces are economic drivers that:

  • Open up business opportunities
  • Increase connections
  • Strengthen community experiences
  • Drive local innovation
  • Create new tax revenue streams

Seeking to connect inventors, entrepreneurs, and startup enterprises with investors, mentors, networks, and other valuable resources, Launch Indiana is poised to jolt the local startups into accelerated growth and development. They are driven to connect fresh innovators with the resources and means to answer important questions as early as possible, such as the kind of documents/certificates to secure or the legal cost of patents. Furthermore, they seek to build more than a community of innovative enterprises; they want to build an ecosystem. And they believe that connected co-working spaces is the best way to go.

Plus! Their website alone already has a bunch of resources that you can access for free, including:

  • a couple of infographics on communities
  • videos on co-working lessons
  • videos on what investors are expecting
  • videos on when to protect your IP

…and much more.

Check out their directory to find the closest Launch Indiana co-working space near you!


As the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions, Regus has catered to some of the most successful entrepreneurs and enterprises in recent history. With a network of almost 3,000 business centers across almost 900 cities worldwide, they have the experience and the resources to help local businesses and innovations grow. Choose from their wide range of office formats such as mobile, virtual, workplace recovery, and more.

With so many options, there’s one that’ll definitely suit your (and your team’s) specific needs.

Originally founded in 1989 in Brussels, Belgium, Regus has truly expanded and grown to offer its services to the world. They have a South Bend Business Center  that offers co-working spaces, office spaces, business lounges, and more. Fully furnished and equipped with high-speed WiFi, this mixed-use development center is the perfect choice for those seeking a more professional setting.


  • Individual Office Spaces
  • Team Office Spaces
  • Co-Working Hot Desks & Permanent Desks
  • Virtual Office
  • Business Lounge
  • Meeting Room
  • High-Speed WiFi
  • On-Site Customer Parking
  • Videoconferencing Facilities

HANNAH [Ready-to-Go Office]

If you’re in the market for premium co-working spaces, HANNAH (Ready-to-Go Office) in the vibrant East Bank Village is definitely one to watch. A 5,000 square-foot Class A Office Facility for individual professionals and/or small businesses, HANNAH has all the amenities to suit whatever setup you need; from month-to-month rentals to one-day drop-ins. You can rent their private offices, open cubicles, and meeting rooms without risk of a long lease—perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs that may not have a main base of operations yet.

The space itself is quiet, clean, and secure. In fact, the refined decorations and ergonomic equipment make HANNAH an excellent choice for professionals who wish to make a distinguished impression from a sophisticated work environment in the trendy area of South Bend. And with it being located in a high technology development area to boot, you can rest assured that the neighborhood is classy and cultured, too. Plenty of restaurants, bars, and retail establishments nearby.

Proximity to the East Race Waterway and St. Joseph River provides stunning views and scenery. Need to stretch your legs? Like going on little walks while discussing business? The HANNAH building has more than 5 miles of paved outdoor paths for you to enjoy. Overall, a sophisticated co-working area with functional amenities, simple contracts, and great views.


  • Common Area
  • Fully Stocked Kitchen
  • Private Secure Offices
  • Conference Room
  • Small Meeting Area
  • Open Desk/Cubicle Space
  • Virtual Office Services
  • Mail Services


So there you have it; the top eight co-working spaces in South Bend, Indiana.

  1. 101Co3
  2. HeadQuarters at Ignition Park
  3. Innovation Park at Notre Dame
  4. Make South Bend
  5. LangLab South Bend
  6. Launch Indiana
  7. Regus

Eager to try out these co-working spaces? Did we miss a co-working space that you know and love? Let us know in the comments!


About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at