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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

You have a question google it right this is the source of all answers I’m here today to talk about your work your diligence what does it take do you know how to do a patent search in Google [Music] I’m patent attorney JD governor managing partner here at bold patents law firm it’s my honor to be here to talk with you about how to structure a patent search in Google I’m gonna go through this and share my screen with you no jokes going through a quick byte click to watch walk you through the different tips tools it feels to enter so you can do the diligence that it takes to make sure that your invention is novel in terms of making sure that you’re confident before you take the next step in talking with a patent attorney before we get started I won’t let you know that we do have some time stamps along the way so you can fast forward this video to different parts of this advanced Google patent search tool you’ll see they’ll be moving my mouse around you’ll see the screen you’re probably gonna watch the whole thing from start to finish if you can but if your time short you got to just get to the good stuff look it down below you’re going to see the different indexes you can move to and forward ahead [Music]

I started so it took the you know basically the example you were you done to the submersible container oh this you know this is from the perfume you know you know the top reference yeah but is in terms of visualizing what I was thinking the invention was something like this where it’s like a container that is like able to gonna go a selective distance underneath the water with a propeller and that something to secure the container is something that’s gonna regulate it and their eyes can be controlling device that sort of has a control telling you how deep this is gonna be in quadrant you can’t keep it at right temperature right so it’s kind of dive into what how I would approach this yeah yeah yeah exactly to track let this this PSO guide you really in anyway you know just some of the first things I would do with this would be to you know here we have some real clear you know sort of patent attorney version of claim elements which are starting from here you know I think one of the challenges or things that are important for you know better to look at you know you’re looking at searches like this or how you’re going to you know define what your invention is and what its features are you know if I were the better I’d say you know container secured by net underwater it can be watertight for food items the container hasn’t some type of attachment mechanism could be a clip could be velcro you know one thing people will see you know trying to teach folks a bitterness this kind of demo is that the words did you use to describe an invention are different from words your friend would use to describe an invention or components of the invention and significantly different than what a patent attorney would describe invention so one of the challenges with searches like this north areas that might encourage inventors to depart from you know their standard intuition would be to you know think of you know what are going to be used to describe different aspects of the invention and not to pigeonhole yourself and what you think it might be no so in the kitchen or the container is going to attach to the net in some capacity there’s going to be a mechanism to move the net up and down specifically in the invention or is the way that’s propeller you know from at and searching standpoint ideally I’d like to find particularly concerned with that you want to search broadly enough you know good panettone is going to claim broadly as possible that isn’t constrained by the propeller it could be you know winch on the boat you know it could be some kind of you can have an air bag that selectively lets out air that you know just the buoyancy of the device sinister just keeping that coming from a particular embodiment of your invention and then thinking about what types of terms can be useful searching that is you know a good thing to do both at the beginning and maybe show you iteratively iteratively as it as you progress through it it also has a temperature sensing device thermometer so what you want to do here’s you know I kind of laid out three things that just guidance I would give an inventor looking into how they want to do a search you say literally what is it it’s a box with a rope with a net with it lying to tether with a thermometer temperature gauge pressure sensor depth sensor use words like that it can be helpful what is it functionally but what are other people gonna call similar things that’s it you know thing that I think will help you know designers as they do these things you know what’s it what is it gonna do you know one of the first things I thought of with this is that maybe this is a fisherman who’s out there sooner he wants to submerge it 30 feet down the water is colder to keep it cold you know maybe sit that is some you know what is this doing because sometimes you’ll find that searching just the specific mechanical aspects of invention will get you a lot of noise so get your competitions and lots of different approaches especially with and then again what are what you’ve had attorneys call this device and then where its features yeah you’re probably not gonna know unless you are patent attorney you’ve done this a lot or you get going in search that’s something I’ll try to point out you know examples hey Brandon could you make that more doc bigger as you kind of go through it yes most of the yep it does go ahead yes so it’s always good you know in addition to you know in just looking at this example I kind of based a lot of what I was looking at to mention kind of on this type of figure where you have some type of storage box in here it’s gonna contain something there’s going to be a tether above it line tether anything below it and then some type of mechanism to control the height of it so as you know it’s a kind of mention one of the first things you know working with an invention like this you you know 1 billion you know JD’s that I want a really good approach and patent tutorials where you want to try some sort of layman’s terms descriptions for an invention did you know some things that you might call it to try to find you know you start really broad you say okay let’s try to find things that are storing some boxes they’re storing things on the walk to regulate its temperature you know so one of the first things people might use this to store beer is or food you find pretty quickly but these are used in lots of like oil applications which is probably noise you want to try to filter somehow but what was the example here was one so this one kind of stuck out to me just an initial and you know really what we’re trying to do here let’s get ourselves in the right ballpark you know its first searches like this you know sometimes you’ll find your attention right away with something you know that’s gonna be more complex has a lot of different parts it can be more challenging so here’s one you know so I saw this you know it’s an apparatus for cooling food under water containing you know temperature so you think it’s important is with patents like this is you want to try to find you know the abstract is always useful means from a patent standpoint legal standpoint one of the abstract isn’t sure JD’s taught some of these webinars the abstract exist so the people searching for patents can have an ideal with the patents about that’s largely with the abstract this for so it often tells you what’s in there but really what you’re looking for words are specific teachings within the patent that are gonna be you know that may anticipate or you know for someone skilled in the art if they have not about that teaching what your invention be obvious to someone with that you know that’s good at signing no fishing coolers or submersible water coolers you know it’s a you know in terms of how that google algorithm huckle this one up we got a korean patent these are machine translated when possible I like to use an american-style version of this file version of it namely you have you generally have there’s not translation issues usually and you have clear pictures one of the first things based on this title seems like we’re in the ball what I like you know these initial ones you want to say okay what we have here what kind of information can we glean this that will help us for lack of more efficiently with our next search there’s a lot of these you know the first stuff you do sometimes sometimes you find something right away sometimes there’s guest check yes check it a lot of the traditions of that and kinda have to keep continuing through it some of the things you might look for here you know if you look at some of these classes here is our CPC classes as opposed to us PT yeah USPTO ones you know initially here I’m not particularly intrigued by these JD you’ll see this is one of the challenges we have with this is I had trouble finding good classes ideally you’d find it ideally you’d find comfortable zai here that says you know retractable you know submersible container for regulating temperature you know and if you find that let’s click on that and let’s see all the other ones that are like that you know what you can do is you can add the class to this here and that’ll search for things like this but within also that classification you could also use a similar approach with the USPTO classification but not through Google debts that wasn’t

so here you may want to look for like this what I try to find would be some type of it appears to be in closeable container probably a lot more moving parts here than what we’re looking for but I wouldn’t like that necessarily to discourage you key concept for you know as an inventor consider when you’re searching for patents of this is that

did the reference doesn’t you know the reference can be very different from what you’re finding but it can have teachings that relate to your invention for example so you notice of these so through these what I’m trying to find reasons to investigate further before you kind of throw this one back into the auction and trying these search you know controlling water temperature maintaining one thing you notice here this is defined as an apparatus it’s not called a box or a container

those are think good the good things early on search to take note of you know kind of like I mentioned if you’re just using the word thermometer that could get you in trouble because it’s if you’re using that as a keyword search that’s going to throw out a lot that’s gonna throw out a lot of patents you know that might have kicked this one out you know go back to show you you know don’t use that same search with the word thermometer might not show up this one water temperature Direction sensor the thermistor you know so one thing I would do with this you know take the word thermistor kind of come up here how is outlined a few different words that I would see if I so if we can go back and constrain that previously searched previous search by the word thermometer

notice that one I was just looking at even though that one wasn’t gold you know I would consider that a perfect reference that we’re looking at what I’m trying to illustrate is some of the constraints you run into if keyword searching mister backed here and it came right back up so this is a good way to illustrate that principle of thinking broadly when you define your turn off if I go through invention and using keywords probably one of the more you know people often ask if this is an order of science this is where it becomes both thanks because thermistor you know if you asked me for five words for temperature regulation device that wouldn’t have been one of the first five I could do however what I just blamed is a piece of good information that’s going to help me conduct the rest of the search more efficiently so that would be one of the main things I would try to illustrate with this particular reference is the you know be you want to be broad and open mind especially early on search use lots of different terms you know what it’ll be men trotting narrow this down looking at this one again you know the other things I would want to do with this initially because it’s you know this isn’t a perfect match for the invention but you know you want to find some things broadly and then narrow it down to mention these international classifications didn’t really stick out to me is something that’s gonna be particularly awful I like to look at the USPTO classifications for something to make a copy of some of these did that really quickly so this is the USPTO ver this is it the patent from the US the same version of the thing of the patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office here are some of the USPTO classes from it

and oh but I’ll do usually can’t keep a bank of these so any kind of fine it’s reasonably relevant you know try to keep along at these so that I can go back and search the actual patent database a good example of this would be now if I were doing this search starting with one this was a good reference to JD it pulled for it look at it here you know seemed like using you know different varieties of keyword searching you’re gonna call it in the water container attractive reasons mechanisms tethers lots of things like that this one stood out to me because this is probably large containers for use underwater

Google just recently started doing something different with their international classes like that so a good example here would be as you kind of go through the problem you might read through that suit you can glean out of it here are some of these the classes that were registered for you know that word is the patent examiner’s assign names to each you know terms it works when you think organize them searches and efficiently themselves so that you can help you that’s well or to help you do that so no one did its kind of ask from them made a note of these and start looking through them

another patent I came across I’ve come across you know the classes associated with 43 fishing trapping I’m destroying [Music] probably not but I want to look at this would say you know you get a fish container under water you find something in there back to where we were this reference search this one a few things came out of that soon so another thing it’s good to do with the reference you know come across this one you know this one pops up through different keywords you find and that examiner’s like don’t let that they’re very smart and very good at what they do so let them help you so if you click on the Sutton cited by every you know each patent Blaney is part of the prosecution

you know examiner’s world cite teachings from those patents against you know your application or this previous application those are excellent places to look you know one fault checking the downside of this is that you don’t have to judge the book by its cover because what you get is the title the star means that it was excited by an examiner not just associated through probably I would sign it if it doesn’t have a star was probably cited through the ideas it was part of the prosecution the bigger term you’ll submit for you as you do that methods of freezing true pressure container so you’re really looking for something like you just judging the book by its cover as much as I’d like to tell you that there’s a silver bullet with these things sometimes you get there is this particular search is not that way so what I what my do here device for keeping for cooling and for drilling food it’s gonna be related to this submersible thing an examiner seem to think so as well let’s check it out [Music] downsides of some of these foreign patents like this often don’t get images with them which is a bit challenging and [Music] when I was trying to illustrate it with this one you know so and I think JD’s mentioned some of his articles some of the forward backwards citation searching that’s a well nerd technique but it’s something that differs from you know what we started with keyword searching using classes both USPTO is CPC classifications I’d recommend using both the best way to over summer as an approach especially with a you know a certain invention with a lot of broad features like this one is to try a lot of different approaches and look for some convergence and start to see hey we’re finding using keywords and classes and finding several of the same patents in our queries so this was you know reference here that I wanted to point out it’s the you know the mobile device for storing cooling food objects well that looks pretty good let’s check it out where’s this going to go yeah this is so you know what from what we were chef was seeing with the young the charm you know what does they wo actually stand for it’s the world maybe that’s what not why pellets

it’s certain name for the wo but it’s an international law and the general pertains to a lot of different countries that you can file through oh so this is a good reference it’s notable we found this through you know kind of almost like you have to give it a name some type of double backwards citation searching but that’s how we got there and I think this was another one JD Hogg it’s part of the search that was a pretty good reference but on you know first thing to come here with it is these are a couple classes I’d probably look at it yeah this kind of concerns me a little bit less you know if I’m picturing this invention being in an ocean but that could be a flaw because you know from mechanical functioning I see there’s really no reason this can’t be in the pool or the ocean so those are all things that you want have an open mind to as you look through it but this is pretty good reference and that’s how you might find something through citation searching the classes

this was last year so 114 256 so from the stepford reference that was pretty strong you know they listed class 114 so let’s see what it is chips all right I think really reasonably in on the right continent here so would I you know typically do will be good this one only had one 115 114 s so both of these in a while I’m in this class I check them out 256 is floating or semi submersible storage vessel this is maybe where your eyes light up if you want a little bit more the definition on this one you can click that 256 I just did it kind of comes down to structures with your containers of such construction that they’re mainly partially in the water you use I think I like that that much or you know that then have that differs from our invention a little bit this actually looks pretty good which is you know I think illustrates some of the you know we came here looking for 256 but what I found is actually useful is 257 because this device is not intended to be on a floating on top of the wall possibly it would be more underwater so let’s so what you find here first thing you notice is that there’s 95 patents in there so clicking and checking each one of these is probably gonna be pretty tedious this is JD has taught us all a lot about using boolean search times if you find the right classes hopefully you can keep it simple but [Music]


so what we’ve done is you know drop the 95 or so patents down to 15 that our submersible containers do something with temperature careful you want to try to use you know temperatures a better search term here than thermometer because you could have temperature regulation device then we’ll stir for longer there’s all kinds of transducers that can we use to sense temperature that you can describe super vaguely and you know those big terms are almost impossible to search by so you want to try to figure out here what’s the correlated word that might be in here next one of my charts food maybe a can try something used to see their subsea fluid storage system you see a lot of these are related to oil extraction and like storage of natural gas compressed gas storage of oil it’s a distinct possibility that those would contain teachings that would anticipate this invention so that’s one thing to take away from that

so what we’re trying to do here is side if we keep this one spend five ten minutes picking through it analyzing it or throw it back in the sea you know and if you want to be stuff efficiently a lot of doing your own search is going to have to be a guess and check a Tory process so if you go if every you know patent a classic us because when has probable cause to warrant being reviewed but not quite sure I can’t tell what it looks like what would really be cool a picture because then

so like sub seeing more sensors that might be used providing it remote operations this is something I would take note of here you know suppose all the other references we had found were for things that were similar structurally like it’s a you know container that you can put on a real you know we found things that have maybe it has a propeller that moves it up and down but we haven’t had one found one yet that does it based on temperature and this is always a real important thing tips you know we found the word temperature in here that’s great but you need to make sure the context is right and that’s part of it that’s gonna be you know because if an examiner is gonna use your invention to try to make an obvious Nisour 103 rejection you has to kind of up there have to be teachings and reasons to connect the two ideas you know so that’s an important thing to try to find and it’s difficult to understand what that might be one thing it’s interesting here you know this seems this is the exact same class but it’s familiar that’s good seems like we’re kind of in right

I’m not sure if this is movable


jdd any questions you think it will be helpful or useful here I think you’re great I think if we’re going to go in and as you go through these results if you need to go back and if you would normally go back and check the invention disclosure that’d be good to go for a little bit but I think you’ve done a good job yeah because you know anything else that was like you know having trouble finding tools like a key word thing that would go to it so hopefully what that does illustrate some techniques here should actually all this you know think it’s actually you didn’t find anything I mean yeah I mean off the record that I wouldn’t put in the you know the video but you know intervention like this I don’t see a now what I would concern me with this is that things like this are used in oil and gas industries where these people are solving money problems that have substantial economic issues were like substance is a good way to put it you know oil think you spend tens of millions of dollars on systems that do this so that’s how they’re gonna spend a lot of money researching and patenting these things yeah fishermen trying to keep his beer cold you know I don’t see you know a device like this that costs a thousand dollars someone would never try that yeah right well I think yeah it’s a wonderful example you just went through who does that kind of cover the I believe that covers sufficiently the patent research could you go in and do a bit on the non patent research yeah I have a prep anything they’re just kind of wing it if you don’t take five ten minutes and just talk about on dad sure especially with


[Music] all right so it’s also important happens a lot of times with you know inventions that are you know commercial products it’s that you know it’s important to the part of a patent you know establishing novelty what the patent is going to be making sure that you’re the first person to ever think of it or anything that would you know kind of anticipate someone thinking of this idea so it’s you know I always really like to look at things doing non patent research aside it’s as well what is I like to do this this is a tough one because there’s not a real clear it’s a submersible fishing cooler pretty sure that anyone else looks at this just gonna call it something different so have to try a few different maybe something that’ll sink it you know I know you try to find something here you need some fishing coolers

we’re not getting the answer that I want I like to do with these things

[Music] this is a light caught my attention now it’s I’m looking for something underwater I’ll pull up the Google find these by images and just look for something that looks like what I’m looking for I saw couple patents for this that were you know there’s a lot of things for preserving and processing food not processing but preserving food underwater you know things had to do storing fish I saw a lot of Chinese and Japanese patents doing a search you know you’ve got some big markets are designing similar products so you know not some other exactly like it but things that you know mechanically functionally trying to take the container but underwater regulate its temperature that’s used in a lot of applications that would be my opinion you know potentially a extremely challenging field to both search and develop a degree of confidence that you know there’s not gonna be a Japanese patent for keeping frozen fish cold underwater that isn’t gonna come off somewhere you know and that’s just you know anytime you’re innovating in markets that have a lot economic you know people making you know they’re very developed markets this can be challenging here staring a fish surges like this you know you can use a lot more you can use sort of layman’s terms for things as opposed to you know trying to figure out what the patent attorney legal because it’s gonna be described I was going to use to describe those terms and there’s any caution that gives people with their giving you know event inventors relying on keyword searching is that they’re gonna find they’re going to litter thermometer and not through mister and I do this stuff every day and I’m that’s a mistake I think most other people well so that’s an important thing if there’s almost anything you can take away from this it’s that you have to do you know whatever you call this you have to depart from that immediately like sometimes I’ll get you again really this is not helpful and honestly I’ve never heard of device like this I’ve never heard of a device like this I don’t really see a person I’m super practical use for word of keeping a cool old fishing but I already searched for underwater coolers and nothing came up I

saw a lot of underwater fluid chilling devices you know for keeping like you know suppose you have a factory orange juice in your in Japan and you’re like well just store this stuff underwater instead of keeping it up you know in a tank I saw some things like that I came across one patents for underwater Center chiller dot that was kind of interesting one is an interesting application this data centers use a ton of electricity trying to keep them cold so if you can keep the water out there freezing million bucks millions of dollars computers it’s great idea this was I think this was one I came across yeah this is maybe one of those examples I was talking about looks like flu the type that’ll make some type of you know rice wine or sake or something like that you’re storing it under water you know that’s an application that I would think might be related to this particular invention you know but that’s a whole were edible prior art you can go dig down and you can probably find something kind of it comes down to how much time you can little spend on you know I were to spend five hours looking for stuff and someone else comes along spends 20 they’re gonna find significantly and that’s just kind of you know if you’re gonna go look down every rabbit bowl you’ll actually find everything you need to just kind of walking through a few of the other ones that I found

you know consumer products though I found this beautiful to know I found this beautiful image search just be pretty useful for consumer products you know on someone you know especially for like homemade arts and crafts type stuff find things on Pinterest all the time they’re the exact idea but neither work for everyone trying to patent on it so it’s well yeah this is what I was talking about about you know if I pull this stuff this is a pretty interesting idea you know it likely has some features that of the invention but it’s not the same but it’s you know potentially relevant as Prime’s are you know so the same thing with this one you know you look at see what classes we have here does even though this is you’re using water to cool something this has an inner circulatory system the invention doesn’t so you’re probably going to have a lot of patents that are related to that or classes that it’s gonna be noise this is that same class we saw again you know that’s notable this one looks like you know actually typically these 0-0 classes are pretty broad so those are pretty good to use when you get into the ones that are super duper specific like this you know if the descriptions right on sometimes you got a bull’s eye but that could be a rattle or you’re just gonna go there see a bunch of patents that are kind of related with not exactly right so you know one thing you’ll see illustrated by this process here is the you know there’s one right using both those thing are these things the word you know based on you know con what we were thinking with this invention charlie obviously the boat has nothing to do with in a claim as this invention maybe that’s suspended from I would be surprised to see the word boat in somewhere so that’s kind of an example of using search term that seemingly doesn’t have anything to do with the patent for the actual invention it may or may not help you this is not looking like a very good place to hide it right here we’ve got 27,000 results the stuff at the top is – not particularly wrong I see sometimes you sort of narrow things number of results here is a always indicative thing

you know this one stands out I don’t know Margot I’ll check it out well you know unfortunately unless you find a class that’s you know especially with an invention like this that has a lot of different features unless you find a class right on the first one we found the submersible in a submersible storage container class in that 114 to 57 you know that was for at least from the description of the class about as much of a gold mines I’d expect to find with a search but you know unfortunately we didn’t really see a whole lot in there at least off the surface with particularly promising sometimes you finally look in there and you you know a good indication that you’ve done a good search is when you pull it off you know you find a few good you find a few good references to it sort of this meandering random shotgun keyword of British strategy and then when you find when you narrow down a few of your classes you go and look in the class and you know there’s 15 that I narrowed it down to say six of them you’re like oh I recognize that number in Inventor cool I looked at that one or saved it I didn’t say that you know and that’s that ties back to that convergence element I said well we tried this whole scattershot approach just trying to get in the right stadium to try to find the right you know these underwater devices that then have the right specific features like the propeller the thermometer temperature device potentially the control system that we’re looking at you know sometimes you don’t find it all in one place you might find you know underwater you know that underwater sake storage bag let’s call it that that you know has that temperature regulation system and then I find just a you know the floating buoy you know it just keeps something colder doesn’t have any propellers are controlled this is this is where you know yeah your JD and your attorneys make their money as they the examiners can say well we got the sake storage bag this one happened somebody skilled in the armed engineer who designs these types of devices they were looking at those two patents would they put them together and you know good attorneys can make them that’s what they argue so you know doing these searches I try to find the best teachings to make arguments with you know kind of a tough concept with your invention but a lot of times those teachings don’t not exactly like your invention but they do so maybe I didn’t even pick into this one yet that first set is there that looks encouraging we haven’t seen it as a picture seems like it’s a storage container for a boat the key I saw a couple of these things that are designed to kind of be hung right off the side of the boat that directly connected with going down


this looks like it floats this looks like a floating beer cooler to make but

no you might what you might want to try to find it like other any suggestions that so one thing that’s important to another landmine if you’re an insider trying to research your own captain but you want to be very careful about is that just because let’s just assume this thing is you know close but it floats on the water but it has a temperature controller it has like a little paddle thing for pushing itself around some type of control system you have these wonderful things down here called yeah another aspect the disclosure you see things that say brief descriptions of drawings usually in the detailed descriptions down here it’s important to pay attention to different parts of the patent this is where you find your land mines and your problems is that you know you can have this is hypothetically I haven’t read this patent to tell for sure but what you could have to here is you see these things you see inflatable or 22 bull this thing looks like it just sits on top of it one but you can see another you know in such embodiments often you’ll see in alternate embodiment the device can be designed to be semi submersible if you know copy a picture of it that is probably not going to be cleaned anywhere you know in the actual patent claims you know as an inventor you know the power of a patent is only two claims for the most part just be really broadly but the enforceability of it’s generally with you know timing claims that’s what the real meat and potatoes of your time is their perspective sometimes they help you but that’s not where you find your teachings you know also those teachings amazing claims typically has to be supported by teachings and specification so that’s this is where you you can often come in here and find or not know you know in an alternate embody the storage whatever it’s called via the storage area storage vehicle reduces can be designed to be submerged underwater this is potentially a highly problematic you surprised if it said that when it’s like hey this thing has all these controls and there’s also this just kind of teaching yeah I might also want those underwater to you know in action would be an interesting blog article you know that’s dismissed from a legal standpoint how JD and his colleagues are going to argue against the relevance of that you know such a hypothetical teaching would be an interesting you know I would see that as a red flag type of teaching even though you couldn’t see anything related to it in the title potentially the classes or you know in abstract in summary you know just have this two little sentence thing down here it says you know the device can be submergible potentially that there’s some wouldn’t be a problem so no let the interesting to see again that’s hypothetical wanna see it in this patent I think it’s worth noting is that that’s something you have to keep in mind is it – that’s what your attorneys do is what always you analyze these things fully trying to say hey you know every all it takes is one teaching in one hand somewhere that would anticipate your invention will make novelty very difficult to establish so anyway that’s sort of sorry for the me I think it’s an important in Flour to get advice to an inventor home doing their own search that’s something I would definitely consider this the full extent of what is taught at it’s not in the abstract it’s an entire thing so you through it and see try to find those buttons that are gonna be related to your field and make sure they’re not teaching or suggesting things that are gonna anticipate the features you want to clean the attention

okay thank you I think that this is gonna be a wonderful recording here is there anything else you wanted to get to know that would that’s awesome we’ll bring that manager kind of go crazy on it and cut you know what they think is the most salient points maybe cutting out some of the pausing and switching and obviously the time you and I are talking but I tried not to interject and I think you did a great job

yeah you know the best advice I could given them to an inventor trying to do this and this is that all the time and this is what I would spend five six hours and just like so here this is the best I could find I don’t like any other but here’s some teachings that are like you know could potentially anticipate these features of it so you know it would have been easier to show them with something where there’s like you know one or two bull’s-eyes it’s fine in the class and it’s like go find the class see there’s five things Frank gunshots that would make for better Dimmick demo something like this but you know in terms of teaching people to explore the concepts yeah I got lucky with that’s a longer thing right that’s pretty cool yeah the thermistor perfectly yeah well again thank you oh um you know of course I’ll share the final product with you make sure you’re comfortable I’m open to you also sharing it or we can talk about how we want to market it I like I said I plan to just do a supplement to the patent search article with a sort of in depth true you know how to write down they’re showing all this detail and I’m happy to cut hypothetical thing I wasn’t making that up I see that all the time where it’s like you know the invention generally the idea and the features of the other one but they’re like color in them you can also put it there oh yeah I mean that’s like you know you know how that is how’d you get around yeah my initial thought when I actually first conceived did this I know for this example I was thinking of the exactly thing you touched on with the Japanese orange juice in minutes you’re making a product that’s at room temp or even higher the room temp and you want to be able to refrigerate it for free using mother nature right and so yeah it’s I like they like the data center one or you had on some really good subjects so I do plan to compensate you for your time on this we agree 350 yeah you know yeah it’s perfect so I’ll have it will be so we were starting really wanted to have like a plan to say okay here are some search terms Oh perfect and I think was great too is that you also alluded to the fact that look this is gonna take a lot longer than we have on the video all right to do this right you need to go pursue and chase some of these rabbit holes so it gives yourself more credibility and you know the actual search like whoa this is this is in depth I can’t do this I don’t want to do this on my own I see how this is complicated that’s what we’re trying to do right hey here’s how you can do it do you really want to spend the time do you enjoy this kind of thing no okay hire us right well thanks Kim and I gotta run I’ll let you go thank you very much have a good day thank you so much for being a part of this a dance Google patent search it’s been awesome to go to share with you the screen look at what I’m doing in terms of ways at you I recommend you get in there and supplement the way you’re able to approach this right from the very beginning to do the homework and the diligence it takes to research your tenshun and make sure what you’ve got is going to make a big difference in the world I’m JD Hoover your patent attorney here at bold Pat’s it’s an honor to share with you this content and to be with you here in this video have a great day everybody go bake go bowl


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