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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

Um well the next question I guess that we would pose is what are some of the challenges that you think face inventors and entrepreneurs so sort of two different categories you are both you know you’re an inventoring entrepreneur what are some of the major challenges you see well you know there’s there are a lot of challenges out there being an entrepreneur um you know obviously I’ve talked about building a good team I think that’s critical and any business is really going out and finding people even if you’re a solopreneur you’re still going to have to build a team and being that vendors and suppliers and you know media folks that you’re working with things like that and that’s one of the biggest challenges today because we are flooded with that via the Internet you know so really finding those um the best way that I’ve found to team up with people so far uh got blessed by just finding gold on the internet but really by getting referrals you know finding people my web guy is referral to a client of my wives and he is phenomenal um you know so the social media marketing people that I’m working with are also referrals you know the designers that I’m working with you know so these people have been referred to me by people that have already vetted them so you know building a good team is is critical whether that’s you know building a company with you know with your own staff or going out and find finding vendors that are that are very capable down to the manufacturing and manufacturing company that does builds our system here in Phoenix is somebody that works for my brother-in-law and worked for him for years so you know that’s that’s part of the importance and part of the challenges is really uh is is finding that team that will help you be successful perfect yeah I agree 100. um and do you think it’s important for you do you benefit I think you touched upon this earlier but is it important as an inventor as an entrepreneur as a businessman to learn about the patent and treatment process and did you feel like you learned a lot so far yeah it it is interesting you know um I spoke with this with JD before you know you hear a lot of things out there when people are talking about bringing products to Market that are saying you know don’t wait start making money start putting your product out there get worry about your patent later um but you know depending on the uniqueness of your product and what you want to do with your company um I think a patent and protection is really important you know I want to take home strong you know decades into the future it’s very unique and it is something that could be knocked off very easily so I wanted that personal protection of bringing my idea to fruition knowing that I wasn’t going to be knocked off within you know three to six months by a competitor so I think it’s uh I think it is important more important than a lot of people might say foreign

well we’ve sort of touched upon this but if you wanted to add to it you can have you always been inventive and creative or do you feel like the problem you were trying to solve here you know you mentioned about being at home during coven and wanting to go to the gym and you can’t go to the gym and wanting a better option for home fitness equipment was that problem so important to you that it you know all the creative juices came together and you were driven to come to the solution yeah so you know as I said with my with my father growing up we were always tinkering on things you know he was a hot rod guy on gas stations and built airplanes so I’ve always been mechanically inclined through osmosis I suppose just because of who I grew up with so I was always tickering with things yeah the expense and you make him sound maybe he is like Tom Cruise you know and Top Gun and it sounds like you know it was you know pretty inherent in to me to you know always be creative and I always was thinking of things and you know we’ve heard it a million times on on The Bold podcasts and things you know you think of things and you you dwell on it and the next thing you know you know six months later there’s an invention out there that was your idea if you could have jumped on that on the ball earlier so you know I got frustrated many times seeing things come to fruition that I had already thought of um but it you know I was really never at a point in my life where I felt I was capable of actually you know making that leap I think today with technology and everything that there is available to people I think people can get access to business and funding and things like that a lot earlier than maybe when I was a kid and you know in the 80s and early 90s um so I’d just say if you have a great idea research it and go for it I love it that’s very true and have that drive and commitment to it um so now the opportunity you would like to sort of tout and um you know find out more about your how your product is available um so are you currently making and selling the product is it available for purchase or do you license your and or do you license your patents to another part yeah so it has been a a long road to getting to where we’re at we we have launched um it’s been a rather soft slow launch up to this point um but we are manufacturing the product here in Tempe Arizona um we’re very proud of this as an American-made product um it’s very important me to me that we continue to do so you know um just like with all of my Contracting companies I feel that providing um a a good job for Americans is very important so that’s that’s why we’re doing that so we are manufacturing that here we’re selling it direct to Consumer right now uh on our website um we also have a couple of partners that are teaming up and selling them as somewhat influencer type marketers that that are getting Affiliates um they’re doing that on Facebook and Instagram right now um but we’re literally weeks into this so um these are the the stone is slowly rolling right now at this point uh and then we’re also diversifying that a little bit because we have been contacted by some physical therapists that they want the products so we’re also developed developing a business to business model to sell those wow fantastic that’s really great to see it come through from fruition and I admire you and I commend you for starting with the patent process first and following through through the manufacturing and now you have a product that you’ve produced that corresponds to what you’ve patented and are continuing to patent I believe you have a child application pending correct I’m sorry say that again I believe you have a continuation patent application that’s pending that’s yeah so you’re developing a patent portfolio yes we’re you know we we have uh this product and and there are a few future designs that I feel that will enhance the product as we go so you know we plan on continuing with the home strong brand that’s wonderful yeah and I and I can see the part behind you and I took a look at the website and I love how it looks durable but not bulky and lightweight and it doesn’t take up a bunch of room um I think that’s really very unique and something that um I I do think there will be a lot of demand for that um so I commend you on that and the fact that it is also like you said made in the USA

yeah those those are really our key selling points is you know you don’t need a room to be full of equipment to to have a great workout it literally replaces dumbbells barbells cable machines and and you know and different types of gym machines um but you can do it all you know 18 inches off the wall and and you have the full usability of your room when you’re done working out amazing that’s wonderful um well so do you have any um interesting short stories you would want to share with us about your invention or about the patent process or you’d like to share with a um viewer you know of this interview sure you know I I think that the you know one of the things that I would share is is um that it’s not easy but if you love what you’re doing and if you have a passion for what you have designed or what you’ve created um stick with it because you know this has been a two-year process for me maybe a little bit more two and a half year process for me and we’re just getting to Market you know so there’s a lot of opportunity to give up along that road because you know it might be expensive it might be challenging you know it might be hard to juggle this another job and family and everything else but if you you know you know if you really believe in your creation keep keep persevering because it will happen you know and even though we’re starting the launch right now and it’s not easy yet um I see a road map to success and so you know just be diligent you know put your business plan together sit down you know talk to your significant other about what the what you’re going through what you’re doing and make sure that they know so that you’re all on the same page so the true team and that you know that it’s hard difficult and expensive today but it’s going to be great for yourself and your family down the road

that driving commitment has to be there um would you like to the the last question is you do like to share a picture of yourself or your team for the inventor highlight well this is the team so yeah this is all of us um I you know it’s funny I was actually looking through my emails and I realized that I didn’t send you guys a photo of me with my uh with my plaque and I just uh I just took a couple of shots so I’ll send those over to you but yeah as far as a team photo I don’t really have much right

that’s it

commend you and congratulate you for achieving this my goodness like you said there were a lot of opportunities along the way to get up give up or to let it go and I’m so glad you did not and we’ll be cheering for you and I hope this will be a highlight reel that you know a can drive more interest to your company and your business and B is encouragement for other people who are starting out at the beginning where you were two years ago and are motivated to be going and to learn something good well I hope it is you know I mean bold has been a really a gift I mean I’ve worked with a lot of companies and um you know I mean right out of the gate from you know the attorneys the the Consultants um you know the members of your administrative staff that I worked with you know that’s awesome and and keep that uh I mean you really don’t see it guys you really don’t when you’re out on the on the internet trying to find people to deal with you never know really who’s on the other end of the email you might get a face-to-face and a zoom call and that’s the only person you’re you’re talking to you know and that goes back to some of the web developers I work for and other people like that um knowing that there’s a team behind it really adds legitimacy to your business and it helps you know really secure that uh you know things are going to continue um versus just go into Oblivion like they have a couple times with other companies thank you so much I wanted to know have you um since you’ve hit the market um have you have you sold any

you know we had a prototype but initially that we were giving people and and then people still wanted to buy so we probably sold about a dozen of the original prototypes um and uh yeah so we’ve been doing a b testing and a lot of Facebook and Instagram marketing um we’re working on our Google SEO and things like that right now and trying to get uh more content onto the website because we really see that you know it’s just the SEO search is just non-existent at this point so we’re just posting content pushing that SEO optimization and trying to you know catch more um search phrases and things like that so hopefully some more of that Organic Market will come back into us but yeah you know slowly but surely so if we’re if we do a follow-up interview and it’s May 2024 what do you hope to be telling me about your business I hope to be telling you that we’re selling three units a day at least three minutes okay no I heard really cool I like to hear b2c and a b to B how many of those three would go where right so yeah and that’s a great that’s a great question because I I’ve really just begun exploring this B2B um I think you know that’s a it’s an interesting Market you’re probably gonna um crack into certain customers that might have offices across the country there’s one of them here in Arizona uh that has 25 offices and they think that it’s perfect because they could almost put it in an exam room and still have the utility of an exam room but yet go into a training option if they needed to use that space for it so um I think that will ebb and flow with the with the you know typical business type contracts that you get um but yeah I would love to be selling 100 plus a year to businesses and then really you know that goal of three a day is is food direct you know direct to Consumer type marketing so awesome well we will we’ll attentively plan that uh review have some updates obviously you’re still on your way to if you’re growing your patent portfolio yo um and uh whether you nude or not who does actually helping your attorney uh I’m forgetting who it is offhand um

she’s overseeing Chris’s work and you do have a team uh I don’t know even a patent reviewer uh Maki helps to make sure all this stuff gets out properly and you probably already met Christine on the docketing side I believe so yeah um I was inspired by your comments about our team and um really uh appreciate you saying that you know it’s it’s you said it’s hard out there it’s hard well you know being with us and to keep it up and uh those words mean a lot cool well I’m happy to help you guys out and I appreciate the reciprocation and and you know giving me some highlights here too absolutely well yeah for sure it’ll give us a month or two we’re gonna we’re hiring a new web developer and we’re gonna have this up in in a couple months okay let’s take a sneak peek before it gets published um if we can we’ll have and thank you for sending the the write-up so it’ll be nice to have your words as well as the video um however people like to you know consume uh video but it’ll be on our site and then we’ll probably share it on social cool well so that’ll be great yeah like will you guys put it on uh you you have a YouTube channel right we do yeah for sure well yeah well let’s let’s do some links there and I’ll link back from my site as well I’ll do a snippet highlight on that and get you know hopefully we can drive traffic both ways yes perfect all right Take Care thank you so so much Dean have a wonderful day thank you thanks JD yeah bye-bye talk soon

thank you

About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at