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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

Hey everyone happy Monday I’m JD Houvener and welcome to the bold Today Show were you the inventor and entrepreneur you get your daily inspiration and how do you make the world a better place this Monday is Lincoln’s birthday right President Lincoln and he’s most known for his big top hat right the big black top hat you I’m sure you’re picturing right now well of course the beard hard to hurt difficut about that so Lincoln wore this accessory and I want you in today’s challenge to wear something different change your wardrobe my three off but wear something so that’s gonna make a difference if it’s a pin a bowtie maybe plot an old pair of shoes you have more in a long time even if no one else notices you might make you feel different all right today’s Patton lesson for the day is that indeed clothing can be patented and so what you can see is Mr Al darude of Nike in the image right here put together this new design design eight zero eight six one for a new pair of shorts he’s come up with this neat design that talks about this articulating conical shape on a pair of shorts and yes it’s assigned to Nike but the inventor did it and it’s assigned to the company how exciting right maybe you can do it too also with design pads something to know is that all the searching that I talked about in a lot of these daily programs is all about utility patent applications there really isn’t that much to do in the way of searching for design patents it’s such an arduous process and usually I don’t recommend it for inventors just file the design bag if you think you can with something new get it filed it’s just not economical to go through the process of trying to look through image after image to see if yours is exactly different or subtly different one way you can do this and with your wardrobe is I want you to post right here take an image of yourself right how did you change your wardrobe have someone else take a picture of you and by the end of the day maybe write down what people’s comments were about your new wardrobe how it might have made you think differently I hope you enjoyed this this today’s session I’m JD Houvener of bold patents and this is the bold today’s show have go big go

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so again thanks for listening and being a part of the bowl today’s show I’m your host JD Houvener be bold today at bold IP calm


About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at