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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

Whoo, happy Wednesday, guys! If you didn’t have a good time at Mardi Gras, well, I just know that I did. My name is J.D. Houvener, and welcome to the Bold Today Show. Who are you? The entrepreneur and business owner. Get your daily inspiration on how you can make the world a better place. And yes, I had fun last night, and I hope you did too. Today is unbelievably Valentine’s Day, right? As you all know, you may have been scrambling last night to make magic happen. Today, Mardi Gras last night, Valentine’s today. Your challenge for today, yes, it’s going to be going above and beyond what you normally do. You probably already got that special someone that you’ve got in mind, you’re going to make a special occasion for. I’m asking you to do something different. Take five minutes and write a note to someone that you’ve been having some rub with, right? Someone that you’re not really getting along with right now, and you really wish you did. Write a handwritten note instead of a text today. It’ll make a big difference.

So, in the mood of Valentine’s, today’s patent or invention subject is, as you’ll see from this image, it’s the love tester, okay? From the early ’40s and ’50s, this is a design patent, okay, for the design for what this machine did. Whether it did or not actually detect whether you’re in love, you all might have seen these sort of hokey things that are fun at arcades or dining halls. It is definitely something that was patented, and for 17 years, the inventor had rights over this exact design for the love tester.

Moving along to the law, under 37 CFR Section 171, the design patent law was written, and it requires that an inventor provide an ornamental design that’s novel and has ornamental characteristics of both the design and of the architecture that are substantive enough to warrant patentability. So, that’s the chapter that gives you the privilege to issue a design patent. So, with this fun you’ve had today or the past couple of days and today on Valentine’s Day, I want you to share this with one of your loved ones that you think could use an extra boost in their innovation, a little lift in their spirit. This Bold Today Show strives to do just that. So, hope you all have a wonderful day, a great Valentine’s. Go big!

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So again, thanks for listening and being a part of the Bold Today Show. I’m your host, J.D. Houvener. Be bold today at

About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at