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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

so the first question if I can ask you five questions initially the first one is what is your name my name is Phil Martino perfect and how did you find gold I found bold through a my former attorney uh

yes through my former attorney and he recommended bold and I contacted JD Huebner and had a great conversation with him and uh and then we were off and running I see that’s great very good and so after you got the referral um you know you you worked through this process you obtained a non-provisional Time application that was granted and issued in 2016 I believe um can you sort of highlight upon what do you like best about bold and why and what made you pick bold over this uh well I can’t say enough about uh bull they they uh JD Megan uh Matt uh we’re we’re so hands on with me going through this whole process uh they were so uh efficient they were so knowledgeable they were so caring uh throughout it was really a lot of hand-holding um as I as we went through it and uh and and it was fun uh you know mob talk you have to be kind of a fun part it’s a zip Jewel medal and they’re easily attachable they’re

and so uh but we had fun with it and uh and they were very very thorough uh to and and with it we were able to get the package it was uh I don’t know if it was surprised I was a little I was surprised that no one had had the idea before but um I was very thankful that that bull knew how to get it done and they got it done very efficiently uh

that’s fantastic and and I see you have behind you visual you have sort of a display shelf right yes we have our display there for they’re for people they’re for teams uh right now they’re you know name image likeness is a very big deal so now younger players in college and even in high school can have their name and image on them all right and then they can get some revenue and and help their families at an early age as well as uh as build their brand so it’s awesome and and we’ve now uh moved ahead we now put quick response codes on them uh and we’ve created a we’ve now created portals so one ZIP rule can take you to a portal your most important information instantly we started off with a Keepsake it was going to be a fun Keepsake for your team or your player um I’m actually wearing one and new one it’s a so their necklaces now as well and let me take this off if I can I’m not very good with necklaces

so here’s the here’s the necklace and this happens to be a very famous here let me do this this happens to be a very famous play for the San Francisco 49ers okay and it changed the whole history of this of the San Francisco 49er franchise it’s by Dwight Clark Simply Now now this so this was going to be really fun for 49er fans they could have a great Clark zip tool you know as a Keepsake

now when you turn it over I didn’t know that chocolate if you scan that with QR code in that PR code it goes to the video of that play wow very nice so somebody wants to share it with somebody else

argue with them to say that if it’s a Dallas Cowboys game they hate this too and they would pay and the Dallas Cowboy fans would say oh he was throwing that away that wasn’t really even a play well when you watch this video it shows Bill Walsh off the Blackboard going through this play and he says the Cowboys are going to be tired they’re going to be disoriented and we’re going to keep their butt we’re gonna kick their ass or something like that so any sports fan they’ll now be able to have their hair they’ll be able to carry around and share their videos with with others how fun how fun yes yes and in fact and in fact we have created zip tool portals and we’re putting and you can put them on the on when we’re starting with our cards too we now have cards so you can put if you scan that you have all the information in the centerfold high school at your fingertips you have their bell schedule you have all of the information that’s important to their students uh and it’s and they can have it on you know they’re they’re basically in their wallet and we can do it do the exact same thing exact same thing on zip tool so you can wear them carrying them around they can be tickets they can access uh Billboards they can do anything they’re customizable so you can um you can wear them carry them around show them and show them off and uh and then show portals of information I love how you expanded upon your original concept and you keep improving there’s so much potential there I think that you could you could um many applications um so I I am really really you know happy to see that and um and I can see where you know you definitely love what you’re doing and you have a lot of passion for it well we’re also talking with people like Usher that has all their music and that QR code up there so wow I’m not sure we’re talking to them if you buy an usher card wow and

this is really great this is a 415 into the San Francisco 49ers yeah

this this page was hand 20 of these Pages were handed to the manager of this club yesterday uh or Sunday with the Giants games and she was very excited about getting the opportunity if you click on that you can go you can see walk up music you can buy tickets you can buy anything you want and so you could be you can be a fan have a card and do that uh and progress into a quick and then then progress into a zip tool because you want to wear it as your as your symbol of your team and you put it on your backpack a number of things this particular organization is called roots of peace they have they have supplanted they removed over a 100 million landmines in Afghanistan and Iraq

Vineyards in their place so with a Zipcar where they connect cards from drip fuel now how do you tune can give her cards out to everybody everywhere in the world that she goes and she’ll be able to communicate with them on a regular basis simply by them having that party and using their Quick Response Code so she could give a daily message uh or see if they give an emergency message or any of those things directly to people who have her part that’s amazing so many application so um initially the concept was to start out with something you would hang on my jacket or a backpack or something of the sort but now it’s really developed into so many other things now it’s become a utility yeah yeah it’s moved on from being a wonderful Keepsake and something you would wear with pride to show your your colors be something that’s that can that can help an emergency uh really uh right

About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at