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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder


hey sharks I’m Trey Brown and I’m Don Brown we’re two brothers from Los Angeles seeking a 200 000 investment for five percent of our company imagine a peaceful day on the road wind blowing sun shining you’re bumping your favorite track cruising down the back streets just catching a Vibe but then that smell hits you a nearby landfill spilled coffee even forgotten french fries can turn your car from an oasis into a horrible stinky nightmare for years the problem of a stinky ride has been solved by a series of ugly and unstylish air fresheners so we created ride fresh the world’s finest air freshener brand I know you guys are probably wondering why paper air fresheners when you do a little sniffing around you’ll figure out that it’s an untapped market and ride fresh we offer a subscription-based car air freshener brand with unique scents and Designs that’ll be sure to blow you and your customers mods we have amazing scents like wood grain wow eucalyptus I love this one bro nice and even your favorite basketball teams this one smells like winning sorry Mark

are you okay you’re kind of still over there oh you know what most marketing move ever I’m out

what that’s it seriously seriously you got to read the room wrong move wrong time what are you upset about yeah why what do you think the one air pressure from the NBA is the team that beats Us in the NBA Conference Finals got to know that cut it out no it could be but I’m not wow

which they’re going to order from you how many dollars of merchandise 2.1 million dollars in 2023. so it’s like Pep Boys that kind of thing yeah it’s AutoZone right what did you sell last year last year we sold 540 40 000 and out of that 540 was any retail it was at all subscriptions why does somebody buy a subscription model right for an air freshener for their car right yeah so it’s a convenience factor right think ride share drivers taxi drivers these types of individuals if I started with you how long before I cancel about four months and how much is the subscription uh they range so the base one is you get two a month and we have them in pairs and that’s 8.25 with shipping um and then the highest one yeah and the highest one is 10.99 uh so 38 cents is our cost landed out of the 540 000 you did last year were you profitable yes yes what did you make uh 40 000 in profit wow 40 000 yeah funny enough I’ve done some litigation against uh one of those air freshener companies that we saw um not to be mentioned no not not this not this particular one but anyways um yeah uh I would say interesting but it’s not it’s an air freshener uh I don’t get what sets them apart from others besides the kind of bad name I just I guess I don’t get it I don’t get it personally okay but why I mean just often why you know fresh are they going to be without the letter e I wanted to take that person I think that from a branding standpoint I just think it’s it’s just you know you’re basically saying fresh but you’re spelling it people are gonna be confused when they try to search for it uh you’re letting other people basically use the word fresh in that space when you could have it on lockdown if you had a more unique brand um I’m trying to get into their application they had an application through USB since 2020. um might have actually been even before that I made it in 2018 and I was thinking about it but essentially they were not allowed to register the trademark so you know um we’ll see if they ultimately get it but at this point it doesn’t look like it okay they did tell me their major differentiator was kind of the way that they’re selling to this subscription model that was the only way they’ve gone to Market was very interesting but they were saying Uber drivers you know those that drive all the time it’s just easy for them to pop them in and out um and they have different interesting smells but no distinctive characteristic I was searching for something patentable of course um from the design perspective if they had it shaped in a very unique shape okay that’s a potential for a design pattern but the things are square um if they had at the molecular level okay a truly unique smell you could actually get a patent on this on the actual substance right but those are usually kept as trade secret think about perfumes and colognes okay that’s those are super you know hard to you can’t actually reverse engineer many of those to find out what chemical or what fragrance is involved so uh Rodrigo I want to get your opinion on something you know relatively simple right and trying innovate and go to market with that so on on this guy’s product that we just looked at yeah man I mean I think it’s look in in terms of okay low cost to manufacture right so that’s a positive I think 31 cents right is that would that be about where you put it I don’t know it’s it’s it depends on volumes you know I’m saying it depends if you’re buying a thousand or if you’re buying 100 000 pieces but in terms of like getting to to get to to get to an actual sellable product that a benefit of that is that there’s there’s some stamps and tooling that has to be made but there’s not so much so the means that the the money out of the investment actually goes more towards product and marketing and honestly the marketing is what makes this product the subscription plan is a good idea in my opinion um you know I mean you know they’re playing with it’s a licensing play man they’re trying to get company team logos but you have to have good connections to get those deals and a lot of them cost money right you have to pay a fee to be able to use their brand on your product yeah right A lot of times they’ll also take a percentage of anything that’s sold or whatever I’m not the the too keen on that stuff but oh and their margins were raised within them you heard them I mean half million dollar sale 40 Grand profit and that’s pretty thin and so if some of the licensing now gets me on top of that they might be close to zero profitability um yeah yeah I mean was that year one I don’t know if that was year one or you’re I don’t know where that where they’re at that was the most recent year they were saying yeah they sold 1.2 million over the past three years um with three years yeah was just over half a million so um I mean who knows how much of that money is actually what they’re paying themselves to run the business as well you know what I’m saying like yep so I mean there’s 50k 100K each one of them right there that’s like half of that potentially you know absolutely

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J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at