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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

So at this point if you’d like to it’d be fun to hear for your feedback and input on how it was working with Chris and and with the ball team in general you know like I said GD I’m just kind of an average guy and I I sort of just put in my own words what I was trying to accomplish here and I kind of the fun thing about it is Chris got the idea right away and he believed then he put my thoughts and the actual invention down an official language that made me look really good did a good job


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About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at