Kady Meite, Founder of Veil Street

Meet Kady Meite
Owner and Founder of Veil Street

Meet Kady Meite, she’s the owner and founder of Veil Street apparel brand. She is the inventor of multiple design patents (See below), and is an entrepreneur no doubt. Hear her story and where she’s come from in a personal interview she had with our founder, J.D. Houvener.

Design Patent: Hoodie

Design Patent: Hoodie with Face Covering

Kady's Business Story
Kady has secured two design patents for her innovative clothing/apparel business. She’s an entrepreneur at heart, and has been involved in businesses since her early days selling beauty products at University dorm rooms. She’s now seeking investment from investors and clothing businesses from all levels. She’s gained a lot of attention through Social media, especially her TikTok channel. Listen to her story and how she’s come so far to achieve security in her products and brand.