Scott Comey
Snohomish, WA. Inventor of Key Organization Apparatus & Method of Use

Sheldon Allen
Renton, WA. Inventor of the System & Method for Impeding the Displacement of Clothing

Phil Martino
San Rafael, CA. Inventor of Zipjewel Removable Zipper Charm with Marketing Recepticle


“Mr. Risenmay along with the Bold Patents team from day one maintained a feeling of support. BP definitely still provides “back in the day” customer service with a modern convenience. I never felt like I was just in a business deal. Even the fact that we are in different states had no effect on the patent process for me. The “what’s next” was always delivered in a manner that I could understand. Hearing from Maegan to see how I am doing had the biggest impact on how I will forever perceive BP.”

Jessica Ramirez

“I loved the open communication and how easy this whole process was. I was a little nervous to start this journey but Houda was really open both for phone / video calls but also to just listen as I explained my thought process. She really knows her stuff!”

A. Culp, Henderson, NV

“Professionalism. Listened to us and what we needed. Almost always returned our emails immediately. Very attentive.”

Robert M., Brighton, CO

“I felt that Chris really took the time to understand the function of my new product and could envision it being utilized in a way that takes advantage of it’s unique characteristics.”

John K., Annapolis, MD

“He is friendly, professional, and easy to work with him. Firstly, he clearly understood my patent in detail, then prepared the claims and remarks. Based on my feedback, he was willing to make changes to prepare a strong response document. Although I have provided my analysis on rejections by comparing the reference patent.”

Ramakrishnan R., Katy, TX

“Tom was very patient and resourceful. He was able to explain every step of the process in depth in a very simple format. He was very helpful in answering all my questions and pointing out details I wouldnt have thought of by myself. Very diligent resourcefulness and patient.”

Alley H., Kaneohe, HI

“Professional and great communication. Made me feel confident making the choice in choosing Bold.”

Jesse C., San Lorenzo, CA

“Bold Patents are very clear at the beginning to discuss the work with them. There is no hidden cost from them and they follow up each step with you.”

Henry V., Alta Loma, CA

“Houda’s work has been thorough, well thought-out, and accurate in its interpretation. She approached the first meeting with an interest and curiosity that continued throughout the provisional patent process.”

Luke V., Denver, CO

“I can’t imagine the process being any easier.”

Thad H., Atlanta, GA
“Awesome and friendly people. Great communication and teamwork.”
Bo A.

“I liked the quick response from her & Binita is very professional at what she does. Great help & friendly.”

Billy L., Union City, CA

“Bold Patents – a team of professionals! I strongly recomand them for the patience, goodness and precision on helping me to the process of making my idea come true! I could not have made a better choice! Thank you Bold Patents for all your support!”

Poliana H., Lake Charles, LA

“Binita was very detailed and she always answered all of my questions. I felt very comfortable speaking to her and addressing my concerns with her. Although the results were not in our favor, we do have a lot of information which could help us to tweak it.”

Itxel V., Canyon Country, CA

“The quality of work is top notch. There was absolutely nothing I would recommend that could add anymore value to the team.”

Zachary G., Wilmington, DE

“Your company is doing an amazing job. When questions were asked, responses were given in a fast timely matter. I like how this company is ran.”

Nathan L., Vernal, UT

“Bold Patents gets the job done!!! They never left me out of the loop and they were there to answer any and every question I had. My patent attorney Houda is phenomenal. She took the extra step to get connected with my management advisory team and our progress skyrocketed. I’d refer any entrepreneur wanting to protect their intellectual property to Bold Patents. The work timeline was on point and they exceeded expectations. It was truly a pleasure to work with the Bold Patents team.”

Samuel B., Denver, CO

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