Mark Dehri

Sales Development

Mark has been in the customer service industry for more than 5 years now. His customer service experience plays a crucial role in his ability to assist inventors effectively. Over the years, Mark has honed his customer service skills by working in various roles that emphasize problem-solving, effective communication, and empathy. Whether it was in retail, hospitality, or a call center environment, Mark consistently demonstrated a commitment to providing exceptional service to customers. He has a natural ability to listen attentively, understand the unique needs and challenges of individuals, and offer tailored solutions.

Mark has always been fascinated by the power of ideas and their ability to shape the world. From a young age, he found himself drawn to the stories of inventors and their groundbreaking inventions, recognizing the immense impact they can have on society. Mark joined this firm so he can pursue a career that allows him to actively contribute to the inventors’ journey.

On weekends, Mark enjoys reading comic books and binge-watch movies and series with his family. He also loves to travel and take photographs.