Before, During, and After the USPTO begins examination of a patent application, it may become prudent to file one or more petitions to the director seeking a decision on the present application for some issue that is outside the normal process. Petitions almost always come with forms to fill out and fees in order to offset the administration costs of handling the out of process requests and the director (and their deputies).

Types of Petitions

Prior to Examination

During Examination

After Close of Prosecution

Allowance/ After Payment of Issue Fee

Post Issuance

Bold Patents’ Approach

Our Patent Attorneys will take a long-term view of any petitionable matter to make sure that it is not just a one-off petition, but that it is being made as part of a strategy to get a successful outcome. Our attorneys are experienced in petitions and will help you assess the likelihood of success of the petition both based on the USPTO as a whole, and personally and within our firm.