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El Segundo’s patent law firm also serves the surrounding area’s IP needs. This includes Inglewood, Santa Monica, Hawthorne, Torrance, Compton, Lynwood, Redondo Beach, and more.

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Here in El Segundo, “where big ideas take off”, innovation is thriving!

Not only is the city currently home to multiple startups such as Millennial Space Systems and Tech Style, it is also the home of the Boys & Girls Club STEM Center of Innovation, which is now located at the LA Air Force Base. Indeed, here at El Segundo Bold Patents IP patent firm, we are honored to be working in one of California’s most progressive cities. As such, we take the time to get to know our clients better as we help them understand what can and cannot be patented.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to take part in the Aerospace capital of the world and make a difference with an El Segundo patent attorney?

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World Class Patent Attorneys Serving El Segundo, CA

Otherwise referred to as “the Aerospace capital of the world,” El Segundo is more than just a city of rockets, nuts, and bolts.

From startups such as Millennial Space Systems to the newly built Boys & Girls Club STEM Center of Innovation, which is located at the LA Air Force Base, the sight, smell, and feel of innovation is definitely in the air and on the ground. That is why here at El Segundo Bold Patents IP patent firm, we are more than happy to get to know our clients as we help them figure out what can and cannot be patented, among other things related to the patent process.

No matter what background you’re from, let a local El Segundo patent attorney help you make your business dreams come true.

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– Katherine Burks

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Our clients are investors, entrepreneurs, and scientists that are pushing the limits, doing what hasn’t been done before, and taking risks in the spirit of progress and positive change.

We now serve clients nationwide to enable visionaries with top-quality patents, to dominate the competition in the market!

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Patent and Trademark Services in El Segundo

Bold Patents is a network for patent and trademark attorneys available in El Segundo, California. As a virtual law firm, we can help clients with patent and trademark services throughout the U.S.

El Segundo is home to several large corporations, like Mattel, SpaceX, Walt Disney Company, Northrup Grumman, and Amgen. El Segundo is also near Los Angeles and all the businesses, large and small, in the LA metropolitan area. These businesses generate billions of dollars of intellectual property (IP) and support thousands of innovative vendors and contractors.

Equally important, Southern California is home to several top tier educational institutions. The research conducted at these colleges and universities forms the seeds of thousands of new businesses every year. Whether these businesses are spun off or just inspired by the discoveries and inventions developed at these research facilities, they can form the basis of entire new industries.

An El Segundo patent attorney or El Segundo trademark attorney can help protect the inventions and brands powering these universities, established businesses, and start-ups.

What Makes Bold Patents Different

IP can be confusing for inventors – even experienced ones. Our firm works one-on-one with inventors to understand their goals and educate them about how IP can help those inventors reach them. The goal of Bold Patents is to help our clients leverage innovation to bring their services and products to the world.

We provide comprehensive IP services to our clients, including patent and trademark assistance. With our help, our clients are positioned to obtain and protect their IP rights in their technologies.

Bold Patents prides itself on taking a broad view. Our firm sees patents and trademarks as business assets that fit into a client’s business. We work closely with clients’ business management teams to ensure we understand their goals for their technology so we can help them use IP to improve and expand their businesses.

With a detailed understanding of our clients’ innovations, we develop a long-term working relationship with them. From an analysis of the patentability and market readiness of the invention to securing the strongest possible trademark and patent protection, Bold Patents is a trusted IP advisor to our clients.

El Segundo Patent Lawyer Services

An El Segundo patent lawyer from Bold Patents provides patent services in three areas:

Patentability: Patentability is determined by the novelty and non-obviousness of the invention. Assessing patentability requires a patent search so an El Segundo patent law firm can conduct a patentability analysis to compare the invention to the prior art uncovered. The invention is novel if no prior art reference discloses every feature of the invention. The invention is non-obvious if no combination or variation of prior art references discloses every feature of the invention.

Patent drafting and prosecution: A patent application drafted by an El Segundo US patent lawyer in view of a patentability analysis focuses on the patentable features of the invention. This will help the patent lawyer guide the patent application through the patent office to issuance as a patent.

Patent infringement: Infringement of a patent occurs when a competitor uses, manufactures, or sells the invention without permission from the patent owner. The merits of a patent infringement case can be evaluated by an El Segundo patent attorney prior to filing a patent infringement lawsuit.

Los Angeles Patent Lawyer Services

Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the US. Entrepreneurs create new businesses and products every day in Los Angeles and the LA metropolitan area including Long Beach, Orange County, Pasadena, and Burbank. Some examples of situations where a client might need a Los Angeles patent attorney include:

New businesses: Patents can create boundaries around a business’s products. Competitors must steer clear of these boundaries or face a patent infringement lawsuit. A Los Angeles US patent lawyer can help a new business plan its IP strategy to stake an exclusive claim to its technology.

New products: When a business develops a new product, a Los Angeles US patent attorney can analyze the product to determine if it is patentable. Equally as important, an infringement analysis can assess the risk of infringing another business’s patent before investing in the manufacture and sale of the product.

University research: With major universities throughout Southern California, professors and students develop new technology every day. A patent attorney in Los Angeles can guide universities, professors, and students through the process of monetizing these inventions.

The Patent Process

Bold Patents is an El Segundo patent law firm that provides comprehensive services throughout the patent process including assistance with:

Before filing the patent: To ensure pursuit of a patent makes business sense, an El Segundo US patent attorney can help a business evaluate the patentability and potential scope of any patent that is issued on its invention. Additionally, a patent attorney can assess the invention’s readiness for patenting before a business invests in filing a patent application.

Filing the patent: After working closely with inventors to draft a patent application tailored to the invention’s patentable features, the patent application is filed with the patent office. A patent examiner conducts a patent search and evaluates whether the invention is patentable. In most cases, the patent office rejects or objects to the patent application in an office action. In response, a patent lawyer works with the inventors to prepare amendments and arguments. If a final office action is received, a patent attorney can work with a client to appeal the rejection, file a continuing application, or request further examination to continue the pursuit of the patent.

After patent issuance: After receiving a patent, a patent owner may need to license or enforce the patent. A common path to monetizing a patent will include licensing the rights to manufacture and sell the patented invention. Working with an El Segundo US patent attorney, a patent owner can build a program to license its patents, negotiate license terms, and draft licensing agreements. When a competitor makes, uses, or sells the patented invention without permission from the patent owner, a patent attorney from Bold Patents can investigate the infringement and analyze the accused product or process to evaluate the merits of a lawsuit.

El Segundo Trademark Lawyer Services

Trademarks are identifiers that distinguish a business’s products and services from those of a competitor. An El Segundo trademark lawyer from Bold Patents helps clients obtain and protect the distinctive names, designs, slogans, product design, and packaging that characterize a business’s branding.

Bold Patents, an El Segundo trademark law firm, provides comprehensive trademark services including:

Protectability: An El Segundo US trademark attorney can help a business assess the protectability of its marks. More importantly, an El Segundo US trademark lawyer can help a business build a stronger trademark portfolio by strategically selecting and using its marks to enlarge its trademark rights.

Acquisition: Common law rights in a trademark accrue through exclusive use. However, registering a trademark with the U.S. government or a state government can expand the scope of the rights acquired. An El Segundo trademark attorney can assess clients’ need for trademark registrations and assist clients by registering the marks that distinguish their brands. Businesses that provide goods or services in foreign countries can hire an El Segundo US trademark attorney to coordinate foreign trademark applications.

Infringement: Infringement of trademarks and service marks happens when competitors use marks that are likely to cause consumer confusion. An El Segundo trademark law firm can analyze a potential infringement for both accused infringers and trademark owners by assessing the strength of the trademark infringement claim.

Los Angeles Trademark Lawyer Services

Many businesses rely heavily on trademarks and service marks to protect their businesses from knockoffs and copyists. Some examples of businesses in Southern California that can benefit from a Los Angeles trademark attorney include:

Media: The world’s television and film industry is centered in Los Angeles, Burbank, and Hollywood. Along with copyrights, trademarks provide powerful protection for titles, stage names of personalities, character names, and performing groups.

Restaurants and bars: Some of the most iconic restaurants and bars are found in Southern California. The name, architecture, décor, taglines, and logos of these restaurants and bars are protectable as trademarks, trade dress, and service marks.

Entertainment: Entertainment venues, like amusement parks, casinos, entertainment centers, and theaters, use Los Angeles US trademark lawyers to protect venue and attraction names, slogans, logos, and other distinctive aspects of the venue.

Consumer products: Located near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, many consumer product companies use a Los Angeles US trademark attorney to register their trademarks and enforce them against counterfeiters who import infringing goods through Southern California ports.

Selecting an El Segundo US Patent Lawyer and El Segundo US Trademark Lawyer

El Segundo is in the heart of thriving Southern California. However, Bold Patents is different from other firms you might find in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Bold Patents has a dedicated inventor team to focus squarely on clients. We maintain constant communication throughout the IP process to guide and counsel our clients.

Our firm’s goal is to help clients think strategically about IP. With our assistance, our clients can reach their goal of turning their innovations into real products and services.

Contact us to schedule a screening session to discuss your business’s IP. Please keep in mind that this webpage does not constitute legal advice or guidance. Reading this website does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you and Bold Patents. Every situation is different, and you should not act or fail to act based on anything you read on this website.

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