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Washington DC, District of Columbia Patent Attorneys / Lawyers

We enable visionaries across Washington DC with top-quality patents, to dominate the competition in the market!

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The Big House, the Presidential Palace, the Executive’s Mansion. There are plenty of names for the Capitol but only one name for progress, and that’s patents!

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Washington DC Community!
Identify, Protect, and Enforce Your Patent Rights!

Washington DC is most notable for its being the seat of government for the United States of America, but underneath that shiny, political veneer is a world of patents just bursting at the seams. That’s why we’re proud to call Washington DC our home!

From agriculture to artificial intelligence, intellectual property is everywhere. We at Bold Patents understand the importance of patent law in every industry. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to meet with entrepreneurs from all walks of life, not just the obvious tech startups.

Living in DC, we’re all familiar with the constantly changing nature of laws. The patent system is no different. Trying to navigate it alone can leave you trapped in a web of red tape and bogged down by bureaucracy. Fortunately for you, our day to day routine involves spending hours cutting through that legalese to get you the service that you deserve!

As every entrepreneur knows, to hesitate is to miss out. So, what are you waiting for? Come on down to Bold Patents to talk about your patent needs today!

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World Class Patent Attorneys Serving Washington DC, District of Columbia

Here in DC, we know the role that law plays in forming a vibrant community.

DC has long been seen as the focal point of American politics, but there’s much more to it than that. For more than 100 years, DC has also been a hotbed of patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property claims and it’s finally starting to get a name for it.

Whether you’re a first-timer learning the ropes of patent law or a seasoned expert with dozens of patents to your name, you’re going to want some guidance from the professionals in order to stay ahead of the curve. That’s where we come in!

By teaming up with Bold Patents, you can rest assured that your patent will go from an idea to untold profit in no time at all!

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“This is my first experience with the patent process, and so far it has been quite pleasant. The attorney assigned to me has been very informative, adhered to the scheduled meeting times, and has kept extremely good communication. All of my questions, whether during or between meetings, have been answered promptly. This has been well worth the investment as I can spend my time with my product while this work runs in parallel.”
-Mike Kemp

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