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San Jose, CA Patent Attorneys / Lawyers

We enable visionaries across San Jose with top-quality patents, to dominate the competition in the market!

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San Jose’s patent law firm also serves the surrounding area’s IP needs. This includes San Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View, Campbell, Coyote, Fremont, and more.

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San Jose Community!
Identify, Protect, and Enforce Your Patent Rights!

Here in the cultural and political center of Silicon Valley, innovation is on the rise!

From big companies such as ebay and Cisco to small startups such as Eargo and Securly, there’s no doubt that many entrepreneurs refer to San Jose, CA as “home.” Here at San Jose Bold Patents IP patent firm, we are simply proud to refer to this city as “home” as well.

Regardless as to what your level of expertise may be, there’s no doubt that the patent process can be very confusing to navigate sometimes. That’s why here at Bold Patents IP, as we help our clients understand how patents work, we also take the time to get to know more about their business in general. This way, they would have a greater chance of competing in today’s market.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get started with a local San Jose Bold Patents patent attorney?

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World Class Patent Attorneys Serving San Jose, CA

Home of companies such as ebay, Cisco,and Paypal, San Jose, CA is definitely the place to get your invention patented here in Silicon Valley.

Whether you’re a new business trying to figure out how patents work or an old(er) one trying to get ahead of the game, here at San Jose Bold Patents patent firm, we take the time to get to know our clients as we help them figure out whether or not their invention can be patented(and if so, how). No matter your background, we would be more than happy to help out in anyway we can.

So please, if you’re a local San Jose business looking for a local San Jose patent attorney, look no further than to a San Jose Bold Patents patent attorney for help!

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What Others Have Said About Bold Patents’ Law Firm!

“JD and the rest of the team at Bold Patents listened, understood and then created an excellent patent document that protects my Baby. Without them, I wouldn’t know what to do about protecting my invention. Thank you Bold Patents for all of your help!”
-Steve Randall

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Who is Bold Patents Law Firm?

Our clients are investors, entrepreneurs, and scientists that are pushing the limits, doing what hasn’t been done before, and taking risks in the spirit of progress and positive change.

We now serve clients nationwide to enable visionaries with top-quality patents, to dominate the competition in the market!