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San Francisco’s patent law firm also serves the surrounding area’s IP needs. This includes Outer Mission, Daly City, South San Francisco, North beach and more.

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Bold Patents is an industry-leading patent law firm dedicated to empowering San Francisco’s vibrant community of inventors and businesses. We are fully attuned to the unique innovation landscape of the city, which ranges from biotech breakthroughs to pioneering software technologies. Whether you’re in Silicon Valley’s thriving tech scene, the burgeoning biotechnology sector, or any other innovative industry, Bold Patents offers comprehensive patent services tailored to your specific needs.

Our team comprises highly skilled patent attorneys with deep-seated knowledge and expertise across various sectors prominent in San Francisco. They possess the legal acumen and technical know-how to handle patent issues related to software, biotechnology, clean energy, and more. With a suite of services encompassing patent drafting and prosecution, portfolio management, licensing and transactions, and infringement services, Bold Patents stands ready to secure your intellectual property rights in the city that is the heart of innovation. Our commitment to each client and our understanding of San Francisco’s diverse industries make us more than a service provider; we are a trusted partner in your innovation journey.

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Patent Search and Analysis Services

In San Francisco, Bold Patents offers exhaustive patent search and analysis services, a crucial first step in the patenting process. Leveraging a team of experienced attorneys and industry-specific experts, we conduct comprehensive prior art searches and provide insightful patentability analyses. Our nuanced understanding of the diverse San Francisco industries, such as biotech and software technology, enables us to assess the novelty and non-obviousness of your invention effectively. Through these meticulous services, we strive to mitigate risks of future infringement and set a robust foundation for a successful patent application.

Patent Drafting and Prosecution

Bold Patents provides specialized patent drafting and prosecution services in San Francisco, ensuring your intellectual property rights are solidly represented. Our team, comprised of skilled attorneys with deep sector-specific expertise, excels at preparing comprehensive and technically sound patent applications. We meticulously manage the prosecution process, effectively communicating with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to address any objections and amendments. With a keen understanding of the dynamic industries prevalent in San Francisco, such as biotech and software, we craft robust patent applications that optimally protect your innovations. 

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Navigating the complex landscape of patent drafting and prosecution requires a clear understanding of various application types and processes. Our specialized services include:

  • Design Patent Applications: Bold Patents specializes in meticulously crafting design patent applications that capture and protect the unique ornamental aspects of your product. Our experienced team ensures that the illustrations and descriptions meet all legal standards. We guide you through the entire prosecution process, ensuring your design is adequately differentiated from prior art.
  • Utility Patent Applications: We are adept at drafting comprehensive utility patent applications that encapsulate the functional and innovative facets of your invention. Our attorneys are skilled at formulating claims that provide broad yet enforceable protection. Throughout prosecution, we focus on positioning your invention distinctly from prior art, ensuring its functional novelty is clearly recognized.
  • Provisional Patent Applications: Our services for provisional patent applications include thorough documentation of your invention to establish a robust early filing date. While these applications set the foundation, our team ensures the groundwork is laid for a smooth transition to a non-provisional application, navigating you through the initial stages of the patenting journey.
  • Non-Provisional Patent Applications: Bold Patents excels in drafting detailed non-provisional patent applications, initiating the formal examination process for your invention. With a well-structured claim set and comprehensive descriptions, we optimize the chances of securing patent rights for our clients. Our attorneys guide clients through the intricate prosecution process, from initial filing to eventual grant.
  • International Patent Applications: For inventors seeking global protection, our firm offers expert guidance on international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). We ensure your application meets diverse international standards and assist throughout the preliminary examination phase. Once in the national phase, we coordinate with foreign associates to ensure a seamless patenting experience in desired countries.
  • Office Action Responses: Receiving an office action can be daunting, but our team is well-equipped to respond with precision and strategy. We meticulously address each concern raised by the patent examiner, amending claims when necessary and crafting compelling arguments to advance your application. Trust our expertise to navigate these challenges and move closer to securing your patent rights.

Patent Portfolio Management

At Bold Patents, we understand the vital role that an effectively managed patent portfolio plays in a company’s overall business strategy, particularly in the innovation-centric landscape of San Francisco. Our expert team provides comprehensive patent portfolio management services, assisting clients in aligning their intellectual property assets with their business goals. By continuously monitoring patent maintenance deadlines, analyzing portfolio strength, and identifying opportunities for expansion, we help our clients maximize the value of their intellectual property. Our nuanced understanding of San Francisco’s diverse industries, from biotech to tech startups, equips us to provide tailored patent portfolio strategies that propel business growth.

Patent Licensing and Transactions

Bold Patents in San Francisco offers specialized patent licensing and transaction services to protect and maximize the value of your intellectual property. Whether you’re seeking to license your patent, engage in a patent sale, or negotiate other types of patent agreements, our seasoned attorneys are adept at crafting and reviewing contracts that safeguard your interests. With a deep understanding of San Francisco’s diverse industries, we provide strategic guidance tailored to your specific sector, whether it’s biotech, software technology, or beyond. Through our services, we aim to help you leverage your patents to foster business growth and innovation.

Patent Infringement Services

In San Francisco, Bold Patents provides expert patent infringement services, offering guidance and legal representation to clients dealing with potential patent disputes. Our team of seasoned patent attorneys utilizes their deep industry-specific knowledge to navigate the intricacies of patent pre-litigation. Whether you’re facing potential allegations or need to protect your rights against infringement, Bold Patents stands ready to provide the necessary legal support and representation. We offer three different types of opinions on infringement, depending on your unique circumstances:

  • Freedom to Operate: A Freedom to Operate (FTO) opinion involves a comprehensive review of existing patents in a specific field to evaluate if a new product, process, or service can be launched without infringing on these existing patents. At Bold Patents, our expert attorneys utilize their extensive knowledge and experience to conduct thorough FTO analyses, helping our clients to confidently proceed with their innovations in a legally secure manner.
  • Evidence of Use: An evidence of Use (EOU) analysis is a critical tool used to demonstrate how a specific product or service may be infringing upon a client’s patent. By meticulously mapping the features of a potentially infringing product against the claims of a patent, our attorneys at Bold Patents create detailed EOU charts, providing tangible evidence that can be pivotal in patent infringement disputes.
  • Full Infringement Reviews: Full infringement reviews provide a comprehensive assessment of potential patent infringement scenarios. These reviews involve an in-depth examination of your patents and potentially infringing products or services, identifying the degree of overlap and potential infringement. At Bold Patents, our seasoned attorneys draw upon their deep technical and legal expertise to perform these reviews, giving clients a clear understanding of their position and the best strategic path forward.

Choosing a San Francisco Patent Attorney

At Bold Patents, we are committed to providing superior patent services in San Francisco, guiding you every step of the way on your journey of innovation. Our knowledgeable team is prepared to help you navigate the intricate landscape of patent law, offering tailored strategies to safeguard and leverage your intellectual property. Whether you’re seeking patent protection, need assistance managing your portfolio, or navigating patent disputes, we are here to support you. Reach out to Bold Patents today and let us transform your brilliant ideas into secure assets that drive your business forward.

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