Why We Do It

To help our inventors make positive change in the world.

About Us

For the progress of positive change

Each of our Patent Attorneys has a deeply aligned passion to serve inventors who innovate to
not just change lives, but to make positive change in the world. That means that our inventors
cause more good in the world around us than bad – whether that’s through their invention or
their business or both! Being a part of positive change is our mission statement here at Bold
Patents – it has helped us stay invigorated. Having a social cause that our team can unite
around has been very powerful and keeps us all going when things get hard. It is also a very
good (albeit sometimes difficult to do) filter for some clients that just don’t seem to be a good

For the Bold inventor in all of us

Every inventor is important, no matter their background, demographic, or current life position.
At Bold, we believe strongly, that no matter your company size, financial position, or education,
inventors everywhere deserve to be heard and afforded the same rights and protections under
the Patent law as anyone else. Let us be your advocates! We know that larger downtown type
firms will discriminate, not call you back, or ask for unreasonable amounts of money up front in
order to scare you away. So much in the legal profession has been lost in this harsh filtering and
classist behavior. That said, I’m calling all garage inventors, start-up companies, and emerging
products from larger companies…we will not discriminate – we will not treat you any differently
than a large company with hundreds of patents.

To Enable the United States to compete at a Global Scale

Without getting political here, Bold is very vested in inspiring and encouraging a strong U.S.
economy. To have a strong economy, while there are many factors – keeping a competitive
edge on other world market place ranks near the top. The U.S. in the 1900s enjoyed a huge leg
up on the world in the industrial revolution. Now, well into the 2000s, we are finding that we no
longer have the edge we did in the prior century – and need to continue to innovate. What the
Patent Laws do, is encourage inventors to share their invention with the public via filing of a
Nonprovisional Patent Application (published 18 months after filing). This sharing of
information is incentivized by a limited (20 year) monopoly where the inventor is the only one
that may make, use, sell, or offer to sell said intellectual property.

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