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Bold Patents is an agile law firm whose mission is to serve the bold & brave!

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What We Do

We deliver patents for market-ready inventions

Our team of business-minded Patent Attorneys work one on one with inventors to help them
fully understand the patent process, determine their goals, and think strategically about how
the technology can be leveraged to get them there. It’s so easy to get lost in the technical
details of invention and improvement and forget to take a step back and evaluate the market
readiness for certain products or services. It’s the powerful combination of patentability and
marketability that makes for truly successful inventions.

We perform due diligence in patent research to help clients make better business decisions

We pride ourselves in delivering world-class patentability opinions. A patentability opinion
comprises four major sections and must be prepared by a registered U.S. Patent Attorney. A
legal opinion of this nature comprises: eligibility, novelty, non-obviousness, and utility.
Eligibility analysis takes a look at whether the invention fits within the confines of the Patent
Laws (machine, assembly, process, or composition of matter), or if it is more akin to an abstract
idea, natural phenomenon, law of nature, or pure algorithm. Novelty is the most arduous task,
and evaluates whether the invention is truly unique, and is the first of its kind in the world.
Non-obviousness analysis evaluates the state of the art and confirms whether the invention,
even if unique would have been obvious for someone in the field of technology based on other
publications and public knowledge. Utility analysis provides a determination on whether the
invention has present day utility or benefit above and beyond the prior art.
Having an opinion of this gravity helps our inventors and clients make big decisions on whether
to pursue patenting on their technology based on fairly objective data and risk tolerances for
different art units.

We proactively engage with Key Industry Partners for our Client’s Success

We never refer our clients to other attorneys. We instead introduce them to law firms that we
are already affiliated with as Of Counsel. These law firms are top-notch and have been hand
selected by Bold’s leadership as qualified enough to serve our inventor clients with the myriad
needs of a start-up business, emerging new technology, funding, employment issues, etc. We
found in a short time after starting our practice that we really love Patent Law, but don’t enjoy
doing the corporate/transactional work as much and instead of just blindly referring out our
beloved clients to attorneys or firms we didn’t know so well – the solution to proactively
affiliate in advance with these firms has saved us a headache and worry about whether the
quality would be there for our client. We know our clients will be taken care of by our growing
Bold Attorney Network.

In addition to attorneys, we have proactively engaged with banks, tax specialists, IP brokers,
and other ancillary business support professionals in order to have a short list of referral
partners that we know our clients will be taken care of.

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