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Foreign Patent Rights

Filing a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application is the most common method of filing internationally. Certainly, we can help you file in specific countries, but would need to reach out to co-counsel in said countries. These applications do not change in substance or content so much, but the examiner doing the searching and examination is what is called an International Search Authority (ISA) and that search and examination will be relied upon by the various countries that have signed up to the PCT (90+ countries).

How Does Bold Patents Handle PCT Applications?

We work with you and your business to help you understand the value that having international rights can be. From having already worked on your underlying U.S. Patent Application, we will be best suited to represent you before the world. Specifically, we also will help you interpret and forecast the costs involved in fully filing and enforcing your rights overseas so you can make the best decision possible. Set up a free consultation today to learn more about claiming your rights on your invention overseas!

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