Office Actions


Non-Final Rejections

Our Bold Patents Patent Attorneys will work with you to propose an amendment, argument or both that will achieve the most amount of patent rights for you while making sure the patent examiner’s rejections are addressed fully.

Final Rejections

While they sound truly “final” – these are by no means the end! Our Patent Attorneys have been very successful in responding to Final rejections by using the After Final Consideration Pilot Program (AFCP) and the Request for Continued Examination (RCE).


When an examiner has become too stubborn or when an examiner has made a mistake and considerations around timing or other circumstances cannot allow for an RCE – an appeal is sometimes the best option. Our team is poised and prepared to represent you and your Patent application before the PTAB to appeal by amendment or legal argument


There are many different types of petitions available for the patent owner while a patent application is pending. Bold Patents attorneys are experienced in proposing petitions to the USPTO supervisors and directors for special consideration. Making these petitions is important to get the precise wording, formality and substance.

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