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As a business-minded intellectual property firm, Bold IP stands ready to meet your intellectual property litigation needs. Is someone infringing on your copyright, trademark, or patent? Have you been unfairly accused of infringing on a copyright trademark or patent? LET US HELP YOU! Our nationwide team of attorneys stand ready to help you through Litigation Defense and Plantiff-Side Lititgation!

We have experience prosecuting patents and advising on infringement actions in many technology disciplines including:

  • Aerospace
  • Software/Systems
  • Mechanical/Hardware
  • Electrical Components
  • Semiconductors
  • Biotechnology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer Products
  • Fashion
  • Much, Much More

Cease and Desist (Demand) Letters

As a holder of your Intellectual Property rights, you have the ability to enforce those rights if you have reason to believe someone else might be illegally using your Intellectual Property. For most, the courtroom might not be your first option. Allow Bold IP to help you draft a Cease and Desist letter to inform any potential infringer of your Intellectual Property rights, identity, and intentions to enforce said rights.

Learn about why Cease and Desist (Demand) Letters matter.

Litigation Defense

Bold IP Patent Attorneys work with individuals and businesses that have been accused of infringing one or more allegedly patented products or services. Often times, these demand letters can be quite intimidating and threatening. Let us take the burden off of your shoulders and help you navigate this unnerving experience. We have experience in efficiently identifying the alleged product or service, evaluating your activities and providing you with a detailed opinion with how to move forward to the next step and how (if at al) to respond to an infringement allegation.

Having a trusted team of Patent Attorneys and Litigators on your side will put you and your company at ease. Our team knows what it takes to negotiate and settle cases outside of court to save everyone time, money and stress. We understand the stress involved in starting and running a business or solo venture – and we know how much it means to you. Don’t delay, give us a call or schedule an appointment with one of our patent attorneys today!

Plaintiff-Side Litigation: Enforcing Your Patent Rights

Bold IP Patent Attorneys know how hard you have worked to acquire Patent Assets. You have spent time, energy, and effort required to innovate in your industry, then the investment you’ve put into documenting, arguing and securing legal protection over that invention. To this end, we stand behind our inventor and business clients to advocate zealously the invention claims that are rightfully theirs. Our team of technology-focused Patent Attorneys will conduct a detailed Claim Chart and provide you our professional opinion on the likelihood of successful suit and help you with your litigation strategy.

As your choice IP litigation firm, Bold IP is prepared to handle:

    1. Prelitigation Case Analysis
    2. Preliminary Motions
    3. Discovery
    1. Summary Judgement
    2. Case Presentation
    3. Appeal



However, as business minded attorneys we understand litigation is not where you really want to be spending your time or money. Throughout the entire process, as directed by you, we would help to facilitate settlement negotiations so you can get back to serving your customers. Entrust us with your intellectual property, and Bold IP will be sure to help you with all of your IP litigation needs!

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