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All business-only services offered here will be performed by Bold IP Ventures, LLC and not the law firm, Bold IP, PLLC, in order to assure there are no conflicts or confusion between legal and business advice.

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Business Services Offered by Bold Patents

Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)

A Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) is essential for any innovator or business working with non-employee 3rd parties. Either a bi-lateral or uni-lateral nondisclosure agreement will provide an enforcement mechanism in the event confidential information is either disclosed or misappropriated. Fill out this form for your own free NDA sample document to reference!

Full-Service Business Planning

Need a trusted advisor? Working with you and your team, we will help draft or revise your comprehensive business plan for the next 5 years comprising market research, strategy, operations, and financing.

Market Analysis

Need help getting started? Or deciding whether or where to launch your next product or service? Our team of professionals will work with you to develop a customized analysis of market demand, competitive landscape, potential market share and our recommendation for going to market.

Check out an example of a Marketability Analysis and Opinion

Operations Plan

Focusing on the nuts and bolts of delivering a product or service to the customer? Want help making your processes more efficient? Our team will help you lay out your people, systems and tools you need to be successful.

SWOT Analysis

A comprehensive analysis into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business/technology as compared to the competitive and economic landscape. This analysis should be done initially and then at least once every 1-2 years depending on rate of growth of the company. The analysis is best performed in conjunction with a market/industry analysis to assure that all aspects of the competitive landscape are considered as well as any iterations down the road.

Business Planning for Post Provisional Patent Application

So you finally have “patent pending” status? Now what? Our team will guide you and your group through a series of sessions focused on research, testing, further development and funding. Also, we will help cater our sessions so that we maximize the value you get out of every minute with us and minimize the overall amount of time it takes so you can keep on building the technology and business of your dreams!

Business Planning for Granted Patents

You’ve now received a federally-guaranteed limited monopoly! Congratulations! Let our experienced team guide you on what steps to take to ensure you are protected going forward and how you can best leverage the rights you’ve earned including the right to license out or sell to willing buyers in the US and beyond.

Business Planning for International Applications

Seeking international protection for your patent or trademark? There are many things to consider including border protection, infringement and staying on top of non-US law. Let us guide you on how you plan to strategically take advantage of your international rights.

Patent Valuation

Some patent applications and granted patents are very valuable, while many are not. Because patents often are quite complex, appraising one usually is a highly detailed and expensive process that requires the input of lawyers and advisers with specific technical knowledge and experience. The makeup of valuation teams will vary by engagement, but it is axiomatic that before an appraiser can value something, he or she has to understand what it is.
Here are some of the key things that we need to have in order to get started on the valuation of your application or granted patent:

  • A copy of the application file on the patent, including all USPTO correspondence.
  • A copy of the patentability search report or landscape study that has been done
  • A list of any foreign patent applications relating to the invention (and related sales).
  • Copies of any relevant business plan, marketing study, financial statements and independent appraisal.
  • Descriptions of any litigation, past or present.
  • Copies of any contract, licensing agreement or offer to license pertaining to the patent.
  • Available economic data on the industry in which the invention is used.
  • Copies of promotions and advertising materials used during the past year relating to the invention or the product in which it is incorporated.
  • Cost information relating to the existing or proposed patented product including cost accounting records and/or engineering feasibility studies.

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