Bold First Steps

Getting your foot in the door when it comes to Patents can be tricky, for just this reason, Bold Patents offers the Bold First Steps. The intial steps to take before moving forward.

Trade Secret NDA

Nondisclosure Agreement ( NDA ) - $500.00

Also called a Confidentiality Agreement. Your Bold Attorney will create a state-specific custom template contract specific to you, your business, and your technology. The templated document will allow you to use the document for many 3rd parties that you may need to disclose confidential information with. A new NDA will need to be created for each state you wish to contract in, should you do business in more than one state, as contract law is state specific.

Preliminary Marketability Analysis ( PMA ) - $500.00

Your Bold Business Consultant will conduct 2-4 hours of industry research on the specific product category or service offering to discern market size, level of competition, and provide an overall feasibility analysis for entering the market

Patent Eligibility Opinion ( PEO ) - $500.00

Your Bold Patent Attorney will analyze your invention and provide a written opinion on whether it is patent eligible under 35 USC 101 and whether it is likely drawn toward a judicial exception (given recent case law). This answer will be your basis for moving forward to determine patentability (under novelty and non-obviousness) under 35 USC 102 and 103 respectively in our Patentability Search & Opinion.

Perliminary Innovation Assessment ( PIA ) - $500.00

Your Bold Attorney will work with you for up to 2 hours to review, in detail, you or your company's R&D projects, inventions, trade secrets to help identify trade secret information and potentially patentable information and make recommendations for moving forward with either trade secret protection (and how to do that) or patent protection (with next steps).

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