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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

It’s 2019 and here in the Emerald City, startups are searching for the perfect place(s) to develop the tools (and services) needed to jumpstart the future of America.

From the well-known Office Nomads to the lesser known Black Dot, many startups are choosing to work in collaborative co-working spaces. Not only do these places provide many goods and services less than what traditional office spaces would cost, but they also provide a warm welcoming atmosphere for even the most introverted entrepreneur to feel comfortable working in.

The best part about these coworking spaces is that each of them is unique in their own way. This way, whether you’re copywriting company looking to collaborate with other creative writers in a virtual office in Seattle or a former lawyer looking to take your business to the next level in a conference room rental place in Seattle, there will always be a place for you and your team to make your business dreams a reality.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that finding the perfect place to make your business dreams come true is important. That is why I want to present to you the Top 17 Seattle Coworking Spaces.

The image gives you a geographic understanding and a small summary of each location. Below, I have provided a more in-depth analysis along with our featured co-working spaces! 🙂

Top 17 Seattle Coworking Space Map

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1. Office Nomads

Located on 1617 Boylston Ave, Office Nomads is one of the oldest coworking spaces here in Capitol Hill.

Home to a small, diverse community of coworkers including writers, developers, lawyers, and many others, this shared cozy coworking space is an ideal place for anyone looking to make their business dreams come true.

In addition to shared desks and cozy nooks, the office offers a multitude of amenities such as printers, conference rooms, mailboxes, and phone rooms.

Overall, this space is perfect for anyone looking to work with a diverse group of quirky, colorful individuals.

Contact Information:

Phone: 206.323.6500

2. WeWork Seattle

Originally based in New York, WeWork Seattle is a fun, collaborate coworking space that offers beers and cold brews on tap, ping-pong tables in common areas, and many other benefits that make this a fun and friendly place to work in.

As for now, WeWork Seattle is located on 1411 4th Avenue and Hawk Tower.

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-646-491-9060

Live Chat

3. ATLAS Workbase

Considered, “a coworking space Seattle loves” ATLAS Workbase is more than just a coworking space that offers state-of-the-art fancy furniture.

From small, but spacious working spaces to bold and brassy virtual office spaces, visitors and honorable patrons can choose the space that meets their needs each time they visit.

No matter what your needs are, ATLAS Workbase offers a coworking space that is fit for any business out there.

In 2018, ATLAS Workbase contributed thousands of office and meeting space hours to the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games organization.

Contact Information:

Phone: 206.203.4094

4. The Pioneer Collective

Located on 100 S King St. #100, The Pioneer Collective space is a special space that offers flexible membership options to cater to all kinds of workers.

It also offers a Thursday beer cart and gym, as well as a multitude of services such as Wi-Fi, printers, and desks.

For those commuting from West Seattle and Bainbridge Island, this coworking space offers special discounts.

As of 2019, they’ll be opening up another location in Downtown Tacoma.

Side Note: “We are an independently owned coworking space and we are dedicated to creating spaces where people can do their most important work and make meaningful connections. We design all our spaces in-house, build much of our own furniture, and purchase supplies from other independent companies.  We also rent workshop and classroom spaces to larger companies and schools. We take pride in being a business hub for our neighborhood and create comfortable, attractive workspaces that also feature first-class technology and service.

We’re currently offering 20% off all 12-month memberships and 10% off 6-month memberships.” — Chris Hoyt, co-founder of The Pioneer Collective

Contact Information:

Phone: (206) 207-1050

5. The Riveter

Located in the former MTV Real World building on Capitol Hill, The Riveter is the first coworking space in Seattle geared toward entrepreneurial women.

Much like Hera Hub, The Riveter offers a spa-like environment for women to come together and collaborate in.

For those who enjoy eating fruits and sweets on a regular basis, this unique all-female coworking center offers free chocolate cupcakes, Luna bars, fresh plums, and bananas in bowls.

There’s even, “a yoga/movement studio, a nursing room, and a lavender-infused meditation room with guided visualizations” here at this coworking space.

Although this space is designed primarily for entrepreneurial women, men can also join, if they want to.

Contact information:

Phone: 206-486-5793

6. Thinkspace

From virtual office space to event spaces, Thinkspace offers a multitude of shared office spaces perfect for all businesses to help gain more customers into their businesses.

Now located in Lake Union, Thinkspace is a winner of the 2013 Washington’s Best 100 Companies to Work For and of the 2011 100 Private Fastest Growing Companies award.

Contact info:

Phone: (425) 629-6200

7. Impact Hub Seattle

Located in Seattle’s oldest district, Impact Hub Seattle is a warm and welcoming coworking space that offers “a unique and powerful ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaborative opportunities” for all businesses alike.

In addition to flexible coworking space, Impact Hub Seattle also offers 42 private office suites that can accommodate 2-20 desks, 14 private phone booths, five conference rooms, two classrooms, and one large event space as of 2017.

Perfect for those looking for quiet, yet quirky spaces to work in.

Side Note: “Impact Hub Seattle is a coworking space, events space, and launch pad for purpose-driven ventures that create more value than they capture. We believe in a better world through inspiring entrepreneurship; through community, space and educational events, we accelerate entrepreneurs toward building the future we want to live in. We provide a remarkable space for productive work, a driven community that resides at the intersection of both for-profit and nonprofit worlds, and a diverse selection of programming to guide our members with the tools they need to build their venture. Our community helps entrepreneurs and businesses consider the social and environmental impact of their business practices, while also pushing philanthropists and nonprofits to become self-sustaining through collaboration and more efficient business models. ” — Natalia Fandel, Community Manager of Impact Hub Seattle

Contact Info:


Phone #: (206) 430-6007

8. Ballard Labs

Bathed in sunlight and packed with free caffeinated beverages of all kinds”, Ballard Labs is a one-of-a-kind coworking space that offers two coworking spaces for the price of one: a more professional and selective coworking space catered to financial and legal professions and a more casual one that is open to all professions.

Side Note: “What makes us unique is that we are a very quiet, focus-driven space. There isn’t a lot of chatter or background noise (outside of some construction on Ballard Blocks 2) It is an incredibly productive atmosphere and a smaller community-oriented group. Also, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by our own little metropolis of amenities – currently LA Fitness, CorePower Yoga, Top Pot Donuts, UPS & Trader Joe’s, and Ballard Blocks 2 opening this year with a PCC, Bright Horizons daycare, 85°C Bakery/Cafe, and West Marine store. ” — Rachel Otterstetter, Community Manager of Ballard Labs

Contact Information:

Online Contact Form

9. Works Progress

Helping “individuals achieve their business, career, and lifestyle goals,” Works Progress is a creative and collaborative working space that caters to businesses of all types.

It is a receipt of the 2016 Top 30 Coworking Spaces Award.

As of now, this coworking space offers a multitude of benefits including registered agent services, annual report reminders, and scanning letters to your email.

Contact Information:


Phone: 206-466-1624

10. Urban Worklofts

Located in the Cascade and Olympic Buildings near Beacon Hill, Urban Worklofts is a collaborative coworking space perfect for helping entrepreneurs unleash their creativity.

With over 40 different floor plans to choose from, businesses of all types can take advantage of the services that this unique coworking space offers.

As of now, this coworking space offers a shower room, free parking, 24/7 access, and many other benefits.

Side Note: “Our floor plans and building layout promotes a great network of professional relationships with your neighboring businesses; while providing you with a personal, private, individually keyed office and workspace.

Each of our lofts come fully equipped with:

  • Large Pictures Windows – Enjoy natural lighting along with inspiring views of the Olympic Mts., Port of Seattle & Downtown
  • Natural Wood, Privately Keyed Doors – Create a space that can take you to the next level
  • Complimentary Business Signage – Professionally promotes your brand & builds awareness throughout the WORKlofts community
  • Our Finished Concrete Flooring, New Double Pane Windows – Makes for a quite modern & productive workspace
  • Individual Comfort Settings – Be comfortable in your space
  • We allow you to customize your loft – Create the image of your workspace you deserve

Currently, our smallest WORKloft available is located on our 4th floor – Just $565 per month! Each WORKloft is unique and we have new availability each month – with different layouts, sizes and rental rates. When you tour the building we can show you several different layouts to take your time to consider and visualize your business needs.” — Hannah Hunt, Leasing Manager at Urban Worklofts

Contact Information:


Phone: (206) 209-0529

11. The Cloud Room

Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, The Cloud Room is a super-hip coworking space that offers monthly readings from a house astrologer, a Meditation for Entrepreneurs class, monthly bodywork sessions, and more.

It even has an on-site bar.

Contact Information:

Phone: (206) 739-9004

12. Collective Chemistry

Otherwise referred to as Red Element Collective, Collective Chemistry is an open office space in Pioneer Square that offers a backdrop studio, a screening room, and many other benefits for freelance artists alike.

There’s even a bar, too for those looking to have a drink before, during, or after working hours.

Contact Information:

Phone: 206.683.3847

13. Black Dot

Located on 16th and Jackson, the Black Dot is one of the few coworking spaces and incubators geared toward Black entrepreneurs, creatives, and anyone with a technology background.

In addition to providing technical training, professional development and a comprehensive launch curriculum for start-ups, the Black Dot also hosts marketplace days.

As of now, Black Dot plans on relocating to the fire station building on 23rd and Yesler in order to provide to its current and future guests more space and resources to start their businesses.

Contact Information:

Email: Contact Form

14. Hing Hay Coworks

Located in the heart of the Chinese International District (CID), Seattle’s most ethnically diverse district, Hing Hay Coworks is a nonprofit coworking space started by the Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority.

In addition to providing unlimited tea and coffee for its patrons, Hing Hay Coworks also offers small meeting rooms, focus booths, fiber broadbands, and many other benefits.

Side Note: ” Our coworking space is one of a few non-profit run coworking spaces in Seattle. We aim to diversify the services you can receive in Chinatown- International District in hopes that we can encourage more folks to come into our neighborhood. $1 spent in our neighborhood is exchanged 8 times before it leaves. Our goals are to support the economic vitality of our district. We are trying to bridge our community inside Hing Hay with the great Chinatown International District community. Many of our members work for organizations to support our larger community outside of the Hing Hay walls. We also have a wonderful array of freelancers, small startups, and entrepreneurs who share the space.

We offer complimentary trial days for anyone who is seeking a new coworking space.” — Eliza Chan, Program Manager of Hing Hay Coworks

Contact information:


Phone: (206) 962-4032

15. Typeset

Located in Seattle’s Columbia City, Typeset is a writing geared coworking space that offers workstations, a chalkboard, and a small reference library.

Opened since March 2017, TypeSet offers complimentary coffee and tea, high-speed wifi, locker rentals for $10 a month, and many others.

For those who are especially big fans of coffee, Typeset is located across a courtyard from Empire Espresso, one of Seattle’s best coffee places.

Side Note:  “Type Set is unique in that it is a coworking space dedicated to writers. Our members include novelists, memoirists, playwrights, journalists, and other storytelling professionals. We also host networking and educational events for writers. We offer a light-filled, airy space on a traditional coworking model, meaning all desks are “floating” rather than dedicated; this model helps keep us affordable to writers. Memberships are by the month, and we offer full and part-time options. Members get free coffee and tea, great wifi, and sometimes snacks and other treats. We’re a quiet room, meaning we ask that all phone calls be taken outside or in our phone booth. We’re located in a Seattle neighborhood, Columbia City, that is full of restaurants and shops within walking distance. There is a great cafe, Empire Espresso, right across the courtyard from us. We’re a less-than-10-minute walk to the Columbia City light rail station.” — Elizabeth Eaves, co-founder of Typeset

Contact Information:


16. West Seattle Coworking

Otherwise referred to as Office Junction, West Seattle Coworking is a shared office and meeting place in the Morgan Junction in West Seattle.

In addition to the usual high-speed internet and complimentary coffee, West Seattle Coworking also offers a screen and projector and a hardware library.

It even offers virtual offices for those who need them!

Contact information:

Email Address:

Phone: (206) 535-5515

17. Indies Workshop

Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, Indies Workshop is one of the few coworking spaces that focuses on those working in the game industry.

In addition to offering equipment such as game consoles and VR development kits, this space also offers “a bespoke suite of permanently tangled cables” for those who need a break from working.

Be careful not to get too distracted while working at this coworking space! After all, it is designed mainly for game developers. So unless if you want to take on a project, don’t expect to come playing games all day long, ha ha!

According to founder Christopher Floyd in an article titled, Game industry-focused coworking space lands on E Pike, “Having people being able to collaborate and connect and hash stuff out together is good.”

Contact Information:

Email address:

Phone: (360) 362-4730


So there you have it everyone, the top 17 unique Seattle coworking spaces:

  1. Office Nomads – Great for those looking for a shared cozy coworking space to call “home” (including lawyers)
  2. WeWork Seattle – Great for those looking for a fun and collaborative workspace that offers beers and cold brews on tap, ping-pong tables in common areas, and many other benefits
  3. ATLAS Workbase – Great for those looking for a Seattle community-minded workspace that offers state-of-the-art fancy furniture(and much more)
  4. The Pioneer Collective – Great for those looking for a classy space that offers Thursday beer carts, a gym, and special discounts
  5. The Riveter – Great for those looking for an entrepreneurial woman dominated coworking space that also offers free fruits and sweets, similar to Hera Hub
  6. Thinkspace – Great for those looking for a coworking space that offers a multitude of shared office spaces and is Seattle centric
  7. Impact Hub Seattle – Great for those looking for a Seattle based co-working space that offers “a unique and powerful ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaborative opportunities”.
  8. Ballard Labs – Great for those looking for a coworking space that offers space for professionals and casual goers
  9. Works Progress – Great for those looking for a coworking space that offers registered agent services, annual report reminders, and scanning letters to your email
  10. Urban Worklofts – Great for those looking for a space that helps entrepreneurs unleash their creativity
  11. The Cloud Room – Great for those looking for a space that offers monthly readings from a house astrologer, a Meditation for Entrepreneurs class, monthly bodywork sessions, and more
  12. Collective Chemistry – Great for those looking for a space that offers a backdrop studio, a screening room, and many other benefits for artists alike
  13. Black Dot –  Great for those looking for a coworking space and incubator geared toward African American entrepreneurs
  14. Hing Hay Coworks – Great for those looking for an ethnically diverse coworking space that offers small meeting rooms, focus booths, fiber broadbands, and many other benefits
  15. Typeset – Great for those looking for a space geared towards writers and coffee lovers
  16. West Seattle Coworking – Great for those looking for a coworking space that offers a screen, a projector, a hardware library, and much more
  17. Indies Workshop – Great for gamer developers looking to take their entrepreneurial skills to the next level

In the meantime, what did you think of our list of coworking spaces? Are there any others that you would recommend? Which of these coworking spaces are you thinking of renting for you and your company?

PS: If you are an innovator ready to protect and bring to market your visionary idea! Please book a free consultation with one of our Seattle Patent Attorneys!

About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at