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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

It’s 2019 here in San Francisco and already, startups are searching for the perfect place(s) to develop the tools (and services) needed to help America become the best that it could possibly be.

From the quick and quirky Workshop Cafe to the elusive and innovative the Troll House, many startups are choosing to work in comfortable, collaborate, low cost co-working spaces.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that finding the perfect place to work and collaborate with others is important. That is why I want to present to you the Top 17 San Francisco Coworking Spaces.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

The image gives you a geographic understanding and a small summary of each location. Below, I have provided a more in-depth analysis along with our featured co-working spaces! 🙂

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1. Pacific Workplaces 

Created by PBC Management LLC, Pacific Workspaces is a super flexible co-working space that is popular amongst attorneys and many others looking to get their foot into the San Francisco Bay Area startup world.

In addition to offering a multitude of office renting options, Pacific Workspaces also offers office business center services such as virtual offices and live phone answering available at all locations.

At this time, they are offering free coworking and office day passes for new members.

Contact Information:


Phone: (800) 835-3525

2. Bespoke Coworking 

As part of the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LExC), Bespoke is one of those places where work and life truly can coexist with one another.

Other than that the place is located on the top floor of the Westfield mall, Bespoke also offers a full kitchen, $35 day passes, a dedicated rest area with blankets, pillows and napping nooks, and much more!

For those with a dedicated desk or private office memberships, pets are allowed inside.

Contact Information:


Phone: (415) 964-4815

3. Impact Hub

Impact Hub San Francisco is a community-based co-working space that offers flexible payment and room options for entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and other business looking to make the world a better place.

It is a certified B Corporation, which helps to inspire others to “strengthen their resolve to achieve higher social & environmental standards” according to its website.

In addition to free coffee and wifi, members also receive discounts on event & meeting space rentals.

Contact Information:


Phone: (415) 624-5881

4. WeWork

Located in some of San Francisco’s most populous areas, WeWork is a relaxed, hip chain of co-working spaces ideal for more established businesses.

In addition to shared kitchens, WeWork also offers coffee, tea, tap beer, and fruit-infused water.

For those looking to take their business even further, We Work provides businesses personal assistance from Community Managers, month-to-month business flexibility, access to a global network of events, and many other perks.

Contact Information:

Email: Online Form 

Phone: 1-646-491-9060

5. The Wing

A newcomer to the San Francisco Bay Area coworking space community, The Wing is an incubator and space geared for female-led business owners looking to connect with other female-led business owners.

In addition to WiFi and unlimited free drip coffee, The Wing also offers a changing room, a mother’s room, a library, and many other amenities necessary for helping women-led business owners make it their home away from home.

It even offers a place called The Little Wing for busy mothers looking for someone to help take care of their younger ones for an hour or so.

Contact Information:


Phone: N/A

6. Troll House

Located at historic Pier 26 on the Embarcadero, Troll House is a unique, waterfront office and co-working space that is popular amongst freelancers, startups, and many other business tycoons looking for a place to unleash their creativity.

It offers a multitude of services such as free motorcycle parking, discounted designated parking, and free event hosting.

For women, veterans, and minority-owned businesses, Troll House also offers discounts.

Contact Information 


Phone: (415) 205-9671


Located in downtown San Francisco, PARISOMA is an open co-working space and incubator that “cultivates an experimental environment where ideas meet execution.”

For those new to the United States startup world, PARISOMA offers a program called TARMAC, which helps international startup members, “navigate the legal, logistical, and cultural challenges of launching in San Francisco” according to Rocket Space Coworking. 

They are also well-known for their free Friday breakfast days and impromptu happy hours.

Contact Information 


Phone: (415) 626-6406

8. Covo

Located in San Franciso’s very own SOMA neighborhood, Covo offers a free trial day for those who want to test out the services before officially utilizing the space, as well as many other benefits such as AEC services, free signage, and many others.

Here at Covo, members and non-members can pay as little as $4 an hour just for using the services.

You can even bring your pet here if you want to.

Contact Information 


Phone: (415) 886-6206

9. Avant Space 

AvantSpace is a, “high-tech, upscale, boutique coworking space” created by some of San Francisco’s leading designers.

It was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing fellow patrons a beautiful work home away from home.

In addition to offering free Philz coffee, the space also provides VoIP desk phones, discounts with select business partners, and many other benefits.

” Opened in May 2019, AvantSpace was created to provide locals with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of working where they live. Architecturally and culturally designed for the neighborhood, the stylish, high-tech workspace is a place for dynamic individuals to work meaningfully in a collaborative environment.

The convenient location of the notorious Cow Hollow Triangle paints an immediate, dream-like workday for its members with many attractive advantages; sans commute. The waterfront neighborhood’s wealth of restaurants, shops, bars and workout spots just steps away from the office – and home – enables a balanced lifestyle. It’s this work-life balance that has been the focus on the careful curation of AvantSpace.” — Francesca Huson, Director of Operations at AvantSpace 

Contact Information


Phone: 415-783-9942

10. The Assembly

Opened since January 2018, The Assembly is San Francisco’s first and only fitness and coworking space, creating a self-care sanctuary for women in a historic church building in The Mission.

In addition to providing a space for members to network and get support from mentors, The Assembly also offers top-tier fitness and restorative classes, which are open to the public. With the fitness and self-care offerings (think: acupuncture, brows, reiki, manis, etc.), Assembly members can maintain a work-life balance as they get through the grit and grind of daily work.
Furthermore, in addition to WiFi and a sunny backyard, The Assembly also offers a pump room for nursing mothers, regular events programming for members and the public alike, an outdoor shower for a post-class refresh, and many other amenities necessary to take care of yourself while you take care of business.

Contact Information


Phone: ‭(415) 868-3322‬

11. Roam

Housed in a former archbishop’s mansion, Roam is considered, “one of the most advanced living space on the planet” according to its website.

In addition to offering complimentary coffee and laundry services, Roam also offers standing desks and a 6×2 multiscreen 4k layout, and a conference area.

It even has a makerspace with, “everything from laser-cutters to sewing machines.”

Contact Information


Phone: (415) 304-8375

12. The Laundry

The Laundry is a cool and quirky co-working space that is a space by day and an art gallery by night.

In addition to providing food, beer, and wine to its members, The Laundry also hosts Open Mic Nights, as well as many other fun events.

At this time, they are offering 3 team building classes:

  • Team Art Experience
  • Team Improv
  • Team Scavenger Hunt

Contact Information


Phone: (415) 985-7746

13. Canopy

Founded and created by renowned industrial designer, Yves Béhar, Canopy is a hip, cozy, artistic space perfect for those looking to build the businesses and creations of their dreams at reasonable prices.

In addition to complimentary coffee and a fully stocked kitchen, Canopy also offers a Juicero juice press and SodaStream for sparkling water for its members.

At this time, there are two Canopys in San Francisco: one in Pacific Heights and the other on Jackson Square.

“CANOPY is an exceptional shared workspace for accomplished professionals and aspirational entrepreneurs alike. Custom designed by friends Yves Behar and Amir Mortazavi, and built out by M-PROJECTS, CANOPY delivers an elevated contemporary design, a distraction-free environment, and sophisticated membership and concierge-style amenities programs in iconic neighborhoods. CANOPY centers on the premise that where you work affects what you do and who you are. The members-only workspace seeks to bring people together and inspire great ideas that design can amplify. CANOPY’s first location opened in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights in 2016. On the heels of its success, CANOPY Jackson Square opened in April 2018.  Headquartered in San Francisco, CANOPY was founded by Yves Behar, Amir Mortazavi, and Steve Mohebi.  ” — Amir Mortazavi, CEO and Cofounder of CANOPY

Contact Information


Phone: (415) 604-3330 for Pacific Heights and (415) 684-7471 for Jackson Square

14. Mindspace San Francisco 

Mindspace San Francisco is a European-based coworking space that provides its members with beautiful boutique lounges, fully stocked kitchens, meeting rooms, and everything else that a business could ever ask for.

Members pay a monthly subscription for all of the services included and can even create their very own mixtape there.

” Mindspace uniqueness is being the only global boutique coworking space.

Mindspace’s 28 locations across Europe and the US are hand-picked in primely-located buildings.
The Mindspace experience brings hospitality-level service, inspiring and beautifully designed offices, vibrant communities, and wellness, lifestyle and professional programs

Among Mindspace’s customers are world-leading brands, such as Microsoft, Samsung, Spotify, Barclays Bank, Expedia, Schwan-Stabilo, M&C Saatchi, GoPro, Visa, Frank Recruitment Group, ABSL, Techstars Accelerator, and Startupbootcamp.” —  Naama Adler, Marketing Manager at Mindspace

Contact Information


Phone: (833)-663-7722

15.  Shared SF

SHARED is a simple, yet exquisite coworking space located in the heart of SoMa in San Francisco. It was founded by artist and fashion designer Marilyn Yu in September 2012 in order to create a space for artists and other creatives to come together and work under one roof.

In addition to office space, this coworking also offers a makerspace, meeting rooms, kitchen, classes, and events.

It even has a toolshed where members can utilize just about any tool that they need from sewing machines to jigsaws.

“SHARED houses a diverse community of businesses. Some make physical products while others primarily work on the computer. It’s great to see how much more enriched life is through the cross-pollination of ideas/members.
This last weekend I attended an art opening of a SHARED member. She told me that one of her paintings was influenced by a conversation she had with a member who runs a merchandising and media brand. Additionally, I saw other members at the opening, coming to support one of their new friends, who they met at SHARED.” — Marilyn, Yu, Founder of SHARED

Contact Information


Phone: (415) 317-5905

16. Workshop Cafe

Fast and convenient, Workshop Cafe is both a cafe and a technology-based coworking space combined. This way, members can not only get good, handmade food at good prices, but also be able to live a work-life balance lifestyle.

Here at Workshop Cafe, members can pay up to $3 an hour just by downloading the Workshop Cafe app and picking a seat. For those who are new to Workshop Cafe, the first 3 hours are free, no commitment, whatsoever.

At this time, they have two San Francisco locations: one at One Market Plaza Building and the other on 180 Montgomery Street.

Contact Information


Phone: (415) 604-5086 for One Market Plaza Building location and (415) 322-1048 for 180 Montgomery St. location


Partnered with the Temple Nightclub and Mirus Gallery, ECO-SYSTEM is a fun and creative space for creative professionals of all different looking for a place to unleash their inner innovators.

As such, “ECO-SYSTM exists as an interactive cultural hub, inspiring creativity through business, music and fine arts” according to its website.

For members, ECO-SYSTEM offers bike parking; lots of seating configurations (couches, high-top tables, hanging chairs); weekly in-house massages, and many other benefits that members can take advantage of.

Contact Information


Phone: (415) 312-3634

Great! So Where Should I Go From Here…

There you have it, everyone, the top 17 unique San Francisco coworking spaces:  

  1. Pacific Workspaces-Great for those looking for a space that truly means businesses
  2. Bespoke-Great for those looking to work on the top of a mall
  3. Impact HubGreat for those looking for an environmentally friendly, community-based space
  4. WeWork San Francisco-Great for those looking for a hop, business-centered place
  5. The Wing-Great for female business owners and mothers looking to become the best that they can possibly be
  6. Troll House-Great for freelances and other creative types looking for a space that is somewhat reclusive and offers discounts for women, veterans, and minority-owned businesses
  7. PARISOMA-Great for businesses looking for an “experimental space” to work in while enjoying “Free Friday breakfasts”
  8. Covo-Great for those looking for a space that they can try out for free (for a day)
  9. Avant Space – Great for those looking for a “high-tech, upscale, boutique coworking space” to work in
  10. The Assembly-Great for female business owners looking to work and network with other female business owners while practicing self-care techniques
  11. Roam-Great for those looking for a quiet, innovative, historic based space to work in and also offers a makerspace
  12. The Laundry-Great for those looking to work by day and create art by night
  13. Canopy-Great for those looking for a reasonably priced, artistic co-working space that offers a Juicero juice press and SodaStream for sparkling water
  14. Mindspace-Great for those looking to work inside a European style space
  15. SHARED-Great for those looking for a simple, yet exquisite co-working space that offers a toolshed and other amenities for creative types to utilize
  16. Workshop Cafe-Great for those looking for a walk-in, no-commitment co-working space that offers delicious tasting, handmade food
  17. ECO-SYSTEM-Great for those looking to get more involved in the San Francisco art community while learning the skills on how to become a better business person

In the meantime, what did you think of our list of coworking spaces? Are there any others that you would recommend for you and your business? 

PS: Are you an innovator, ready to file a patent application to protect your visionary idea and eventually bring it to market? Then please book a free consultation with one of our San Francisco patent attorneys.

About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at