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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

Like a lightning, an idea strikes for an innovation that will change the world– and make you rich. But to change the destiny of the world, you need space.  

That is why here at Bold Parents New York Law Firm, we’ve created this quick guide of the best coworking spaces in NYC has to offer. With top 17 coworking spaces in New York City for you to choose from– from the hip Nowhere Studios to the happening The Wing, we give you the insides to unleashing the power you need to achieve research nirvana. 🙂

The image gives you a geographic understanding and a small summary of each location. Below, I have provided a more in-depth analysis along with our featured co-working spaces, including one dedicated to attorneys!

1. Nowhere Studios

Bed-Stuy’s one of the hippest neighborhoods in the five boroughs, but Nowhere Studios boasts affordable coworking space in NYC.  If that wasn’t enough, it even offers a choice of work environments:  small desks, common tables, standing desk/high-top islands, lounge area. It is open 24/7 and membership includes conference table access as well.  There’s even a roof deck for those who enjoy working under the sun. 

Nowhere Studios offers high-speed internet, a kitchen stocked with provisions, in-house seminars and loads of other fringe benefits.  Tenants even throw a monthly barbecue/happy hours and embrace the green life by employing a solar-powered battery charging station for all of your devices. For batteries of a more personal nature, there’s also unlimited cups of Brooklyn Roasting coffee.

No wonder creatives, like photographers and artists, flock to Nowhere Studios.  Did we mention that spaces start at only $150 a month?

Contact Information:

Email: or

Phone #: N/A

2. Bat Haus

Wanting to deliver a true Brooklynite experience, Cody Sullivan and Natalie Chan opened the award-winning Bat Haus and turned it into a Brooklyn style coworking space located near a couple of inexpensive eateries. It is decorated with string lights and long wooden tables, making it ideal for those who enjoy working in creative and collaborative hip environments.

For those looking to test out the service, potential members can purchase a $ 25-day pass. This gives users the chance to access the internet, as well as other amenities for 10 hours. According to the site, “if you become a member at the end of the day, the day pass is free!”

Otherwise, members can choose to apply using any of the following membership plans: Community ($25/mo.), Fiver ($85/mo.), Lite ($175/mo.), Full ($225/mo.).

Contact Information:


Phone #: 917-865-8660

3. TEEM Coworking

TEEM is an affordable coworking space in NYC located in Harlem (specifically) that provides its members with all of the basic necessities that a startup ever needs from complimentary espressos (and other hot drinks) to superfast WIFI.

Upon entering, users can take advantage of the space’s “fancy ergonomic office chairs” prior to meeting with some of the startups of Cofound Harlem accelerator located nearby. They also have the opportunity to utilize the open space at a rate of $200 per month for visiting the space 15 times!

According to the website, for a limited time, members can get a free monitor for signing up a 3-month membership!

Contact Information:


Phone #: 212-828-8336

4. Paragraph

Paragraph: Workspace for Writers, is a space that is open 24/7 for writers alike and is founded in 2005. Other than that it provides a place for writers to write and collaborate in, here at Paragraph, writers can take advantage of all of the monthly events going on in the area such as readings, in-house editor sessions, workshops, and many more!

One time, Paragraph hosted an LGBTQIA+ writers happy hour event for all of its LGBTQIA+ members to network and learn from one another.

While there is an application process involved, as well as a one-time initiation fee of $95, overall, for just $183 a month, users can take advantage of everything that the space has to offer.  

Contact Information:

Email: for Manhattan location, for Brooklyn

Phone: (646) 216-8407 for Manhattan, (929) 382-9293 for Brooklyn

5. Croissant

Founded by a group of friends who used to work together from coffee shops in New York City, Croissant is a network of 20 spaces in New York City geared to help startups get their businesses up and running.

The space is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For only $129/mo, members get 40 hours and 5 guest hours to use whenever, wherever they want to while. For those who don’t like to commit to staying in the same place for long periods of time, Croissant is considered an ideal place to work in.

As of now, potential members can test the space for 7 days free of charge. And yes, Croissant is named after that famous soft, flakey, buttery French pastry you would often find in bakeries and cafes.  

Contact Information:  


Phone #: +1 646 883 8481

6.  WeWork New York

Okay, okay! We understand that WeWork is a chain coworking space, but hear us out first. Other than that it was one of the first coworking spaces to make coworking spaces very popular to work in, WeWork offers custom spaces for remote, part-time employees, as well as full-sized companies looking for a more affordable place to work in.

As of now, it is located in over 50 locations throughout the New York City area and offers a multitude of services such as fruit-infused water, 24/7 space access, daily cleaning, and many more.

Even though members can generally take advantage of monthly hot desks (which are arrangements where multiple workers use a single workstation during different times of the time) starting at $300 per month, most New York locations can charge up to $600 per month.

Of course, members can also utilize other options such as custom build-outs, private offices, and dedicated desks.

Contact Information:

Email: Online Form

Phone: 1-646-491-9060

7. The Wing

The Wing is an all-female coworking that has been opened since 2016 to give fellow female entrepreneurs a beautiful, collaborative workspace full of cozy corners, phone booths, and conference rooms.

In addition to complimentary coffee and many other traditional amenities, the space also contains an in-house cafe, a beauty room, a pump room, and many others for the price of $185 per month.  

For those especially interested in taking full advantage of what the center has to offer, The Wing offers a Scholarship Program, as well as programming designed for women to impact the lives of other women (and girls) in the surrounding communities.

In some locations, The Wing offers an area for women to set their children in such as the one in San Francisco.

Contact Information:


Phone: N/A

8. The Yard

Other referred to as, “A co-working space for grownups,” The Yard is a Brooklyn coworking space designed for businesses who enjoy working in small but collaborative environments. It was launched in 2011 as a way to provide artists a place for them to work and collaborate in.  

According to Morris Levy, The Yard’s co-founder and CEO, “Our location sizes are optimal for networking and community because they’re not too large, and I think that’s very, very important.”

Since it first opened its doors, The Yard has grown in popularity because of its shared desks, foosball tables, beer taps, and beautiful artwork covering every nook and cranny of the space.

For those interested in renting out The Yard, its costs between $275 to $375 per month.   

Contact Information:


Phone: 1-800-99-THE-YARD

9. NeueHouse

Designed by architect David Rockwell and interior designer Cristina Azario, NeueHouse opened its doors in May 2013, to give fellow artists and other creative types a chance to interact with one another without fear of having ideas stolen from one another.

In order to promote diversity, a committee carefully handpicks members. From there, members pay between $150 to $2,000 a month, depending on what type of office space a business wants to utilize. After that, they have access to a state-of-the-art recording studio, longue, green room, and many other amenities.

According to one Fortune writer, “[Neuehouse] is a bit like members-only club Soho House, but with desks instead of swimming pools.”

As of now, they are also located in Los Angeles in the old 1938 CBS Radio Building.

Contact Information:

Email: Contact Form

Phone: +1 212 273 0440

10. Kongo

Kongo is a down-to-earth Brooklyn based coworking space that caters to all of the creative, business savvy people in the New York area from artists to inventors for the price of $450 a month.  

In addition to offering open space desks and Ping Pong, Kongo offers to its members in-house film screenings and opportunities to participate in events such as the Dumbo Arts Festivals.

For those interested in bringing their dog to work, Kongo allows its members to do so.

Some of its previous colleagues include an Emmy winning producer, foreign correspondents, biotechnology writers, and many others.

Contact Information:


Phone: (917) 373-4908

11. Law Firm Suites

Opened since 2007, Law Firm Suites is an attorney coworking space (similar to Enrich in San Diego)  for those who want to go on the path of becoming self-started entrepreneurs, but don’t know exactly where to start.

In addition to providing open space and free wifi, Law Firm Suites offers a multitude of classes for lawyers to choose from. They also refer lawyers to clients. That way, they can focus on creating their business(es) and (hopefully) be able to support themselves along the way.

For those who either can’t afford to rent open office space for $349 a month and/or can’t make it to the actual office space, attorneys have the option to rent a virtual office at a fraction of the price.   

Contact Information:


Phone: 1-800-550-8392


Green Desk is one of the few eco-friendly coworking spaces in New York City designed to give members an affordable way for people to collaborate and (indirectly) save the environment by utilizing environmentally responsible office spaces.

Since 2008, Green Desk has grown in popularity.  

In addition to virtual offices and meeting rooms, Green Desk also provides complimentary organic coffee and other amenities.

Contact Information:


Phone: 718-210-3650

13. The Farm

The Farm is an award-winning coworking space located in the heart of SoHo to give fellow members the opportunity to collaborate with one another.  

It was originally constructed out of pieces of a century old abandoned farm found in southern Missouri. Since then, the space has grown in popularity because of its unique design and multitude of affordable option plans.  

As of now, members can pay up to $179 a month for the first 3 months for a shared office space desk.

Contact Information:


Phone: (917) 722-5027

14. Spacious

Spacious is a network of affordable, shared drop-in coworking spaces designed for freelancers (and other types of entrepreneurs) looking for a temporary place to work in.

Originally, Spacious was a series of unused, high-end restaurants that don’t open until 5:00 pm at night. Nowadays, it is a coworking space by day, restaurant area by night.

While it doesn’t provide as many amenities as other coworking spaces, it nevertheless offers a nice, cozy place for businesses and others to start their businesses in.

For those who want to try out the space(s), day passes are $20 a piece. However, for those who want to utilize the space longer, prices range from $130 to $200 a month, depending on which option a person and/or company chooses.

Contact Information:


Phone: Chat Box

15. Voyager HQ

For those interested in global travel, tourism, and the hospitality industry, Voyager HQ is an NYC gathering space/coworking space that provides businesses and investors to collaborate with one another.

In addition to desks, private offices, and a kitchen, Voyager HQ also offers and hosts events such as happy hour, roundtable discussions and travel founder breakfasts. Other member amenities include Wi-Fi, printing access and coffee.

According to its website, the space is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Month-to-month desks cost $249 per month whereas dedicated clubhouse membership costs $799 for four months.

Contact Information:


Phone: 347-440-1627

16. Galvanize

Galvanize is a New York-based coworking space that offers a networking, educational, business, and training hub for tech entrepreneurs.

In addition to the usual coworking amenities. Galvanize offers its members free meetups, hackathons, and coding boot camps. This way, they can continue doing what they love without developing the fear of not having a steady paycheck to go by.

According to its website, “Major tech companies often host partnerships and events there, such as IBM’s Bluemix Garage innovation lab launch.” As such, most people working in Galvanize get hired for tech ventures.

Contact Information:


Phone: (212) 658-1791

17. ServCorp

Opened since 1978, ServCorp is one of the first co-working spaces in the United States to offer a place for anyone who couldn’t afford to rent traditional office space to come together and interact with

According to COO March Moufarrige, it started off by allowing members to rent “virtual office” space. Later on, it developed into one of the co-working spaces that popularized the co-working space trend.

Today, members can utilize the space for as little as $50 per month just to rent a hot-desk. For those looking for more “complete option,” members can pay up to $450, depending on what kind of spaces they’re looking for.

Contact Information:

Email: Contact Form

Phone: (855) 837-7859

In Conclusion

There you have it, everyone! The top 17 coworking spaces in New York City:

  1. Nowhere Studios – Great for creative types looking for a space that offers a roof deck and many other open spaces shined by natural lighting for as little as $150 a month
  2. Bat Haus – Great for those looking for a Brooklyn style coworking space located near a couple of inexpensive eateries
  3. TEEM – Great for those looking for an affordable coworking space that offers  “fancy ergonomic office chairs” and is located across from the  Cofound Harlem accelerator
  4. Paragraph – Great for those looking for an inexpensive coworking space dedicated solely for writers to work and collaborate in
  5. Croissant – Great for those looking for a temporary, affordable space that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  6. WeWork New York  – Great for those looking for a space that offers custom build-outs, private offices, and dedicated desks
  7. The Wing – Great for female entrepreneurs looking for a reliable space that allows them to live a work-life balance
  8. The Yard – Great for those looking a small, artistic, “grownup space” to work in
  9. Neuehouse – Great for artists looking for a more selective coworking space that offers a green room and state-of-the-art recording studio
  10. Kongo – Great for those looking for a dog-friendly, down-to-earth coworking space to work in
  11. Law Firm Suites – Great for attorneys looking for a coworking space to help them become self-started entrepreneurs
  12. Green Desk  – Great for environmentally friendly businesses looking for a space that offers them the freedom and flexibility to work however they need to
  13. The FarmGreat for those looking for a hip business that utilizes recycled pieces of an old barn
  14. Spacious – Great for those looking for a network of affordable, shared drop-in coworking spaces to utilize as both their work and lunch area
  15. Voyager HQGreat for those interested in global travel, tourism, and the hospitality industry to have a space to work and collaborate in
  16. GalvanizeGreat for tech entrepreneurs looking to be more than self-starting tech entrepreneurs in New York City
  17. ServCorp – Great for those looking for a historic coworking space to utilize for as little as $50 a month

In the meantime, what did you think of our list of coworking spaces? Are there any others that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

PS: If you are an innovator ready to protect and bring to market your visionary idea! Please book a free consultation with one of our New York  patent attorneys.

About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at