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By J.D. Houvener
Patent Attorney and Founder

It’s 2019 and here in Los Angeles, startups are searching for the perfect place(s) to develop the tools (and services) needed to jumpstart America’s.

From the eclectic Podshare to the classy NeueHouse Hollywood, many startups are choosing to work in collaborative co-working spaces.

Not only do these places provide many goods and services at a fraction of what traditional office spaces would cost, but they also provide a warm welcoming atmosphere for even the shyest entrepreneur to feel comfortable working in.

The best part about these coworking spaces is that each of them is unique in their own way. This way, no matter what business you’re running, there will always be a place for you and your team to make your business dreams come true.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that finding the perfect place to make your business dreams come true is important. That is why I want to present to you the Top 17 Los Angeles Coworking Spaces.

The image gives you a geographic understanding and a small summary of each location. Below, I have provided a more in-depth analysis along with our featured co-working spaces! 🙂

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1. Village Workspaces

Located in Santa Monica and West LA, Village Workspaces offers exclusive boutique-style coworking spaces that are designed to help businesses flourish.

In addition to serving complimentary weekly breakfasts and local tap beer, Village Workspaces offers professional sound recording studios for those who need them.

They even have their own line of professional virtual offices and dedicated mail services.

Contact Information:

Email: for West LA location and for Santa Monica location

Phone: 424 625 9300 for West LA location and 310 450 7070 for Santa Monica location

2. Podshare

Podshare is a millennial style shared coworking space with over 200 locations scattered across Los Angeles and of course, pods.

Yes, that’s right. The ones that astronauts sleep in.

From shower rooms to the pods themselves, Podshare is basically an Airbnb for entrepreneurs.

It was even featured on an episode of Buzzfeed Multiplayer’s Worth It series and Buzzfeed Video’s We Lived With Zero Privacy With Strangers videosvideo!

Side Note: “PodShare offers a $ 15-day pass to access all 6 of its locations across Los Angeles from 10 am to 10 pm. In addition to flex desks, you are welcome to the stocked kitchen, showers, iMac computers, TV room, and sprawling backyard (at the Venice location). Work the week for $70, and jump around the different PodShares!” — Elvina Beck, Founder of PodShare

Contact Information:


Phone: 213-973-7741

3. WeWork Los Angeles

Located in the Gas Company Tower and in the Fine Arts Building of Downtown Los Angeles, this famous starters coworking space offers a multitude of amenities including refreshing fruit water and round-the-clock cleaning.

It is especially popular among startups and creative people alike.

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-646-491-9060

Live Chat


Originally founded in 2008, BLANKSPACES is home to more than 125 companies such as HopSkipDrive and Science.

In addition to high-speed internet and a multitude of conferences, this coworking space also hosts a number of interesting networking events.

Side Note: “Our simple description is that we are a community of entrepreneurs and freelancers who share space in order to collaborate. Work FOR yourself, not BY yourself.

Other than that, we are the 1st coworking space in SoCal, since 2008. We focus on providing productive spaces, in convenient, retail locations. And I think our spaces show that the founder is a licensed architect. 🙂

Finally, we are the only coworking brand in Greater LA that is part of LExC, the League of Extraordinary Coworking, a global network of nearly 60 spaces where our members can drop in for free for up to 5 days/year/location. 🙂
We will open in Irvine and Long Beach across the next few months.” — Jerome Chang, founder of BLANKSPACES

Contact Information:

Email: for Downtown LA location

Phone:(310) 606 2716 for Larchmont location and (213) 550-2235 for Downtown LA location

5. Cross Campus

Cross Campus is a dog-friendly co-working space that offers a multitude of benefits including meditation rooms, easy access to parking and public transportation, kombucha, and many other things to help you impress your future business partner(s) and client(s).

Side Note: ” Cross Campus has five locations in LA, with over 2,500 members, and have packed calendars of high-production-value networking events. All our locations are pet-friendly, are located near light rail, and have meditation rooms and artisanal beverages.

To book a tour, call: (866) 276-2267 or email:
Join before January 31st and get the first month of membership for $99. ” — Blair Golson, General Manager at Cross Campus

Contact information:


Phone: (310) 395-3500

6. IgnitedSpaces

Located on Hollywood Boulevard, IgnitedSpaces offers its members 45,000 square feet of media workspaces.

In addition to post-production studios, this high-tech coworking space includes everything from editing bays to shooting spaces.

It even offers an Anonto Smartboard.

Contact Information:

Phone: (323) 452-5920

7. Industrious

Located right close to the Staples Center, Industrious offers a multitude of benefits including unlimited free printing, coffee bar, and lounge, relaxation rooms, snacks sourced from local manufacturers, and more.

Contact Information:

Phone: 323.406.9977

8. LAX Coworking

Opened on January 2015, LAX Coworking is a coworking space created by the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to offering meeting spaces, LAX also offers a Lunch N Learn program, which is designed to help businesses elevate themselves to the next level.

Side Note: ” As a program of the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce, our goal is to encourage a thriving business climate. Every coworker at LAX Coworking not only receives an honorary chamber membership (complete with online listing, promotional opportunities, and more networking events than you’ll know what to do with) but is provided with the resources—and support network—to succeed. As one happy coworker said, “It’s nice to know you aren’t alone when you’re launching!” Your success equals our success, so why not let us help get you there?

Looking to try us out first? Join us for $5 Coworking on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, or sign up for our e-newsletter for your chance to win a free week at LAX Coworking! Learn more at” — Kirby Israelson, Manager at LAX Coworking

Contact Information:


Phone: 424.290.8745

9. Opodz – Little Tokyo

Funky and fresh, Opodz is one of the original Downtown LA coworking spaces with three years of business under its belt.

Because of its simple, sleek, and well-designed interior, many companies continue to work there.

Occasionally, they host karaoke parties.

Contact Information:


Phone: (213) 537-0224

10. BizHaus

Known for its gorgeous working environments, BizHaus is a creative coworking space that many members come back to work in.

Every Thursday, this space offers a networking event called Thirsty Thursdays, where local entrepreneurs can come to try local craft beer and wine.

At this point, they are located in El Segundo,  Marina Del Rey, and Costa Mesa.

Contact Information:

Phone: (310) 870-1730 for El Segundo, (310) 596-1990 for Marina Del Rey, and (949) 800-8660 for Costa Mesa

11. NeueHouse Hollywood

Located in the old 1938 CBS Radio Building, NeueHouse offers a multitude of amazing benefits for creative entrepreneurs including seven stories of workspaces, sound stages, recording studios, a full-service restaurant, and two outdoor decks.

It has been a favorite of creative individuals such as artist Dustin Yellin, author Joyce Carol Oates, screenwriter Werner Herzog, singer Bob Dylan, and actress Lucille Ball.

Contact Information:

Phone: 323 – 337 – 1420

12. Procolo

Since 2010, Procolo offers a collection of office lofts with full kitchens, baths, rooms of 20-foot floor to ceiling windows, and many others.

Compared to other coworking spaces, this one is considered more “personal.”

Contact Information:


Phone: 424-209-8611

13. Kleverdog – Chinatown

Located in LA’s Chinatown, Kleverdog is a  quirky, community-oriented coworking space that is very popular amongst creative types.

It holds a multitude of benefits including free wifi and a kitchen.

For those who like to stay up late to work, Kleverdog offers 24/7 key card access for members, along with a Zipcar membership.

Contact Information:

Email: Contact Form

Phone: 323-924-8463

14. The Muse Rooms

For those who thrive in quiet distraction-free spaces, The Muse Rooms is considered an ideal choice.

Not only do they offer plenty of quiet spaces for members to work in, but they also offer free printing (20 pages per day), free wifi, and three guest passes for a friend or coworker to try out the space.

Of course, they also offer rooms for people to collaborate with one another.

Contact Information:

Phone: 818.617.2714

15. Dots SPACE

Located in Beverly Hills, Dots SPACE is a collaborative coworking space that offers just about everything with no extra fees and no contracts.

In addition to an organic kitchen (with water organic tea, fruit, coffee and espresso provided), this space also has fully equipped desks, yoga classes, FAST fiber internet, and many other benefits.

Contact Information:


Phone: +1-310-358-3358


Opened since January 2015 Paper Dolls is an-all female entrepreneur women coworking space that offers valet parking and daily drop-in rates ($30) for female entrepreneurs of all demographics.

It originally started as a series of dinner parties before it became the space that it is today.

Contact Information:


Phone: 310-873-3329


Opened since November 2017, Phase Two is a technology, media, and entertainment focused coworking space that offers a multitude of benefits.

These benefits include showers with lockers, 24-7 access, green screen video studio, and  “hot desks” in the communal workspace cost $325 a month.

You can even bring your dog to work there if you want to!

Side Note: “We are a creative coworking space curated around tech, media, and entertainment.  We are home to some of the top companies in VR/AR/MR, blockchain, AI, entertainment, etc., creating a community of innovators actively shaping their respective fields.” — Dan Pastewka, co-founder and manager of Phase Two

Contact Information:

Phone:  424-603-7936


There you have it, everyone, the top unique 17 Los Angeles coworking spaces:  

  1. Village Workspaces – Great for those looking for exclusive boutique style coworking spaces
  2. Podshare – Great for those looking for a millennial style shared coworking space
  3. WeWork Los Angeles – Great for those creative types looking for a space that offers refreshing fruit water and round-the-clock cleaning
  4. BLANKSPACES – Great for those looking for good networking events to attend to
  5. Cross Campus – Great for those looking for an impressive campus that offers kombucha and allows you to bring your dog to work at
  6. Ignited Spaces – Great for those looking for a high-tech shared office space that includes everything from editing bays to  shooting spaces
  7. Industrious – Great for those looking for an office space that offers unlimited free printing, relaxation rooms, snacks sourced from local manufacturers, and more
  8. LAX Coworking – Great for those looking for a shared coworking space that offers a helpful Lunch N Learn program
  9. Opodz – Great for those looking for a funky and fresh coworking space that also offers karaoke parties from time to time
  10. BizHaus – Great for those looking for a local coworking space that offers gorgeous interior designing and opportunities to drink locally crafted beer and wine
  11. NeueHouse – Great for those looking for a classy, old shared office space popular amongst 20th-century artists of all types
  12. Procolo – Great for those looking for a more “personal” office that offers a collection of office lofts with full kitchens, baths, rooms of 20-foot floor to ceiling windows, and many others
  13. Kleverdog – Great for those looking for a cool and quirky, community-oriented coworking space
  14. The Muse Rooms – Great for those looking for strict, quiet spaces to work in
  15. Dots SPACE – Great for those looking for a place that allows extensive collaboration
  16. Paper Dolls – Great for those looking for an all-entrepreneurial female co-working space that offers valet parking and other benefits
  17. Phase Two – Great for those looking for a tech and entertainment based co-working space to take their dog to work and rent “hot desks” for $325 a month

In the meantime, what did you think of our list of coworking spaces? Are there any others that you would recommend? Which of these coworking spaces are you thinking of renting for you and your company?

PS: If you are an innovator ready to protect and bring to market your visionary idea! Please book a free consultation with one of our Los Angeles patent attorneys!

About the Author
J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who has a strong interest in helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. J.D. leverages his technical background in engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to provide businesses with a unique perspective on their patent needs. He works with clients who are serious about investing in their intellectual assets and provides counsel on how to capitalize their patents in the market. If you have any questions regarding this article or patents in general, consider contacting J.D. at