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Seattle City awakes you with a surprising number of delights, including their culture, lifestyle, and high-tech innovations. The city homes to the first few Starbucks coffee chains, as Seattle community has long been known for its love for coffee. Standing at 605 feet tall, Seattle’s Space Needle is an instant attraction that offers a spectacular view. Too, numerous TV shows and movie hits were filmed in Seattle City, such as Grey’s Anatomy, Sleepless in Seattle, and The Ring.

Beyond its fair claims for countless fame, the city industry has been expanding as some of the top Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Seattle, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Alaska Airlines. The presence of these companies has impacted the growth of the city, for instance, in 2019, Amazon has more than 53,500 employees in the Seattle Metro region, surpassing Microsoft’s population of 51,854 employees in the state.

Undoubtedly, this unparalleled progress is pulling Seattle up to the top, making sure that every business, including yours, could generate as wholesome success! Bold Patent maintains the marketability of your business by registering your brand as a trademark. Your brand is vital for its instant recognition amongst your target audience. As you painstakingly strategize to market your brand, we strengthen your marketing strategy by protecting your intellectual property rights. Trademark protection is giving you more advantage against your competitors, especially that the market competition is constantly changing and expanding.

With trademark protection, you’re not only maximizing your profit but also, you’re minimizing your brand’s risk against trademark infringement. Think boldly. If you don’t protect your brand, your brand becomes vulnerable for the illegal copycats and third parties who imitate your brand’s logo, slogan, or even business name.

That’s why, here at Bold, our outstanding and world-class trademark lawyers have proven experiences in trademark litigation and registration. As compared with other non-legal trademark service providers, our trademark lawyers strictly comply to a comprehensive trademark search to avoid the likelihood of confusion with existing trademarks and to file your goods and service in an appropriate niche.

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J.D. and his team have helped me a lot with starting up two 2 patents, both of which are approved. Communicating with them is always painless and they made sure we knew exactly what to do and where to go. Thanks again Bold Patent Attorneys for everything!

YC Chung
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To start a business alongside with Microsoft and Amazon is not impossible as it seems. For the last decade, Seattle City has been fostering an entrepreneur-friendly climate, regardless of any business industry. While these world-renowned brands have impacted significant growth and fame to Seattle, they have been supporting start-up and small businesses by providing resources and even ideas.

Seattle City takes pride in molding talented and educated workforce as a lot of non-Seattle natives move to study at the great University of Washington and hope to work in Seattle’s biggest companies. Overall, if there is a unique characteristic that Seattle embodies, it is their camaraderie despite the overarching competition in the market. If you want to link your brand’s objectives to Seattle’s community values, then it’s an advantage for your investment! Here at Bold Patent, we secure your future. We guarantee a great return of investment in protecting your brand through trademark registration. We understand your desire for establishing reputation and identification in Seattle’s market.

However, without legal protection in your brand’s identity, you would lose the purpose and objectives of your business. That’s why our Seattle trademark lawyers, who have been litigating and preparing trademark applications, now offer a free consultation in responding to your queries regarding trademarks. We guarantee a hassle-free transaction if you wish to apply for trademark protection.

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Here at Northern Sound Press, we couldn’t be any happier working with a company like Bold Patents. From start to finish, Bold’s attorneys were both responsive and professional. I cannot think of a better company for expert counsel and crafting.

– Stuart Hunt

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