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Known as a business mecca and tech capital of California, the city of San Jose offers the abundance of cultural offerings, a variety of family activities, premier shopping destinations, and state-of-the-art technologies. San Jose City homes to the Silicon Valley, the densest technology hub in the United States, where 2,000 tech companies have concentrated to create jobs, more tax revenue, and high stock prices.

Also, remarkable and fantastic tourist spots embraced the city such as Winchester Mystery House and The Tech Interactive, drawing more than a million visitors every year. As the third-largest city in California and the tenth-largest in the United States, San Jose City has equally impactful credentials, as its industry comprises some of the world-famous company headquarters, including Adobe Inc., Cisco Systems, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The City of San Jose is the heart of Silicon Valley. And to start up your business here is an advantage! Bold Patent expands your market opportunities through trademark registration. Your trademark registration serves as your legal watchdog against any trademark infringers. We believe that your brand is your primary source of advertising and marketing. Your customers build recognition and reputation for your brand.

As your brand expands into a wider population, this could be subject to intellectual property theft. That’s why, at the forefront of your success, Bold Patent promotes your intellectual property rights. Here at Bold Patent, we ensure great returns on your inexpensive investment in trademark protection. Trademark protection is a business necessity today. As you desire for the marketable and profitable brand, we prevent any third-party entities or intellectual thefts to use, sell, or distribute your brand’s logo, slogan, or even business name in any parts of the U.S. jurisdiction.

To achieve this objective, our world-class and exceptional Bold Patent trademark lawyers have proven experiences in trademark litigation and application. We maintain a thriving partnership with your brand, unlike other non-legal trademark service providers. Our trademark lawyers strictly adhere to conduct a comprehensive trademark search to prevent a likelihood of confusion on existing marks and to appropriately file your goods and service to the proper niche.

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We recommend JD and his team to our clients for patents without hesitation. JD and the rest of the time are true thought leaders both in intellectual property and in managing a law firm. If you are looking for a great IP attorney, check out Bold Patents. You will be very glad that you did.

Doug Bend
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The City of San Jose sits at the heart of Silicon Valley. Its economic powerhouse is home to a high-income, highly intellectual population that allows start-up and small businesses to generate. For relevant reasons, the industry of San Jose is perfect for promoting your brand. Thankfully, the workforce of San Jose has become more urban. The lower costs of living attract growing entrepreneurs to invest.

The lease of office spaces is lesser compared to other cities in California. Not everyone wants to invest in Silicon Valley due to its hyper-expensive costs, that’s why San Jose is the right place to start! Bold Patent speeds up your market through trademark protection. Protecting your brand’s identity amounts to maximizing profits and minimizing your legal costs in trademark opposition.

We understand that your business desires for more opportunities and lesser costs in marketing your brand. That’s why our San Jose trademark lawyers are now serving to offer free consultations in assessing your trademark issues and responding to your questions in trademarks.

Bold Patent promises a hassle-free transaction as our trademark lawyers prepare all necessary documentation for a trademark application. Choose to invest more. Choose Bold Patent today!

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JD and the rest of the team at Bold Patents listened, understood and then created an excellent patent document that protects my Baby. Without them, I wouldn’t know what to do about protecting my invention. Thank you Bold IP for all of your help!

– Steve Randall

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