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As the seat of the government for Sacramento County, Sacramento lauds being the 6th largest city in California and 37th in the United States. It has a current population of 521,769 residents, where 30% are college graduates from major educational institutions, including UC Davis, Sacramento State, the University of Pacific, and Los Rios Community College.

Unbeknownst to many, technology service is in-demand in the City of Sacramento. First, leading employers like H.M. Clause, Bayer Crop Science, and Monsanto have an enormous local presence in supplying agricultural technology services in the city. Second, the innovation of biotechnology in terms of stem cell research and pharmaceuticals suffices the employment of 150,000 life science and healthcare providers.

Lastly, technology manufacturing contributes to Sacramento’s growth in aerospace and defense industries, including major companies like Aerojet Rocketdyne, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard. Because of Sacramento’s empowering technological development, your brand has its potential to carry the grace under pressure! Bold Patent knows your desire for a sustainable and expanding market brand. We believe that your brand carries a unique set of personality, story, and advocacy, connecting into the heart of your target customers.

To protect the features of your brand, Bold Patent guarantees your legal protection through registering your brand as a trademark. In Bold Patent, we make sure that your inexpensive investment doesn’t only equate to maximize your profits, but also, to minimize the risk of trademark infringement. Rather than losing thousands of dollars for making a clearance over trademark infringement, registering your brand as a trademark guarantees you for a controlled licensing and protected intellectual property against trademark infringers.

That’s why here at Bold, we provide our dynamic and world-class trademark attorneys who have proven experiences in litigating and registering trademarks. Unlike with non-legal trademark service providers, Bold Patent strictly complies with a comprehensive trademark search to avoid overlapping with a registered trademark and to appropriately file your brand’s niche in its proper classification. Here at Bold, we put your brand’s interest and protection above all else.

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I signed up for the consult for an issue that was outside of a patent deal. I was searching on the internet for a couple of months prior to finding Bold Patents Chicago Law Firm and then I was able to have a consult with attorney Mr. Tom LaGrandeur and I could not have been happier with the consult. Even though my issue was not in his area of expertise Mr. Tom LaGrandeur was very useful in providing me information and insight to my matter. Since my issue was an issue that they would have to refer out Mr. LaGrandeur had a refund of my consult fee processed immediately. I’m extremely very happy with my experience and feel that my consult saved me thousands of dollars that other law firms are requesting just to review documents and to then have a consult to discuss a way forward and the additional expenses I would have to have to budget for to go further if they deemed my issues had legal merit. In my case what has happened is what I feel is very unethical the courts may not consider I would be due any compensation. Even if I did not received reimbursement of my consult fee spending a couple hundred dollars to save thousands is a win win for me.

Steve Herman
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Promoting your brand in the City of Sacramento is unlocking your dreams closer to your reality. With feasible housing and economic cost of living, Sacramento highlights more convincing spots for you to market your brand.

Since its inception as the capital of California, a lot of entrepreneurs flock to rent low-cost working spaces, which is 40% lesser than in the Bay Area. Sacramento also offers a great rail system for your commuting experience. Because of its talented and educated workforce, all types of businesses are welcome in Sacramento’s growing industry.

Bold Patent hears your business desires. Your brand identity is the face of your business, represented through your logo, slogan, and business name. In Bold Patent, your legal protection is our guarantee. We ensure that your claim of ownership over your mark’s use will increase the marketability and profitability of your business.

Now, our Sacramento trademark lawyers offer a free consultation to answer your inquiries and to give you a brief orientation on the trademark application. Should you wish to apply for trademark registration, we ensure that our trademark lawyers will be the ones who file and process the trademark application, from the beginning until the end.

In Bold Patent, we value and protect your brand like no other. It’s not too late yet. Get your free trademark consultation today!

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